Mastering the Art of 3D Printing: Exploring Essential Accessories

The 3D printing business has grown very quickly over the past few years. While the first 3D printers were huge and cost a lot of money, nowadays models are smaller, cheaper, and easier to use. Nevertheless, the 3D printer itself is not the only thing that makes 3D printing work. A lot of different 3D printer accessories are very important to the quality of the end product. You can make a regular 3D printer into a great machine with the right add-ons, and you can be sure that your creations will turn out just the way you want them to.

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Gold monster 1000 with gold in desert

A Guide to Gold Monster 1000: The Right Metal Detector for Your Prospecting Needs

From hiking towering mountains to diving into the depths of the ocean, people’s fascination with exploration knows no bounds. Among these passions, a certain group of adventurers seeks not only the adrenaline rush but also the elusive glint of gold. If you’re one of these modern-day treasure hunters, you need a trusty tool that will amplify your prospecting endeavours like never before.

With the ultra-sensitive detector Gold Monster 1000 with an impressive 45 kHz VLF performance, those micro-sized nuggets don’t stand a chance of hiding from you. It also has automatic ground tracking, so you don’t need to constantly fiddle with settings while you’re supposed to be finding gold. Read on to discover all the amazing features of this metal detector.

High Operating Frequency

Man prospecting gold in nature

The soil is filled with all sorts of bits and bobs – bottle caps, nails, and who knows what else. But you’re on the lookout for those elusive nuggets – and this material has a distinct frequency at which it resonates. This is where the Gold Monster 1000 metal detector shines. Its high operating frequency means it’s trained to pick up the gold’s specific tune. It can detect those teeny, tiny nuggets that might as well be whispering in a crowd of noise.

So, whether you’re hitting the beach, wandering through the woods, or exploring old mining sites, this high frequency helps you maximise your chances of finding treasure. With this detector’s knack for sniffing out gold, you’re not wasting time digging up false signals. You’re not sifting through a sea of random trash. Instead, you’re zeroing in on what matters and saving time and energy.

Multiple Sensitivity Levels

Different terrains have different levels of mineralization that can mess with your metal detector’s signals. The Gold Monster 1000 comes with multiple sensitivity levels, so you can tailor its sensitivity to match the conditions you’re dealing with. Got a terrain that’s particularly “chatty” with false signals? Dial down the sensitivity a notch, and boom – you’re back in control.

When you’re exploring an area with low mineralization where signals are popping up left and right, simply crank up the sensitivity and you’ll unearth even the smallest hidden treasures. Those large nuggets might send out a stronger signal, while the smaller ones are more subtle. By toggling those sensitivity levels, you’re fine-tuning your detector to catch the frequency of your target’s signal.

Different Discrimination Modes

Man prospecting gold on beach with Gold Monster 1000

Not every blip on the radar is the treasure you’re after – sometimes, it’s a rusty nail, a soda can, or some other not-so-precious find. This is where discrimination modes come to the rescue. They allow you to filter out certain types of metals, so you’re not wasting time and energy digging up every little signal.

It’s like having a built-in “Gold Only” button that saves you from the frustration of chasing false leads. But here’s where it gets interesting – the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 isn’t just a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. It understands that every hunting ground is unique, and what might be trash in one area could be treasure in another. So, you get different discrimination modes, each tailored to different scenarios.

Let’s say you’re at an old mining site. You want to filter out iron junk and focus on the good stuff. Adjust the mode and you’re narrowing down your search to the shiny bits that matter. Or perhaps you’re on a beach, where some modes help you sift through salty sands to spot the treasure hidden beneath.

Automatic Ground Tracking

Automatic ground tracking always works in the background to keep your detector in tune with its surroundings. The Gold Monster 1000 detector continuously adjusts its settings to match the ground conditions, so you’re not constantly tinkering and twiddling knobs. This feature doesn’t require you to be a tech guru. This detector’s design is user-friendly, so even if you’re new to metal detecting, you can reap the benefits.

