Kitchen Sinks Buying Guide

When you buy a kitchen sink, you expect it to last you for years, right? In order to keep the same sink for let’s say 10 or 15 years, you need to find the one that is durable and fits well with the rest of your existing kitchen elements. Most people buy kitchen sinks once or twice in life. That brings us to the conclusion that you need to be extra careful when selecting the right kitchen sink for your kitchen.

With so many kitchen sinks available on the market, finding the right one might seem like a daunting task. Here’s how you can ease the buying process and end up with a high-end kitchen sink that enhances the beauty of your entire kitchen. After all you are going to be stuck with that sink for a long time, so make sure you choose wisely.

Sink Size vs Kitchen Size

Double-bowl kitchen sinks are the hit these days. In terms of appearance and functionality. The larger the kitchen, the bigger the size of the kitchen sink should be. Of course, that is not a written rule, but if you have enough space in your kitchen, then it would be nice to have one bowl for washing and other for drying clean dishes. When it comes to choosing the right size, you need to measure your kitchen cabinets before you set your eyes on a certain kitchen sink model.

Choose the Right Type of Mounting

You should never buy a kitchen sink without previously checking the type of mounting the model has. Your countertop has a lot to do with the type of mount you are going to choose. Under-mount kitchen sinks for example, make a better option than self-rimming ones, mostly because they are not prone to leakage and are easier to clean. Match well with solid surface countertops such as marble, granite or concrete. Self-rimming sinks on the other hand are lighter and easier to install. You can actually see the edges of the sink, since it is installed on the top of the countertop you already have in your kitchen.

Consider the Number of Holes

When replacing an existing sink, it’s important to consider the number of the holes as well. Normally, most kitchen sinks come with 4 different holes for handles, mounting faucets and sprayers. Others combine all these features in one hole.

Type of Material

The material of the sink has a lot to do with the durability of the same. Stainless steel kitchen sinks for example not only look elegant and modern, but also last for years as well. However, you have other options to choose from. Choices include porcelain, cast iron, composite, fire clay or acrylic kitchen sinks. Which one you are going to choose will depend on your kitchen, cooking style, how much time you spend in the kitchen and your budget.

Simple Guide to Buying a Portable Induction Cooktop

Introduction to Portable Induction Cooktops

This small kitchen appliance uses induction method to heat the cooking element that is placed on it. Unlike the conventional heaters that use flame to heat the element, the portable induction cooktops transfer the energy directly to the cooking vessel (metal pan or skillet). This makes the cooking vessel part of the heat generic device. On the other side, conventional heaters transfer the heat through physical contact or proximity, which causes loosing significant amount of heat energy.


How To Buy Portable Induction Cooktop

If you plan on purchasing this small kitchen appliance, you’ll have to consider few key elements in order to find the best induction cooker that will match your kitchen needs. For example, you can choose induction cookers by brand, model or price. The price is usually affected by built-in quality of the induction cooker and few other features. Although for many price is most important factor, in most cases, the price is not a reflection of the real quality of the appliance. Thus, taking into considerations other features is equally important.

  • Size – Before you compare different types of portable induction cooktops, you need to determine which size will best match your kitchen space. Moreover, when determining the size of the induction cooker you need to consider the size of your cooking vessels. If you need to heat bigger vessels then you should go for a bigger size model and vice versa.
  • Accessories – You cannot use just any cooking accessory with portable induction cooktops. You will need to select accessories such as: grills, induction base pan and pots. For this reason, when shopping for this small kitchen appliance, look for special cooking vessels. This way you will get the optimum benefits of the induction cooktop.
  • Timer – The automatic timer is another important feature to consider when buying portable induction cooktop. This function will enable you to program the cooker to decrease the temperature at a specified time during cooking. This way you can focus on other tasks in the kitchen while preparing delicious meals at the same time.
  • Brand – As is the case when buying any other kitchen appliance, finding a brand that offers high-quality products is vital. The same applies to portable induction cooktops too. Thus, research online for reputable brands that truly stand behind their promises. Furthermore as any other high-power device, the induction cooker is prone to damages. For this reason, you ought to choose brand that offers product warranty and excellent after sales support.
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