A Simple Guide to Picking the Best Head Torch for Your Outdoor Adventures

The dark, gloomy weather is not a reasonable excuse to hibernate all winter long. In fact, you can still go out for hikes and cold weather camping trips which do have their own advantages, not to mention how they’re scientifically proven to improve quality of sleep. Ready to try out some winter outdoor adventures? If so, all you need is to come to terms with the cold and get a quality head torch that’s bright enough to light your way. Here are some great tips to help you choose one.

What’s Your Budget?

There’s a torch out there for everyone, but it all depends on how much you’re willing to spend. A sturdy waterproof head torch made of high-grade materials might be a bit more expensive than a standard, plastic one. But for the quality and functionality you’re getting, it’s definitely worth the investment. Because when you’re exposed to unpredictable weather, a quality head torch might be your lifesaver. Just imagine getting lost in the mountains with heavy rain or snowfall – a waterproof torch is guaranteed to remain functional and help you navigate to safety. But if you need a torch for a single night-time hike, then a reasonably cheap and simple model might do the job just fine.

How Much Brightness Do You Need?

The light output of head torches is measured in lumens, ranging from 50 to as much as 1000 lumens of blinding light. Now, in order to deduce how much brightness you need, you need to consider the activities you’re planning to engage in and the location you’re staying on. For instance, if you’re hiking or camping in pitch darkness and far from the city, a torch with 300 lumens and up can provide adequate illumination. For activities that need exceptional illumination, such as mountain biking, you should consider a torch with more than 700 lumens output.

The Type of Bulb

Head torches can use either LED, krypton, halogen, or some sort of a hybrid bulb. Today, halogen and krypton bulbs are considered outdated, and are found in older models of torches. Modern, quality torches come with LED lights which are the longest lasting of all types, providing an average of 50 000 hours of light. Although they might be more expensive initially, they are considered more cost-efficient in the long run as you won’t have to replace them that often.

Other Useful Features

If you plan on using your torch very often and for longer periods of time, then it’s definitely worth investing in something that can improve your experience. Like for instance, go for a waterproof head torch, as it can prove to be your best friend if you need to quickly set up (or take down) a tent and it’s pitch dark and raining. Many head torches also offer a red-light mode which is great if you’re camping with friends as this mode is much softer on the eyes opposed to white light. The option to adjust the head torch is another great feature as it can allow you to position the light precisely where you need it without having to turn your head.

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