Residential Outdoor Lighting Fixtures
A Simple Guide to the Usefulness of Residential LED Outdoor Lights

Technological advances have made it possible to find an energy efficient and long lasting replacement of traditional lightbulbs. I am talking about LED lights – an environmentally friendly lighting option that can bring a number of improvements to your outdoor space. Read More →

The Haze of Hedonism In Your Home Brought By Modern Design

Aesthetics matter. Aesthetics in your home matter even more. One of the best ways to bring aesthetics in your home is with modern architecture. The fundaments of modern architecture are simplicity, cleanness and functionality. Geometric shapes and patterns, minimal colors and clean lines are the essentials to make your home a modern sanctuary for living and comfort. Modern architects never incorporate unnecessary elements and design details and concentrate on clear views of structural elements and a lot of lightning. To keep it simple, modern architects use elements such as steel, glass or concrete and allow the structure to speak for itself. Read More →

Led Products Buying Guide
Led Products Buying Guide

Ever since the introduction of lights with the invention of electricity, life was never the same again (in a good way). Electricity paved the path of technology and immensely simplified day to day chores. We often forget to be grateful for having the chance to rely on this kind of light unlike with people living in the dark days prior to the use of electricity. The world of lights today is so extensive with so many designs available, from incandescent, tungsten-halogen, xenon and fluorescent, to LED. The most popular ones of course are LED lights for a number of reasons, the main one being that of energy efficiency. For all the environmentally conscious, this type of lights is a match made in heaven. Read More →

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