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A Simple Guide to Decorating With Homewares

Can you say your home feels yours unless it’s filled with items that best speak of you? I highly doubt it! This is the secret to making a home homely and even if you can’t exactly afford to go for a grand uplift, you could pull it off by filling the gaps with homewares as they’re the accessories that add the finishing touch same way jewellery does with our outfits.

Decorating With Homeware

Considering there are many options of contemporary accessories home decor can be whatever you want it to be but you can’t just buy based on an impulse, you have to put some thought into it to decide what it is you need to best reflect your personality.

Of course you’d also have to use your budget to help narrow down your choices but it shouldn’t be the only factor. For instance, think first how certain pieces affect the cosiness of your interior; do they add to it or do they make for a mess?

Cushions are a great way to increase the comfort as are rugs and while it’s okay to match or mix and match try to avoid too much mixing and matching because you could get visual clutter and imbalance instead of harmonious ambiance; in other words, overstyling is a no no and it’s best to stick to carefully choosing the colours and patterns.

When you have bare walls and want to fill them with some liveliness you don’t have to resort to accent walls with wallpapers and go through all the trouble and extra expenses of installing them as there are contemporary accessories home decor could do well with like artworks and the stylish and functional wall clocks that steal the attention with their design and craftsmanship like the Nomon clocks.

One way of making the choosing easier for you is finding out what the current trends are, like biophilia, inviting more of nature at home, the tendency to decorate with dusty pink, and anything handmade from furniture to cloths to show off your skills and further personalise the place, but you don’t have to stick to trends exclusively or at all if they don’t represent you best.

One last aspect: Do you have enough brightness in your home? When you don’t have enough light it’s easy to get a dark gloomy outcome that messes with your mood so even if you don’t have as many windows as you want you could always use bright colours and mirrors placed to reflect the natural light from windows to do the trick.

The Haze of Hedonism In Your Home Brought By Modern Design

Aesthetics matter. Aesthetics in your home matter even more. One of the best ways to bring aesthetics in your home is with modern architecture. The fundaments of modern architecture are simplicity, cleanness and functionality. Geometric shapes and patterns, minimal colors and clean lines are the essentials to make your home a modern sanctuary for living and comfort. Modern architects never incorporate unnecessary elements and design details and concentrate on clear views of structural elements and a lot of lightning. To keep it simple, modern architects use elements such as steel, glass or concrete and allow the structure to speak for itself. Read More →

Bring in the “Wow” with Patterned Wallpaper

Colour, nice texture and character all over the space. Ah, the power and charms of beautifully designed walls. True, walls can change the whole look of a room, wrapping up the whole idea and the concept you have imagined for the space. If you’ve been wanting to infuse your space with some boldness but were afraid of how the paint will turn out – hesitate no more. Wallpapers have been staging a huge comeback in the past few years and this trend shows no signs of slowing down or fading. But the thing is, loving the look of graphic wallpaper in a photo is a whole lot different than actually papering your walls at home with it. For that reason, to help you out in your interior design project, we’ll go over some ideas on how to style up patterned wallpaper. I hope some of these wins your heart.

floral-print-wallpaper Read More →

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Self Employed Home Loan

Considering there are different kinds of people, there are different kinds of professions and interests to suit everyone’s wishes, but the really daring ones try their hand at creating their own business and rely only on themselves for their success. It might not always be that easy to run it no matter what the business is, because you get to be in charge of everything, holding the reins of every step climbing up the ladder but you mustn’t let that steer you away from trying your luck. Fear of failure is the primary obstacle to overcome since at first you’ll feel like it might not be a wise decision to make regarding the security of your future, however as it’s said “He who dares, wins”, you won’t see how well you are cut out for being a businessperson unless you rise above it. Read More →

Black and White Wallpaper: a Simple Guide to Grasping Its Excellence

Decorating your home is a journey of discovering your style while creating your own personal retreat where you and your family can relax and share special moments together. The goal of any homeowner is to create a living space that will have a timeless appeal and will look great for many years to come. When it comes to achieving that sophisticated look, the colour scheme has a great impact on the final look of your interior design. The truth is, there are no particular rules in the world of interior design regarding the choice of colours for certain rooms, nevertheless, carefully chosen colours and designs have a great power in setting the ambiance and the tone of the room.


Some colours can easily add warmth and elegance to the space, while others convey a different message. Red for instance is a colour that you need to be careful with when decorating as it can overwhelm the space and it should be particularly avoided in small rooms as it tends to make any space appear smaller than it is. Plus, it is not always easy to mix and match it with other colours. However, the ultimate combination you can never go wrong with, is of course black and white. It has the power to give that timeless feel to every room and is chic and elegant at the same time. While other colours can become outdated over time, the unique charm of black and white never goes out of style.

