Simple Riesling Wine Buying Guide

White wines usually have better aging potential compared to other wine varieties. This is because of high degree of mineral contend and low level of pH, which help wine achieve grater complexity over the years. Capable of reaching ages over hundred years old, Riesling wine is among world’s most popular white wines, along with Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

It comes in a wide range of tastes, from very sweet to dry, but most Riesling wines perfectly pair with desserts, due to the aromatic grape. Riesling wines usually have fresh, fruity notes of citrus, apple and honey and are known for tasting better when left to mature. Because of its versatility, Riesling is perfect for all occasions, so it’s great to have few varieties in to match and mix. Because it is one of the most popular wines, many wine suppliers offer Riesling wine for sale. Just make sure you select a high-sugar variety one.

When shopping for Riesling wine for sale, consider the wine region. For example, Rhine Valley of Germany holds No.1 spot as it is known for producing some of the best Riesling wines. Alsace, a small place in Southern France is also highly noted for its production of Riesling as is Clare Valley, one of Australia’s oldest wine regions.

Also, consider the varieties of Riesling wine. But do not focus on a specific variety only. Knowing the main features of different Riesling grape varieties and styles, will help you pick out the perfect bottle to accompany your meal. Generally, the grape variety is written on the label, so read label carefully. Same applies when browsing Riesling wine for sale online. You can always enlarge the picture of the wine provided on the site and/or read wine details.

What’s important when making a wine purchase is knowing the terminology – wine style and flavors. Also, search online for serving recommendations and tasting notes. Even though Riesling can be combined with almost any food, there are still some particular flavors that pair perfectly with this white wine. It is very important to match the texture and body of the wine with food and not pay too much attention on the flavor notes of the wine.

Riesling is white wine varietal that should be on every wine lover’s list. Its versatility and food-friendly features make this wine perfect for any occasion, from romantic dinners to birthday parties. It is also a wine that is easy to find in local shops and online.