A Guide to Ordering the Custom Sized Mattress That Will Perfectly Fit Your Space Criteria

custom sized mattress

It’s amazing how far has technology brought us: from a pile of straws covered with animal skin to a NASA-designed foam mattress made to meet the comfort needs of astronauts in space. That’s paradise for the pampered, modern, anxious characters we are today and imagining life without this luxury can easily be compared to a disaster of cosmic proportions.

What’s even more, we’re not ready to settle with just about anything; for some of us, a king bed simply isn’t enough, and for others, the offered level of mattress firmness is just cruel. A situation of this kind poses as a problem, but since we’re a generation of solutions, inventions and creativity, today there’s the option for custom sized mattresses. Yes, we actually can have the royal treatment: dimensions, material and firmness have just became a variable susceptible to our desires and needs.

custom sized mattress

So, how do you order custom sized mattresses? Do you call a service to come and see how should the mattress look like or you simply enter a mattress store and say what you want straight forward? Pretty much yes, but what matters is knowing exactly how to define your specific requirements so that when the mattress arrives you have a smile on your face. Let’s start with defining a few simple matters.

Bedroom, truck, yacht, caravan?

Where do you need the mattress for? Do you need it for your home bedroom, for a travelling truck or maybe for your yacht (lucky you)? I know how hard it is to find a ready-to-buy mattress for these purposes, which is why custom sized ones come as a solution from heaven. You should just take the exact measures, take a photo of where you want to place the mattress and make the order. Some manufacturers even offer the option for a shaped mattress so don’t feel limited if the mattress you need is of unusual shape. With that being said, the heirloom bed you so adore can be refreshed with a new mattress and easily restore its old fame and looks.

I want a firmer mattress, he wants a softer one.

Now this is a real problem. If you and your partner look for different things in a mattress, such as the level of firmness, then you’re the perfect candidate for a custom sized mattress. Before you order, make sure you measure the mattress and define how much from its surface you want it with a certain level of firmness, and how much with another. That way you and your partner will know which side belongs to whom and you’ll never be angry because one of you always sleeps well and the other one doesn’t.

Finally, consider durability

Make sure you know your possibilities: are you financially able to withstand changing the mattress often? Because if you choose something of a low quality, you’ll have to. So, make this your mantra: “I am not rich enough to buy cheap things” and order the best to last. As an additional option, what you can do to extend the life of your mattress, is order a mattress toper which can also be customized in terms of material and size.

Final words: the mattress is a matter of huge interest and therefore, deserves a lot of attention. Invest well in your beauty and wellness sleep without having to sacrifice your interior design scheme or the bed frame you so love.