From décor pieces and rugs to furniture and paintings, there are many ways you can incorporate this colour combo in your interior design. A trend that seems to be quite popular these past few years are wallpapers. Your plain walls are the best canvas where you can express your unique décor skills. These days you can find quality black and white wallpaper for sale from the comfort of your home considering the fact that online shops offer great deals and many fun designs to choose from. From geometric shapes to cute floral designs, there are countless décor options that can instantly spice up and transform the look of every room in your home. When shopping for the best black and white wallpaper for sale, make sure you pick something that will not only reflect your personal style but will also go well with the décor scheme of your living space.

The wallpaper design you choose can help you define the ambience of the room you’re decorating. For instance, black and white stripes are a simple design that goes well with any décor style and can give your furniture and decorations a whole new dimension. Furthermore, letters in various shapes and sizes are another trendy wallpaper design which you can use to create a stylish accent wall for instance, or you can up your décor game by papering the walls of the hallway, which often don’t get the attention they deserve. There are indeed so many creative ways you can use black and white wallpaper, with a bit of creativity and boldness, you can easily create a trendy and inviting home.

A Simple Guide to Choosing a Submersible Sewage Pump

As a home owner, I believe you are always trying to keep your house safe and protected from different elements. But despite the efforts, accidents do happen from time to time which can result in damages either inside or outside the house. For example, consider water leaking. A breakdown of a pipe can easily turn your basement into a swimming pool in just a couple of minutes, damaging all of your possessions there. To avoid such situations, you have to be prepared with all the right tools and have a backup plan. Such great investment is a submersible sewage pump. It is a device that finds its usage in a variety of situations, not just inside but outside the home as well.

There are a lot of different models of sewage pumps but basically, they all work on the same principle. The device takes the water through a suction opening and using a hose, it pumps it to a higher area. Today the market offers a variety of submersible sewage pump models that have different features, and of course, are designed for different purposes. Therefore, before shopping, determine why you need the pump so that you make the right choice.

Pumps for dirty water – If there is a lot of dirty water in your outdoor space that needs to be pumped immediately, make sure to choose a submersible sewage pump that is specifically designed to pump water that has heavy dirt deposits. When shopping, check the maximum grain size the device can work with so that you know how big particles can pass through the machine. The most common uses of a submersible sewage pump are for cleaning septic and sewage systems as well as in cases of a flood.

Pumps for clear water – Most of the pumps you will find available on the market are designed for clean water pumping. With a submersible pump you can collect rainwater in a tank and then pump it to another container or even into a hose and use it to water your garden for instance. This machine can also help you in case of water leaking in the basement. However, if using a pump for clear water, make sure you check the level of debris and dirt in the water so you can see whether the pump can handle it. Water in flooding situations usually contains a lot of dirt, so if your submersible sewage pump is intended for clear water, it may not be able to pump it.

Pumps for garden pond – The beauty of owning a house is having a garden that will always give you something beautiful to gaze at. Garden ponds and fountains surely make for a nice sight, but they do require some work in order to be well maintained. If you plan on creating one, you will certainly need a submersible pump to pump the water to the filter. This is a great tool for such applications due to its ability to be placed directly into the water. Moreover, there are pumps for garden fish ponds and these are divided into models for salt and fresh water.

Pumps for wells – Bringing up the water from a spring or well is another way to use a submersible pump. Most of the time this water will be used in your home plumbing system. However, not all pumps are suitable for deep groundwater levels. The suction head is an indicator of how far the water can be below the level of the pump. In case the pump is in the water, the suction head will be close to zero which makes submersible pumps the preferred choice for deep wells.

retro wallpaper
Teleport Your Kitchen into the Past with Charming Retro Wallpaper Designs

As much as we try to decorate our homes and make them look as modern and fancy as possible, we always seem to lean towards the cosiness and the familiar feeling of warmth and security we felt while growing up in our grandmother’s kitchens, tightly holding on to her skirt as she would prepare the most delicious pastries ever. Oh, that smell; even nowadays as I pass by a bakery or a pastries shop I stop for a memory flashback: my granny’s kitchen and me trying to follow her footsteps into becoming a great baker. Oh well, worth the try.

retro wallpaper home

I think about my grandmother’s kitchen often; she cared about it so much and always kept it sparkly clean. Along with the smell that plays with the desire for food, her kitchen had a charm of it’s own emitted through every pore of that space: the retro wallpapers that covered the walls, the set of fine china and the hanging cooking pieces all perfectly arranged for an easy reach. In the attempt to make my kitchen look a little different than the average designs seen on the Internet and interior design magazines, I decided to take the best parts from my granny’s kitchen and incorporate them in my otherwise very modern and equipped with high technology kitchen.

