Exhaust Wraps
A Simple Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Exhaust Wraps

When it comes to motorcycles, there are only two integral parts that count – the engine and the exhaust system. The engine is the lifeblood of the entire thing as without it the bike and all of its components can be used for little more than decoration inside your garage, but the exhaust pipe not only plays a very important role as well, but can easily be improved to make that role stand out more. Read More →

Towing Mirrors
A Simple Guide to Towing Mirrors

If you’re looking for a towing mirror, you’ll come across a wide selection – from removable to permanent fittings, flat glass or convex and extra features such as inbuilt indicators and heating. All of these option can make the buying process slightly confusing for the first time buyer, so it’s best you do some homework before you start looking, in order to make the best choice possible. Read More →

Hilux 4X4 Parts
Toyota Hilux: Get to Your Destination Safely

Toyota’s Hilux has enjoyed many years of success here in Australia. It’s consistently one of the best-selling commercial vehicles, exceeding the sales of the popular Australia-made sedans and small hatches. For a hard-working tradesman, it’s really difficult to argue against the thousands who buy Hilux. Why, you ask? Here are a few reasons.

The Hilux stands out above all other vehicles simply because of its sheer dependability. When your day is full and you barely have any time to spend trying to learn how to use unreliable or cumbersome tools, the dependability that Hilux offers is second to none. You can almost always depend on a Toyota product, as the Hilux is one of their top shelf creations. The last major issue Hilux owners experienced was back in 2010, where a portion of their vehicles had to be recalled. And while this doesn’t sound good at all, keep in mind that there are about 30.000 to 50.000 Hilux sold every year.

And even though the Hilux is one durable vehicle that can withstand a lot of wear and tear, it’s still a mechanical vehicle whose parts will eventually wear out or malfunction. For that reason, it’s important that you replace its parts on time. Brand new OEM from a Toyota dealer are indeed expensive, however, there are many Hilux 4×4 parts manufacturers who sell custom-made ones at a lower price, which brings me to my next point. Since Toyota Hilux is a mass-produced vehicle, finding relatively inexpensive replacement Hilux 4×4 parts is easy. You can find aftermarket accessories and parts if you shop around, and believe me that you can find even better deals if you shop online. Read More →

Bikes: A Simple Guide to Being a Guy That Can Fix His Ride

There’s nothing more frustrating to a biker than a flat tire situation on the road, away from a service centre and away from a proper tool for changing the tire. Plus, where would you put a spare tire for the sake of carrying a reserve one with you? It’s a motorcycle, you have no place to carry an extra with you. Which is why, a part of every biker’s biking preparation is knowing how to fix a flat tire while on the road with a limited choice of fixing tools. Read More →

Air Filters for Motorcycles: Regular Maintenance Ensures Better Efficiency and Power Delivery

 In this day and age, our air is so polluted that its unclean and toxic particles impact our vehicles as much as they impacts us. This is why we need air filters for motorcycles. Some people believe that we don’t need them and that they are just a useless piece of equipment that brings profit to companies. Well, that isn’t the case, air filters are an important addition for the efficiency and power delivery of your bike.

Air filters purify the air that goes inside the bike in order to burn the fuel. The cleaner the air, the better the combustion. If the air isn’t clean and pure you can end up burning much more fuel for the same amount of power. Incomplete combustion was the very reason for the huge amount of smoke coming out of the older vehicles. Read More →

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