headlight trim

A Simple Guide to Headlight Covers and How to Maintain Them

Your vehicle’s headlights are one of the parts that are most susceptible to damage in the event of a collision. Headlight covers are an accessory that can add a bit of extra protection to the headlight, as well as change how your vehicle looks. Many people don’t pay attention to the state of their headlight covers as they do to the headlight bulbs. As a result, they end up with dimmed or damaged headlights. When neglected, the cover can become cloudy or discoloured, which can affect how much illumination your headlights emit. Most people think the headlights in their vehicles are one single part, when in reality, they’re made up of several. The overall performance and effectiveness of a headlight depend on how well all these parts work together. The most important parts of a headlight include:

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how to cut down on sugar

A Simple Guide to Help You Cut Down on Sugar

It’s no secret that sugar is bad for our health, and yet, it’s not so easy for some of us to give it up just like that. The problem with foods and drinks with too much added sugar (not the naturally occurring sugar in fruits and dairy) is that while they’re highly caloric they don’t have nutritional value. Translation: it isn’t a lasting source of energy.

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pharmacy finding constipation medicine

Your Simple Guide to Finding the Best Medicine for Constipation

Do you often feel bloated and uncomfortable? Do you feel like you don’t defecate as much as you should? Don’t be embarrassed. There are plenty of people who deal with constipation on a regular basis. Women are usually the most frequent constipation suffers which may be a result of the slower movement of food through a woman’s intestines, as well as the effects of female hormones on the Gl tract. If you are constipated, it’s usually because there is not enough water in your stool, which is an issue that happens when you don’t drink enough fluids. For those who are not sure, constipation is a condition that causes one to less than three bowel movements on a weekly basis. Also, the feces are small, dry and hard, making them painful and difficult to pass. Read More →


Breastfeeding: A Simple Guide to Increase Your Milk Supply

Breastfeeding is one of the aspects of motherhood that can keep you awake at night, especially if you’re stressed out and you don’t produce enough milk. In such cases, you may notice that your baby won’t be able to gain the necessary weight with breastfeeding alone. Luckily, there are natural ways to increase milk supply and get a peace of mind.

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Industrial Ladder

Simple Guide to Safely Using Industrial Ladders

It’s believed that ladders or at least the idea of them was first used over 10,000 years ago, based on drawings found in a cave in Spain . While these ladders were not as sophisticated as today’s steel ladders, they still did the same job – provided safe support to a higher level. A ladder is also mentioned in the Bible – in a dream Jacob saw a ladder going from heaven to earth. Ladders saw a step in the right direction in 1862 when John H. Basely invented the step ladder. This type of ladder had hinges on so it could be folded when there was not in use. While today there are still ladders being used that are made of rope, industrial ladders are the safer version.

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A Simply Guide to Finding Chic & Flattering Jeans for Older Ladies

Once you hit a certain age, there will be many times when you think – “I’m too old for this.”. By now you’ve probably figured out you’re too old to waste time on people you don’t like. Life is so much better when you’re happy with your relationships and we don’t need a Harvard study to confirm this. But what about jeans? Can you be too old for them? Nah-uh! When chosen and styled right, jeans can look amazing on you no matter your age or body shape. And just like surrounding yourself with great people, a flattering pair of jeans can do wonders for your mood, trust me. So, let’s get down to the business of finding you a pair of jeans that you can rock with confidence. Read More →

Best Air Mattress

Your Simple Guide to Buying Air Mattresses

An air mattress is an important piece of camping gear designed to provide users with maximum comfort in the great outdoors. It is also the ideal solution when it comes to accommodating overnight guests. Most air mattress bottoms are made of thick and durable material that can withstand the harsh outdoor conditions of the ground outside and inside the tent. The top, however, is usually made of a softer flocked material that’s very comfy and ideal to sleep on, thus avoiding the need for bringing and using sheets on camping trips.

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honda accord brake pads

A Simple Guide to Buying New Brake Discs and Pads

The braking system of your Honda accord is one of the most important safety elements, which is why you need to inspect its components on a regular basis. Worn down brake components, like Honda Accord brake pads and discs, can reduce your vehicle’s ability to brake and stop, leading to a greater risk of accidents. But how do you know when to replace the brake discs and pads? There are a few signs that indicate your brakes are worn.

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A Simple Guide to Essential Oils for Beginners

Going natural might sounds like a good plan. Organic eating, all-natural cleaning products, no high fructose corn syrups, sulphate, processed food, plastic, Teflon, etc. The truth is, we want the best for our family. However, embracing that change is not always easy – it is something that you need to work on. You will make mistakes and will have to try one thing at a time to figure out what works for you and how to make it fit for your family. You can start by changing your cleaning products, making your own bug spray, avoiding the dryer sheets, and using essential oils for solving all the little issues that can arise in your home. Read More →