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Your Simple Guide to Choosing the Perfect Costume for Your Dance

Sparkles and glitter, tulle tutus, tights and themed matching dresses are synonyms for dance. And if you’ve ever been to a dance performance, you know how exciting it gets once dancers in beautiful costumes step on the stage. Whether you’re a dancer, a dancing child’s mum or a choreographer, you know that the choice of dance costumes can make or break a choreography. Why are dance performance costumes essential? And how can you choose the perfect one for your dance?

The Importance of Dance Costumes

They Bring the Choreography to Life

ballet girl's dance performance
Source: dancekix.com

When creating a choreography, choreographers have a vision in mind. Dancers work very hard to bring that vision to life. They sometimes practise for months to memorise the routine to perfectly execute it. Wearing the proper dance costumes allows dancers to complete their look, highlighting each of their moves. They help tell the story of the dance’s theme and make the whole performance more flowing and elaborate.

They Help Create the First Impression

The audience is one of the main reasons why choreographers create performances that dancers put up on stage. You need to get your audience’s attention when you step on the stage. You need to convince them your performance is worthy of all their focus and attention, so they can stick and see what the performer can offer.

Dance costumes speak for the dancers and their performance even before they start to speak for themselves, creating an immense first impression. When the crowd sees dancers in carefully designed costumes, they get attracted at first sight. They immediately fall for them and are eager to see what’s next.

Once all curtains are down and all you can hear is howling and applause, you know that every effort was worth it. Costumes are essential to creating a masterpiece so beautiful that the world needs to see it. It pays to know that it’s essential to look your best once you’re up on stage. All effort you make to choose the perfect costume never goes unappreciated by the audience.

They Enhance Performance

Dancers train hard to develop the perfect technique to pull off the ideal act on stage. Although this is vital for a good performance, wearing costumes helps them enhance their staging in other significant ways.

Wearing the Right Costume Improves Confidence

The proper dance attire can completely change dancers’ posture and outlook. So, when they see themselves later and like how they look, they often feel better. This makes them feel more confident and assured of themselves. When dancers wear the right costume, they feel comfortable. It can boost their confidence, making them feel they can take on anything. This way, they’re more willing and confident to attempt new skills and steps, which has a great, positive impact on the way they perform.

Also, wearing matching costumes with others on stage puts everyone on the same page. This can help struggling artists that don’t want to stand out.

Wearing the Right Costume Increases Focus

Performers need to concentrate so they can learn and do their best. This is true both for those who are just starting to dance and those who have been dancing for years. Wearing inappropriate and uncomfortable clothes can be distracting for dancers. If your leotard is the wrong size or your hair falls on your face, it can be hard to concentrate and give your best. Kids and teenagers can find it hard to focus anyway, and clothing issues can just make it worse.

Wearing the Right Costume Allow Moving Properly

dancers making dance moves
Source: productionbase.co.uk

Choosing the right costume for the dance enables the dancer to focus on their steps, not what they wear. When dancers don’t wear proper clothing, it can hinder their ability to perform the choreography and move properly. Dance costume choice can impact technique and precision, especially in partner or group acts.

They Create Cohesiveness on Stage

Dance costumes help all dancers look cohesive. This helps create a bond between the dancers in a group. Wearing the same type of clothes makes it easier to see the group as one instead of just a group of people. For dancers, cohesiveness means better visualisation of what the dance will look like.

How to Choose the Perfect Costume for Your Dance?

What makes a good dance costume? Although there are several things to look for, all experts agree on three things: a good costume should incorporate the concept, the right fit/fabric and a conversation with the dancer.

Consider the Type of Dance

types of dance
Source: theguardian.com

The costume choice always has to be based on the concept of the piece. This means there are different costume options for every type of dance. For example, ballet costumes should be simple enough not to distract from the movement. They should display the beauty of the dancer’s technique, fluidity and grace. That’s why the classic tutu and leotard are always the right option for ballet.

Styles like jazz, tap and hip hop require more elaborate costumes, similar to the movement style. They should be playful, bright and eye-catching. Such costumes complement the song and bring the entire dance to life. Similarly, cultural dances require cultural costumes. When it comes to themed dances, there is a wide variety to choose from, but you should always stick to the theme.

Choose the Right Fit and Fabric

A dance costume should allow the dancer to bend, move and breathe. Only that way the performer would feel comfortable and give their best. The choice of fabric shouldn’t overwhelm them. That can be an obstacle that takes away from the dancers’ movement. They work so hard in the studio, trying to perfect everything. Once their costume is on, it should elevate the dancer and help the character come alive. Don’t forget about dance shoes; they should complement the costume, offering comfort and protection.

