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Camping Trip: A Simple Guide for Purchasing Lights

Camping away from the hustle and bustle of city life is a great escape we all could do with every now and then. It also offers the unique chance to sleep under the stars which aren’t that visible (or at all!) from the skyscrapers and bright lights at the concrete jungles. Still, as exciting as staying in darkness might seem, this doesn’t mean you’d be able to pull off a whole trip outdoors without the proper lighting.

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A Simple Guide on How to Organise Your Camping Kitchen

Spending some time in the great outdoors is an amazing experience. Camping is a great way to discover the beauty of nature with family and friends and spend some quality time together. Cooking is one of the best parts of camping and many would agree that food always tastes better when prepared outdoors.

However, cooking can be a difficult task if you don’t plan your camping kitchen properly. The organisation is key for setting up a practical kitchen, so you won’t have to worry about clutter and you can focus more on having a great time relaxing and cooking delicious recipes into the woods. Here are some essential items you will need and a few organisational tips to help you make the most of your camp kitchen.

How to Organise Your Camp Kitchen

A well-stocked kitchen is an essential part of any camping trip. What you will bring for your camp kitchen depends on what kind of trip you are planning and your culinary preferences as well. A lot of people bundle their groceries and camp cooking items into their cars and do not think about them until they get to their campsite.

Label Containers and Coolers

camping cooler prepared
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Cooking at your campsite can be fun if you are prepared, organised and have the right gear. Building a camp kitchen can be surprisingly simple if you take the guesswork out of packing and unpacking and it can save you a lot of time in the cooking process. Rummaging around boxes and bags can get a bit exhausting, especially on longer camping trips.

Use Camping Cupboards

camping cupboards with tent in background
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Whether you are a beginner or already an experienced camper, it’s always a good idea to have something that makes it easy to get at cooking equipment when camping, such as a camping kitchen cupboard.

Camping cupboards are some of the most important items for your camping kitchen, designed with practicality in mind. The idea is to centralise various items in your camp kitchen, so when it’s time to cook, you can just take what you need and start preparing your food. You can choose a camping kitchen cupboard for your outdoor adventures and enjoy the benefits it has to offer, such as the following.

Storing Food, Pots and Pans

Camping kitchen cupboards with hard tops and a comfortable working height are a great solution for storing food on the lower shelves and keep pots and pans organised. Most camping cupboards come with zip-up doors.

Working Surface

Camping cupboards are an ideal working surface for food preparation or for holding a camping stove. Just make sure it will accommodate the size of the stove or grill you are using.

Easy to Assemble

They are very useful campsite furniture that’s easy to assemble and can help you organise your camping kitchen perfectly.

To save some space in your car or RV, you can opt for folding camping cupboards that don’t take much room. They are lightweight and can be carried flat and then put up inside a tent or under a caravan awning. Most of them come with pull-down legs that are good for adjusting on uneven ground.

Camping cupboards will help you stay organised and keep things clean around you. They are great for making your camp cooking more convenient and enjoyable. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can choose whatever suits your cooking needs and habits.

Additional Tips and Ideas

girl preparing camp kitchen
source: autobala.com

Establish a Food Preparation and Cooking Area

Very often, campers use the picnic table for preparing their food. But that’s not always a good idea. Instead, it’s better to dedicate a place for food preparation and a place for your camp stove, so you can keep your table clean and once the food is ready, you can enjoy it without worrying about cleaning the table, the cutting boards, knives and more.

Choose the Right Place for Your Camp Kitchen

Deciding where to put your camp kitchen is equally important as organising it properly. You want to set up your camp kitchen in a low-traffic area and avoid frequently used places such as right in front of the tent or too close to your vehicle. The best thing you can do is to make sure it’s close to where you will be eating. If you don’t have a camping awning, then look for a place that has a natural wind block or shade and always set it up on flat terrain to avoid any inconvenience.

Choose Simple Meals

To make your camping adventures easier, choose meals that can be prepared with the use of only one pan or pot. The less kitchen stuff you will have to bring camping, the more your camp kitchen will stay uncluttered and organised. Also, make sure to plan all your meals, so you will bring only the necessary supplies and won’t end up with leftovers when your camping trip is done.

Keep Insects Out of Your Meals

Having insects in your food can be very annoying, but there are a few simple ways you can keep them out of your food. Make sure to close any open food item immediately and regularly throw out the trash. Once you are done eating, clean up the dishes right away.


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