A Simple Guide to Buying a 3D Professional Printer That Meets Your Needs

As the 3D printing technology is becoming more affordable, an increasing number of individuals and small business owners are starting to take advantage of it. But with so many options available, how do you know which model is best for your needs and how much money you should spend on one? Worry not, that’s why we’re here – to clear up any confusions you may have and to inform you about the most important factors to consider when buying a 3D professional printer. Read More →

Design Meets Functionality – Factors to Consider When Buying a Phone Case

With smartphones becoming slimmer yet bigger, feature packed yet lacking some basics (headphone jack), the need for a protective case is bigger than ever. Although flagship phones make use of a stainless steel frame or a ceramic coated back, this does not eliminate the need for a case as screens are becoming heftier to repair, thanks to notches and punch-hole cameras. While safety is the number one factor when choosing a case, design and compactness are also a big deal as most people want to retain the appeal of their device. Read More →

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