Make Sure to Please Dancers

Finally, a good costume is the one the dancer likes. When the dancer likes their looks, costume, and make-up, they’ll feel confident and happy. That way, all they have to worry about is dancing, which is always a key to a successful performance.

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masturbator sleeve

Men’s Sex Toys: Your Guide to Choosing the Right Masturbation Sleeve

Long gone are the days when sex was viewed as taboo, and we couldn’t openly discuss it. Nowadays, it’s viewed for what it is – a pleasurable act that brings a lot of health benefits and satisfaction. Men can experience a range of advantages from healthy sex life, including lower blood pressure, a boost in the immune system, better sleep, reduction of depression and the risk of prostate cancer, increased fertility as well as a boost in confidence and intimacy with the partner.

Not to worry, even men who don’t have a partner can have their share of these benefits with a realistic experience thanks to aids like sex toys. Using such tools is essential in understanding more about your body, what kind of stimuli excite you, and can assist you with unlocking more pleasure than you’ve experienced before. Toys can further make you great in bed, which can only help you in your relationship with your partner. As for which toys in particular, we’re going to discuss the often overlooked masturbator sleeve. Overlooked because it’s usually cock rings and anal toys that get more of the attention.

Why Treat Yourself to a Masturbation Sleeve?

It’s simple – because you’re really in for a treat as there are varieties of designs at the specialised sex shops with lifelike vaginal and anal details (e.g. folds, creases and nubs) and features that your hands can’t provide for the ultimate enjoyment. But that’s not all there is to these amazing toys made especially for men!

In addition, such toys truly are sex aids as they help prevent over-masturbation which can be harmful in a couple of ways. For one, over-stimulation can injure the penis and testicles by excessive rubbing. Two, it can lead to early ejaculation which isn’t a positive thing, especially when having sex with a partner. In other words, a masturbator sleeve is a must if you’re in need of more practice on increasing the pleasure in bed for longer.

Depending on the design, the sleeves inside can have different textures and features, some even offering vibrations, which means you’re in for an immense pleasure even when having solo fun!

masturbation sleeves

source: liberator.com

How to Choose a Masturbation Sleeve?

As with any other sex toy, you can make matters easier when shopping by focusing on specific features, like the following:

1. Size

The reason there are so many masturbator sleeve sizes is because of the different sizes of men’s penises they’re created for. To ensure you get optimal pleasure, it’s necessary to find a sleeve in the length of your penis so you fully feel the textures inside. The fit is another key element here, so be sure to read up about the width. For the perfect fit, you may want to acquire a male stroker that’s adjustable and non-cased instead of a rigid one. This is especially crucial for men with smaller penises.

2. Material

Now this is an aspect that has a say in how real the stroker feels, as well as how easy it is to maintain its cleanliness. Though silicone is one of the best materials both when it comes to the feel and the cleanliness, the downside to it is it doesn’t stretch that much – especially if the stroker is longer. Thankfully, another material is fit for the job and that’s TPR (i.e. thermoplastic rubber). It’s a perfect option because it’s stretchy, squishy, can easily compress and it offers a realistic feeling. For your own safety though check whether the toy is phthalate-free.

3. Details

Some men prefer the life-like detailing, others care more about the feel inside rather than the exterior. So, it all comes down to personal taste and preference. Not surprisingly, the market is full of various masturbator sleeves like the designs with vaginal entrance and soft labia, designs that have an anal entrance too, as well as those with non-realistic looks that aren’t any less popular just because they don’t resemble a vagina.

For extra sensations, you can choose from the strokers equipped with vibrations added to enhance the primary enjoyment of stroking movements. Even if you don’t choose such a model, you can turn your regular open-ended stroker into a vibrating one by introducing a bullet vibrator in the solo action. On the plus side too, you’ve got some hands-free choices if you want to focus more on the pleasure instead of the stroking thanks to long-distance control. With a toy like this, even long-distance relationships become slightly easier as your partner can have a say in your pleasure from far away. How sexy is that?!

Those who are into adult videos and have their favourite stars would be happy to know there are special models of strokers that are cast from the genitals of the adult performers. And lastly, some of the latest strokers can be synced to adult videos too so you get the full experience.

4. Don’t Forget the Other Side

There are two options of the masturbator sleeve: the open-ended and the close-ended. Both come with their pros and cons so, again, it comes down to what you prefer in this kind of sex toy. While with the close-ended you won’t have to worry about making an orgasmic mess as with the open-ended, they make cleaning slightly more difficult so you’ll have some more maintenance work afterwards when thoroughly washing up the inside. As for suction sensations, you get these with the close-ended design. Consider these aspects before you make the final decision for optimal enjoyment!

