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Simple Guide to Creating a Relaxing Oasis at Home

“Slow, love, slow.” These are the words that start popping in my mind whenever I let my everyday activities and responsibilities leave me exhausted and stressed out. This fast-paced lifestyle of ours comes with a price, and its currency is our health. That’s precisely why today slowing down, taking time for ourselves, and relaxing is a must.

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Why Natural Light Sources Matter For a Home: A Simple Guide

Usually, when it comes to lightning choices for our homes, we tend to rely on artificial sources and almost always forget that windows can be the best sources of light for a home because nothing stads the ghost of a chance as to compare with sunlight.

Before we go any further with lighting, let’s see the benefits of darkness. According to the American Medical Association, people who sleep in a less-than-dark room can face insomnia or other sleep disorders, weight gain and depression. This especially goes for children and adolescents who sleep in a room with a turned on TV or surrounded with electrical devices such as mobile phones, tablets or computers.

Unfortunately, seems like everybody is doing it wrong. Playing video games, reading stuff on the net or watching a movie right before going to sleep can seriously damage your sleep schedule and that can lead to other more serious health problems. That’s why getting rid of anything electrical around your bed should be the first thing you do today. Now I know that most of us can’t sleep peacefully without having the phone alarm turned on, but you can turn off your phone’s internet and restrain yourself from using it just before going to bed.

Another really important thing to keep in mind are the outside lights. If your bedroom is close to a powerful light source from the street, you can’t go without a pair of visionwood venetian blinds , shades or dark curtains that will block any external light that may interrupt your night sleep. If however you can’t imagine sleeping in a completely dark room, you adjust the shades as to let a little bit of outside light into your bedroom.Visionwood Venetian Blinds1

Sleeping in darkness is a biological necessity, but just like your eyes expect darkness at night, they need sunlight during the day. Sun exposure provides a lot of health benefits and the most important of them all is giving your body the much needed daily dose of vitamin D. People who aren’t getting enough sunlight develop serious vitamin D deficiency and that usually happens because they tend to stay closed behind the visionwood venetian blinds, curtains or shades at work or at home and normally get out in the afternoon when the sun is already setting.

Now of course, all of these window treatments help increase privacy and keep your interior nice and fresh when the sun is too powerful, which means they are also really important, but do make sure you don’t use them as sunlight blockers when it’s a beautiful day outside. Th natural light form the sun will make you feel positive, more productive and it will provide your body with the necessary daily dose of vitamin D.

A Simple Guide To Grow Your Magical Herb Garden


What’s a meal without herbs, right? They add a whole new dimension to the food that screams both freshness and deliciousness. Most of us have herbs and spices in our kitchen cabinets, the fresh smell of which we absolutely adore, but have you ever tried producing your own herbs? It’s as magical as consuming them, I promise you. The outstanding variety of herbs will not only enhance the flavor of so many dishes, it will bring peace and beauty in your garden as well. If your garden offers enough sunlight and good soil conditions and you give them your full love and support, your magical herbs will be up and running in no time. The coolest thing about herbs is that they are planter-friendly, so you can even make a little “herb corner” in your own home kitchen. Read More →

The Haze of Hedonism In Your Home Brought By Modern Design

Aesthetics matter. Aesthetics in your home matter even more. One of the best ways to bring aesthetics in your home is with modern architecture. The fundaments of modern architecture are simplicity, cleanness and functionality. Geometric shapes and patterns, minimal colors and clean lines are the essentials to make your home a modern sanctuary for living and comfort. Modern architects never incorporate unnecessary elements and design details and concentrate on clear views of structural elements and a lot of lightning. To keep it simple, modern architects use elements such as steel, glass or concrete and allow the structure to speak for itself. Read More →

dining room table
What’s Your Dining Room Table Style

They say the fondest memories are made when gathered around the dining table. All the family small talks, wine sipping, mouth watering food tasting, sharing how your day went, laughing and simply enjoying each other’s company, is a bliss on its own. Ah, the simple delights of the comfort zone. And since most housewives care much about what they choose to cook for dinner, how everything is served, the kind of dining plates they serve the food in, the comfort of the chairs and of course, the look of the dining room table, it is more than important to set the right ambiance for the ultimate enjoyment. After all, it is the little things in life that make it meaningful. And since creating a dining room where you’ll love to wine and dine starts with choosing the perfect dining room table, let’s help you figure out which style is best for your kind of personality.

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modern tables
Simple Guide to Choosing Modern Tables for Your Home

If you want your home to be a reflection of your personality, get the things you love. Though it sounds that simple, often times people forget to actually consider this but rather buy whatever is declared as the current style instead. This is the recipe for getting something you don’t enjoy, as much as you would when you pick clothes that don’t exactly fit in with the rest of your wardrobe. In this regard, picking the right furniture is similar to picking the right clothing. Every piece of furniture is telling its own story and the way you combine all pieces is like matching different stories, seeing whether they complete each other or not to create a bigger outcome. The ending result is what matters, that’s what makes the decorating experience rewarding because you get to live in the surroundings you organise.

