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Air Travel with Pets Made Simple: The Trend Behind Pet Moving Services

Now that Australia got its fame for being the country of pets, as stated by the RSPCA that more than 60% of Australians own pets, it’s not surprising pet travel has become popular too. Nation-wide that is. With air travel getting as frequent as road travel (if not even more), it’s more than common to fly with pets. However, regardless of whether you have experience with it, or not, it can be a hassle.

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A Simple Guide to Overseas Pet Shipping

International pet transport can be a very complicated and stressful process for both your pet and yourself. A lot of countries won’t allow your pet to enter, or they may impose a long quarantine period. The best way to make the process less complicated and stressful is to contact an international pet transporting agency. International pet transporters or brokers are professionals in this area, who can go through the entire process for you, and save you a lot of time and nerves.

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Dogs Lead Buying Guide

Dogs lead ensures that while you’re out with your dog, you and your dog stay safe and unharmed, and also keep your dog from running off where you can’t keep an eye on him. Buying the right lead for your dog is important; there are many questions and factors that go into play when buying a lead for your dog. Is it too long or short? Is it sturdy enough? Should I have a harness? Is it optimal for lead training? So understandably, buying the right lead for the reasons you need it can get a bit confusing but don’t fret, this guide is here to help you choose the right one for you and your canine. Read More →

Simple Guide to Pet Grooming

If you are one of those who associate ‘pet grooming’ with a dog-show poodle, think again. Bathing and brushing your pet regularly isn’t just about appearances. It also plays a great role in the health of your pet. According to experts, basic grooming is an essential part of a pet care.

Although the services of a professional pet groomer are beneficial in various ways, you as a pet owner can often perform basic pet grooming at home with few simple tools. Read on to find out how. Read More →

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