Gifting Guide: What Makes Gift Baskets the Perfect Birthday Gift

One of the best parts of celebrating our birthdays is receiving gifts from family and close friends. But when the roles are flipped and you’re the one choosing a gift, things start to get a bit more complicated. Unless you know the person very well, it can be difficult to know if they already have what you want to get them for or if they’ll like it.

And let’s not forget that person who seems to have everything already or is really picky about their interests. It can be a challenge to find these individuals something that they’ll actually like. Birthday gift baskets can be a godsend, especially in these situations. Packed with tasty treats like artisanal chocolate bars, mouthwatering cookies, buttery shortbreads, delicious cakes, etc, gift baskets are the ideal present to send to your loved ones.

No matter the age or sex of your gift recipient, they would love to have a basket filled with their favourite snacks, beverages and decadent sweets. All you have to do is keep their preferences and dislikes in mind to choose the perfect birthday gift basket for them.

Still not convinced? Here are some great reasons to send a gift basket on your special one’s birthday.

A Variety of Options to Choose From

happy birthday gift basket with baileys and ferrero rocher
Source: pinterest.com

When shopping for birthday gift baskets, you’ll be surprised by the variety of options available these days. Whether your recipient likes sweets, gourmet food or good wine, there is a happy birthday gift basket for everyone. Let’s take a look at the most popular options at your disposal.

Food and Sweets Gift Baskets

You can choose a basket full of food and sweets that you know your recipient enjoys. Chocolates are universally loved and appreciated by everyone with an avid sweet tooth. Coffee lovers will really like to receive an assembly of their favourite coffee brands. A basket including an assortment of gourmet cheese accompanied by good wine is the ideal gift for cheese enthusiasts. Cookies, tea, wafers or even honey can be added to your gift basket to make it look impressive.

Birthday Hampers

For some people, a birthday party isn’t complete without a good bottle of liquor. If your friend likes a certain kind of gin, make sure to add a bottle of their favourite brand to the basket. For those on your list who like to relax after a long day, a bottle of wine will help them enjoy their night. For your friend who is a sports fan, nothing better than a basket full of premium beer to drink while watching their favourite team. The possibilities are endless and the choice is entirely up to you.

Skincare Gift Baskets

pamper hamper for skincare
Source: pinterest.com

A basket filled with skincare products can be the perfect present for those who enjoy the occasional pamper session. In this modern world filled with stressors, giving someone a basket full of all-natural, artisanal products may help them rediscover serenity and vitality once more.

Easy to Order and Help You Save Time and Money

There are several websites today where you can get fantastic and unusual gift baskets online. Although the best gift baskets are those that are thoughtfully chosen, if you don’t have time to go shopping — or picking — yourself, these services can help you personalise your present and have it delivered anywhere with ease.

Plus, these kinds of presents are normally quite affordable, making them a great option for those on a budget. Sometimes we need to choose gifts in accordance with our financial situation and that’s totally okay. You can even customise and hand-pick the items you want to include to ensure a well-received gift without breaking the bank.

To make it easier to choose the best birthday gift basket, various websites offer useful filters like the type and price range you’re looking for. Opting for a reliable gift basket company that has commendable reviews and provides seamless service will ensure you have a safe and pleasant shopping experience.

Versatility at Its Finest

gift basket for her
Source: pinterest.com

Whether it’s the birthday of a family member, a friend, a colleague, or an employee, a gift basket is always a good option. As ironic as it may seem, we all tend to make gifting even more difficult for ourselves by trying to find something that compliments a specific theme, occasion, or the recipient’s personality when what you should be thinking about is what the recipient likes.

A gift basket can be filled with anything, which is precisely what makes it such a versatile option. From food to spa items, and everything in between, filling a basket with goodies is always a good idea.

Personal and Unique

There is a misconception that happy birthday baskets are a lazy way to buy something for someone without giving it too much thought. The truth, however, is quite the contrary. A gift basket is only as lazy as you make it. If you put some time and effort into picking out the right items, it can be personal and unique, two attributes that are often difficult to come by when buying gifts.

You have the opportunity to choose delicious treats from a wide variety of food indulgences that the recipient enjoys. You’re considering the taste of the individual to whom you will be gifting the basket. Taking note of their preferences and remembering them is an obvious way of demonstrating your concern. These efforts will not go unnoticed and are more important than the physical basket itself.

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