Simple Guide on How to Avoid Tree Planting Mistakes

Trees are the most majestic things you can include in your home’s exterior. However, in order to ensure that your trees will be able to enjoy a healthy and long life, you ought to give them the best possible start. But there are many things that can inevitably go wrong when trees planting.

Let’s start with the planting depth issues. Planting at the wrong depth is a common mistake that may occur when you don’t have the right info. When a tree is buried too deep, it later on tries to fight the depth by growing upward which could lead to its own demise by growing around itself and dying from strangulation. On the other hand, trees that have been planted in a shallow hole (because let’s admit it digging is a hard work), usually struggle to remain stable due to the root system being close to the surface.

trees planting

Another mistake that can happen is choosing the wrong planting site. Trees have very specific growing requirements and you can’t expect one to grow just anywhere. For instance, the trees that require lots of sunlight requirement won’t do well when planted on the north side or if there is another taller tree close that’s casting a shade.

Another factor that can be easily overlooked is planting a tree too close to buildings, homes or sidewalks. Such tree will not have enough room for the roots to expand and develop well, meaning that it will struggle to get essential nutrients and minerals from the soil. You can also fail to consider the roots’ growth, which may result in them clashing into water pipes or even your home’s foundations since you have no way of knowing what exactly happens underground.

trees planting 2

Luckily, the solution to all of these problems is quite simple. In order to ensure proper trees planting you just need to turn to professional arborists for help. You can expect from a planting team to be equipped with the right tools to ensure that the tree is correctly planted to minimise transplant shock. Professional tree experts have the right knowledge and use high-quality supplies to correctly perform the task of planting in order to prevent any damage to the young and fragile sapling.

Arborists can determine the appropriate location for a tree and assist with planting. Also when you are not sure what kind of tree to plant, they can pick trees from specialised growers and help you select the best types for your landscape.