The automatic ground tracking of Minelab Gold Monster saves you time, effort, and frustration. It’s your ticket to conquering those finicky terrains that other detectors shy away from. Whether you’re a seasoned prospector or a curious newcomer, this feature turns your hunts into smooth, enjoyable experiences.

Lightweight Design

Man carrying gold monster 1000 on shoulder

No one wants to lug around a heavy, bulky detector that feels like you’re hauling a load of bricks. That’s why the Monster 1000 detector is lightweight and easy to handle. This device feels like an extension of your arm, rather than a cumbersome burden. You can swing it, navigate tricky terrains, and chase after signals without feeling like you’re in a strength-training session.

However, this lightweight design doesn’t mean sacrificing performance. This detector still packs a punch when it comes to sensitivity, accuracy, and all those features that make it a top-notch gold-hunting machine. It’s proof that you can have the best of both worlds – powerful performance without the heavy lifting.

Is the Gold Monster 1000 Detector Waterproof?

Another piece of exciting news is that the Minelab Monster 1000 is waterproof. You can find gold in all sorts of places, including those wet and watery spots. That’s where the waterproof feature comes in handy. You can confidently venture into shallow streams, damp soil, or even rainy conditions, knowing that your detector can handle it.

But here’s the deal – when we say “waterproof,” we’re often talking about the search coil and maybe some parts of the detector. While you might not want to go deep-sea diving with it, you’re good to go in situations where the detector gets wet or splashed. This device is a trusty companion that’s up for a little adventure, rain or shine.

2d barcode scanner

Optimising Retail Operations: How 2D Barcode Scanners Enhance Customer Experience?

The retail industry is one of those sectors that is constantly evolving, with consistent changes in customer preferences and technology, and the need for more efficient operations is becoming increasingly necessary. Back in the day, retailers used basic methods such as cash registers and manual inventory management to keep track of their sales and stock.

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smart tv in living room

A Simple Guide to Choosing a 4K Smart TV

Television in itself has changed quite a bit but the devices that we watch it on have also gone on such a path as they have become a lot more functional with the introduction of the internet. Although this didn’t happen straight away, nowadays almost all TVs are smart TVs. But what actually defines a smart TV? Well, first of all, it’s the ability to showcase more content than just what’s being broadcasted either through an antenna or cable.

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Woman vacuuming the carpet in the living room

Simple Guide to Vacuum Cleaners: Speed Your Way to a Clean Home

In the past, people used to spend hours cleaning their houses using traditional ways. Fortunately, today we have smarter and more effective tools that help us save time and also improve our life quality. Vacuums are one of these tools. These gadgets have evolved a lot through the years, becoming a must-have instrument for cleaning dirt and dust in every modern home. 

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3 Types of Test Instruments By Aer Tech

Testo: The Importance of Having the Right Test Equipment for Every Contractor

Every contractor knows that the key to success is having the right tools. And when it comes to testing equipment, there’s no room for compromise. Without the proper tools, you can’t ensure the quality of your work – which can lead to unhappy clients and costly re-dos.

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iphone 11 refurbished

iPhone Edition: Simple Guide to Buying a Refurbished Smartphone

Apple’s iPhones are undoubtedly the number one smartphone choice on the market, and it’s no wonder at all. Not only are these phones exceptionally durable, but they also offer a bunch of unique features that you aren’t getting with some other brands. However, as much as iPhones offer a plethora of features and functionalities, you know that they’re also very pricey. On top of that, Apple releases new lines of iPhones regularly, which rounds down their life-cycle with people constantly upgrading to the newest models. But luckily, you can always have the newest iPhone model without paying an entire fortune for it. Wondering how? As simple as it sounds, refurbished iPhones are always a good idea. Let’s find out something more about these devices.

