Simple Guide To Buying Pickup Trucks

The first thing that any experienced person will tell you regarding buying pick-up trucks is to put the realistic evaluation of your concrete needs on top of your to-do list. Unless you’re planning to engage in carrying multi-ton loads, your needs probably don’t require a heavy-duty pickup truck. In that case, it is better to opt for something lighter, such as compact pickup or a minivan. Renting also enters the equation if you don’t plan to use the intended pick-up truck regularly. Read More →

Simple Guide To The Most Important Crane Trucks Parts

A crane truck is a truck that has attached a crane apparatus to a mobile platform. In order to lift and lower object, cranes are hydraulically powered. Cranes must be operated by well trained and experienced operators, who know how to follow safety procedures and prevent serious accidents from occurrence what can result in serious injuries.

The crane attachment on a crane truck operates in 3 ways:

  • It can work as a balance crane with the help of a horizontal beam;
  • It can work as a jib crane with a pulley system that winds cables in order to enable the lowering or lifting motion;
  • It can work as a hydraulic crane with a hydraulic system.



Crane trucks are made of basic truck parts, connected with one another, comprising the crane and its operation. Have a look at this simple guide that can help you understand which are the most important crane truck parts:

  • Boom – Booms are the most easy-to-recognize crane truck parts. They are also known as the crane arm that has the power to lift and/or lower heavy loads. The boom crane truck part can operate from three different ways, making it appropriate for different types of operations.
  • Rotex Gear – Rotex gear is another important crane truck part that can be purchased from any reliable truck parts Australia online store. It is located under the crane cabin or cab, allowing it to rotate or turn the boom through a hydraulic motor.
  • Jib – Jibs are extensions that can enlarge the crane boom, in order to provide greater length and ability for higher lifting capacity.
  • Operator’s Cab – The operator’s cab (crane cabin) is a crane truck part that is attached to the rotex gear, which allows the cabin to turn. Inside the operator’s cabin is the operator’s chair, crane control panel and an electrical equipment. The operator through the operator’s chair can control the crane with the help of joysticks (control the boom motion), and the foot pedals (control the rotex gear pump pressure and the telescoping action of the boom).
  • Outriggers – Outriggers give the essential balance and stability to the crane, which prevents the crane from overturning or leaning. Outriggers consist of 3 parts: pad or foot, beam or leg and a float.
  • Detachable Counterweights – These crane parts can be found at the back of a crane, and help prevent the crane from being unstable during an operation.

These are all the essential parts of a crane truck. If in good condition, the crane will work at an optimal level. All these and many other crane parts can be found at every trustworthy and reliable truck parts Australia retailer. The only thing you need to do is to ask around or do an online research for the most popular, trustworthy, yet affordable truck parts Australia online store. Only this way you can be sure that you will get the value for your money.

Simple Guide For Cleaning Your Livestock Trailer

Livestock trailers are durable, fuel-efficient vehicles used for all kinds of hauls. Whether you plan to haul local or across the country, get a customizable and durable livestock trailer. What makes this commercial vehicle so popular is its heavy-duty, all-aluminum construction and rust-resistant body.

If properly cleaned and maintained, a livestock trailer will serve you for years. In order to do that, you must follow manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. All livestock trailers for sale come with owner’s manual where maintenance and cleaning tips are specified, including recommended cleaning solutions. Read More →

Simple Guide To Plant Trailers Basic Designs

For safe and efficient transportation of various materials through plants, all you need is plant trailers. These easy-to-maneuver machines are ideal for heavy loads. When attached on other heavy-duty vehicles, these material handling devices can move even larger materials. As a result, you can save time and money. It’s pretty economical, since you transport the all materials at once. The good thing about the plant trailers is that they are more flexible and adaptable when compared to the fixed conveyance systems that are less flexible and more expensive. The best way to cut down your expenses, is to use these industrial material handling machines. Since there are several types of plant trailers available on the market, you need to pick the one that can hold your intended load perfectly. In order to make the right choice, check our simple guide for choosing a plant trailer: Read More →

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