Kids Single Beds – Buying Guide

You realize that children grow so fast the moment they pass the toddler phase and move on to single beds. They start asking for themed beds, want to have their own rooms and enter a world of their own where they’re princesses, princes, superheroes and fairytale characters. As cute as this may be, it is hard for every parent because you all know that this phase is not going to last for long.

Buying kids bed

Anyway, my two little princesses are past the toddler beds and now the three of us are on a mission to design their new bedroom. So, the first thing we’re looking for are small single beds kids size. They are in love with my bedroom which is in black and white with some pink details, so they want something similar, with a lot of Barbie dolls in it. So, not just that I need to find small single beds for little kids at the age of 6, I also need to make sure they’re the right colour.

Think it’s easy? Just wait until you sit in front of your computer and start browsing through the single beds kids size offer; Why? Well, since they were made for kids with wide imagination, the great variety of colours, shapes and designs will blow your mind. While on the hunt for the ideal bed, I highly recommend you to follow this simple guide to narrow down your choices and make it easier for you.

1. Small or large bedroom
Space is your biggest concern here; if you don’t have enough available space in the bedroom this may be a huge problem: if the beds you choose are too big, manoeuvring them can be quite impossible. So, have in mind the dimensions of your room; is it more suitable for small single beds or for larger, wider ones?

2. Mattress size
The size of the mattress is as important as the bed itself; if you get the wrong mattress you can’t use the frame you bought and vice versa. So, in order to give your kids the very needed good night’s sleep, get the right mattress: thus, you can choose from a single mattress with a width of 91.44 centimetres, or a small single one that is 76 centimetres wide, according to the frame, the room space, and your needs.

3. Headboards
I had quite the dilemma about this one, but when one of my girls (who is a very restless sleeper) woke up with a bump on her head, I got my answer – we’re getting headboards. Headboards for single beds kids size should come with a cushion on top of the deck so that they’re soft instead of sturdy. If they don’t come with the bed, you can have them custom-made. However, make sure they fit the bed’s dimensions.

After you choose the bed that satisfies these three criteria, the next thing you should pay attention to is definitely the colour scheme of the bedroom: the bedding, the colour of the walls, the curtains (if you’re into them) and decorations. They should all follow the same colour pattern if your aim is achieving a perfect room harmony.