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marine battery monitor

A Simple Guide to Buying and Installing Marine Battery Monitors

How do you know if the batteries on your boat are getting enough charge? Are the wind turbine or solar panels sufficient to power every appliance you need? These are all questions worth asking if you have a boat, and in order to find the answer, you need a marine battery monitor. These devices display the net amps that go in and out of your boat’s battery and the net amp-hours since the last charge. Most marine battery monitors also show things like the percentage of full charge and the battery’s voltage, the battery’s temperature and a few other things, depending on the type of unit you got.

As a general rule of thumb, you don’t want to use more than half of your boat’s battery, simply because it shortens its lifespan. In fact, some battery experts recommend using the battery only down to about 60-70% before recharging. For that reason, knowing your battery’s total capacity in amp-hours, and how much you’re down at any given time allows you to preserve the life of your battery. The amps in/amps out metric are also worth knowing as it helps you figure out which appliances on your boat are spending energy. You can test how much every power every appliance spends by plugging it in and turning it on.

endrive battery monitor


A boat battery monitor can monitor a single battery, or they can also show the voltage on a second battery (starting battery, for instance). You can also wire up relays that automatically start a generator (if you have one on board) if the battery’ charge state gets to a certain point. Some monitors also allow you to control the shore charger and inverter. Installing marine battery monitors is pretty straightforward, and most people can do it themselves. However, if you want to wire the relays for charger, inverter or generator, you should consider hiring a professional to do the job for you.

There are quite a few companies that make marine battery monitors, the most popular of which are Victron, Xantrex and Blue Seas. All of these brands feature similarly priced monitors. Victron monitors come with everything you need to install them, whereas Xantrex ones require a separate installation kit. Victron monitors are also easier to install – almost plug-and-play – whereas installing a Xantrex monitor is slightly more complex. Victron monitors work with just about any type of battery, including AGM, gel, Li-Ion and wet cell.

marine battery monitor


Before you install a boat battery monitor, make sure you clean up the previous wiring, if any. If you didn’t know, battery monitors operate with the help of a shunt that’s installed between the load (devices) and the negative post of the battery. If you want to properly track the amps in/out, you shouldn’t connect anything directly to the negative side of the battery beside the shunt. If you connect anything directly, it won’t be tracked. The easiest way to hook everything up is with the help of a bus bar. The negative wire will then go from the battery to the shunt, from the shunt to the bus bar, and then from the bus bar to every appliance.

I personally use a Victron battery monitor, the main reason being is that it’s too easy to install. It took me about a dozen hours to install it, but a fair portion of that time was making space to mount the monitor, and since I’m not a handy carpenter it took longer than it should. Where you decide to mount the monitor is completely up to personal preference, although that place should be easy and convenient to access so you can check the battery status whenever you want. The Victron battery monitor comes with a long cable, so you can place it almost anywhere on the boat, away from the battery itself. The Victron battery monitor is connected to the shunt with a phone cord, which makes it easy to run the wires and connect them properly.

victron energy battery monitor


Lastly, you need to install the shunt and run the wires to it. You can use a negative cable to run from the shunt to the bus bar. The shunt features large posts, which are 3/8″, so you might have to place a new end on the negative cable. In order to do this, you might need wire cutters, crimpers and strippers that can be used on large wires. You’ll also need to buy and place the ends on a short jumper from the battery to the shunt. Lastly, you’ll need to connect the positive wire to the shunt so that the monitor is powered. Victron battery monitors come with either a single ring terminal on one end or a straight crimp and power wire on the other. There’s a fuse in between which you may need to remove while performing the connections.

A Simple Guide to Buying a 3D Professional Printer That Meets Your Needs

As the 3D printing technology is becoming more affordable, an increasing number of individuals and small business owners are starting to take advantage of it. But with so many options available, how do you know which model is best for your needs and how much money you should spend on one? Worry not, that’s why we’re here – to clear up any confusions you may have and to inform you about the most important factors to consider when buying a 3D professional printer. Read More →

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