The first thing I’d suggest you do in case you’re up for the same challenge, is to buy retro wallpaper to cover the walls in your kitchen. The walls are a huge decorative element and nothing will say ‘retro’ more than a nice wallpaper combined in colour with the rest of the kitchen furniture. Go with pastels, as you can never go wrong with these nuances of colour. They go perfectly well with either metal elements or furniture made of wood. Before you buy retro wallpaper, determine what kind of colour and design would best suit the surrounding area around the walls on which you chose to install them.

Next thing would be to get as many fine china as possible: plates and cups being the most important pieces you need to have in your palette. Kitchenware and glassware can really bring you back in time like a time machine; remember when you used to eat in ceramic plates with artistic drawings on them? Or your favourite cup with the little classy people drawn on it? To make the entire picture even more retro, get a hanging rack which you’ll attach on any of the walls in your kitchen. Hang all the cups and exhibit the plates: is there a more familiar look?

For a final touch, don’t forget to decorate with fresh flowers. We may still be blinded by the blings and the shiny appearance of high technology, but as people grow old, they understand the importance of human connection with Mother Nature. Fresh flowers in yellow and red colours along with some green leaves will contribute to the retro kitchen you’re aiming for and will allow you to bring a little nature inside your modern, technology-driven kitchen. Just like granny used to do.

One-pot gardens: Planter Ideas for Urban Gardeners

With the growing trend for minimalism and the implementation of compactness in designs, more accent is placed on space. The large scale of migrations from village life to city life, and the global growth of population led to preference of simplification as it is both convenient and time-saving, which is especially crucial in the fast-paced world of today. While some segments of life have been positively affected, for instance through the role of technology in communication, access to information and advanced medical treatments and procedures, other segments are not equally affected. The speedy everyday schedules do not leave much time for leisure-like activities, gardening being one of them. Planter

Read More →

A Must-Read Guide (Before You Buy Blinds)

I’m all about glass walls, space openness and as much natural light as possible to lighten up the house. I’ve always hated curtains; I used to beg my mum to throw them away because the apartment I used to live in faced the northern side and it got sunlight for only 2-3 quality hours a day. Afterwards, darkness overwhelmed the place and nothing looked as beautiful as it should have. Why? Because honestly, natural light makes everything look in its best possible version. Luckily, my parents don’t have another building facing them so their apartment has tons of privacy, and if that was the only reason, I’d say they don’t really need to buy blinds. My apartment on the other hand, is a whole other story.

When you live in an apartment with your significant other and that apartment faces another building where a lot of nosey people live, the thing that should concern you more than your interior design is securing your privacy. I mean sure, maybe you’re the cosmopolitan type and don’t really care what people see and say, but at the end of the day, that funny look they give you when you say “Good morning” on your way to work, it can ruin your mood, even just for a few hours. And don’t get me started on how much you don’t enjoy the lovely sun on Sunday mornings, when all you want is to sleep away the aftermath of the previous night. Am I right?

buy blinds

So, the obvious solution to all these small inconveniences would be to buy blinds and have them installed on your windows from day one. You should enjoy the convenience of having your privacy and a dimmed bedroom on Sunday morning. When you visit a blinds store (whether a online or an offline one) you’ll face a vast offer of blinds which will be a pleasant surprise, especially if you also care about matching them to the overall room design.

  • Woven wood blinds – these go perfectly on windows facing a garden, a backyard or a balcony. Mainly made of bamboo, these blinds allow you to let just enough light in so you can read your newspaper.
  • Roman shades – the dining room and the living room would benefit most from this type of blinds, especially if the room has sort of a formal touch. They can be gathered into billowy poufs giving the room that high-style statement a formal setting so much needs.
  • Tight weaves – my personal favourite. These go with any style; vintage, modern, and even with more elegant interiors. Mainly made of twill or microsuede, tight weave blinds these are opaque and offer just the right amount of privacy for your bedroom or living room.
  • Honeycombs have horizontal rows of air pockets and as such are amazing because they keep the heat during winter and let it out during summer. Talk about an energy saving option.
  • Blackouts are made of a material that’s 100% light blocking which makes them perfect for bedrooms as well as for theatre rooms, if you have any in your home.

Bottom line is, you really just need to decide you want to get blinds and then decide which type will best fit in your room style. Or, if you need something to help you make up your mind quickly: I’m sure you want to be able to walk around your home in your underwear, dancing and singing and not worrying a bit if someone is watching you through the windows.

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