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Black and White Wallpaper: a Simple Guide to Grasping Its Excellence

Decorating your home is a journey of discovering your style while creating your own personal retreat where you and your family can relax and share special moments together. The goal of any homeowner is to create a living space that will have a timeless appeal and will look great for many years to come. When it comes to achieving that sophisticated look, the colour scheme has a great impact on the final look of your interior design. The truth is, there are no particular rules in the world of interior design regarding the choice of colours for certain rooms, nevertheless, carefully chosen colours and designs have a great power in setting the ambiance and the tone of the room.


Some colours can easily add warmth and elegance to the space, while others convey a different message. Red for instance is a colour that you need to be careful with when decorating as it can overwhelm the space and it should be particularly avoided in small rooms as it tends to make any space appear smaller than it is. Plus, it is not always easy to mix and match it with other colours. However, the ultimate combination you can never go wrong with, is of course black and white. It has the power to give that timeless feel to every room and is chic and elegant at the same time. While other colours can become outdated over time, the unique charm of black and white never goes out of style.

From décor pieces and rugs to furniture and paintings, there are many ways you can incorporate this colour combo in your interior design. A trend that seems to be quite popular these past few years are wallpapers. Your plain walls are the best canvas where you can express your unique décor skills. These days you can find quality black and white wallpaper for sale from the comfort of your home considering the fact that online shops offer great deals and many fun designs to choose from. From geometric shapes to cute floral designs, there are countless décor options that can instantly spice up and transform the look of every room in your home. When shopping for the best black and white wallpaper for sale, make sure you pick something that will not only reflect your personal style but will also go well with the décor scheme of your living space.

The wallpaper design you choose can help you define the ambience of the room you’re decorating. For instance, black and white stripes are a simple design that goes well with any décor style and can give your furniture and decorations a whole new dimension. Furthermore, letters in various shapes and sizes are another trendy wallpaper design which you can use to create a stylish accent wall for instance, or you can up your décor game by papering the walls of the hallway, which often don’t get the attention they deserve. There are indeed so many creative ways you can use black and white wallpaper, with a bit of creativity and boldness, you can easily create a trendy and inviting home.

Chair With Ottoman
Simple Guidelines to Help You Choose the Right Chair and Ottoman Set

I could never understand why some people never choose to spoil themselves every now and then, even when there is nothing standing in their way. I mean really, why wouldn’t we want to enjoy life’s simplest and sweetest offerings? Why wouldn’t we feel the need to reward ourselves for constantly trying and pushing forward? It is perfectly normal to wish for a carefree day, a day filled with nothing but comfort, relaxation, and small earthly pleasures in the form of delicious food. I don’t know about you, but such days are my own personal life-savers, for they keep me sane.

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retro wallpaper
Teleport Your Kitchen into the Past with Charming Retro Wallpaper Designs

As much as we try to decorate our homes and make them look as modern and fancy as possible, we always seem to lean towards the cosiness and the familiar feeling of warmth and security we felt while growing up in our grandmother’s kitchens, tightly holding on to her skirt as she would prepare the most delicious pastries ever. Oh, that smell; even nowadays as I pass by a bakery or a pastries shop I stop for a memory flashback: my granny’s kitchen and me trying to follow her footsteps into becoming a great baker. Oh well, worth the try.

retro wallpaper home

I think about my grandmother’s kitchen often; she cared about it so much and always kept it sparkly clean. Along with the smell that plays with the desire for food, her kitchen had a charm of it’s own emitted through every pore of that space: the retro wallpapers that covered the walls, the set of fine china and the hanging cooking pieces all perfectly arranged for an easy reach. In the attempt to make my kitchen look a little different than the average designs seen on the Internet and interior design magazines, I decided to take the best parts from my granny’s kitchen and incorporate them in my otherwise very modern and equipped with high technology kitchen.

The first thing I’d suggest you do in case you’re up for the same challenge, is to buy retro wallpaper to cover the walls in your kitchen. The walls are a huge decorative element and nothing will say ‘retro’ more than a nice wallpaper combined in colour with the rest of the kitchen furniture. Go with pastels, as you can never go wrong with these nuances of colour. They go perfectly well with either metal elements or furniture made of wood. Before you buy retro wallpaper, determine what kind of colour and design would best suit the surrounding area around the walls on which you chose to install them.

Next thing would be to get as many fine china as possible: plates and cups being the most important pieces you need to have in your palette. Kitchenware and glassware can really bring you back in time like a time machine; remember when you used to eat in ceramic plates with artistic drawings on them? Or your favourite cup with the little classy people drawn on it? To make the entire picture even more retro, get a hanging rack which you’ll attach on any of the walls in your kitchen. Hang all the cups and exhibit the plates: is there a more familiar look?

For a final touch, don’t forget to decorate with fresh flowers. We may still be blinded by the blings and the shiny appearance of high technology, but as people grow old, they understand the importance of human connection with Mother Nature. Fresh flowers in yellow and red colours along with some green leaves will contribute to the retro kitchen you’re aiming for and will allow you to bring a little nature inside your modern, technology-driven kitchen. Just like granny used to do.

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