sickness and accident insurance

A Simple Guide to Sickness and Accident Insurance

For many hard-working Australians, spending time away from work due to an accident or sickness is simply not an option. Many people can’t afford to lose shifts and working hours, and in many cases, there’s no one else who knows how to run their business, so yes – involuntary days off are not an option. However, not many of them put much thought into their health insurance policy until something bad happens and they are left stranded without a stable income for a longer period. So suddenly, they find themselves in quite a predicament – either go to work sick or injured, or don’t go to work at all and lose money that they can’t afford to lose, and potentially, lose their job. For these reasons (and many more), it’s a wise idea to invest in a personal accident and sickness insurance policy.
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Trade Motor Insurance

A Simple Guide to Motor Trade Insurance

Running a business is no small matter since it goes hand in hand with being exposed to many risks if you are not good at managing it. In the light of that fact, before starting, a business it is essential that you have a thorough plan that covers all the problems that should be avoided in future. In the motor trading business, you have to take all the necessary steps to make sure your business stays afloat. The most important aspect by far is the insurance. Trade motor insurance usually comes with several policies, all meant to protect businesses and individuals in the motor industry.
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SMSF Guide on How to Set up and Manage the Fund

Setting up an SMSF is not exactly a piece of cake, however, it is well worth the effort, considering all the benefits members are to get after the accumulation phase. Just like any other investment, there are certain rules that one needs to follow as to make sure there are nether risks nor complications that might prevent or delay the process. For the purpose of constructing a simple SMSF guide for you, below I’ve listed the things you need to know before starting your own fund.

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How to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Self Employed Home Loan

Considering there are different kinds of people, there are different kinds of professions and interests to suit everyone’s wishes, but the really daring ones try their hand at creating their own business and rely only on themselves for their success. It might not always be that easy to run it no matter what the business is, because you get to be in charge of everything, holding the reins of every step climbing up the ladder but you mustn’t let that steer you away from trying your luck. Fear of failure is the primary obstacle to overcome since at first you’ll feel like it might not be a wise decision to make regarding the security of your future, however as it’s said “He who dares, wins”, you won’t see how well you are cut out for being a businessperson unless you rise above it. Read More →

Appointment Setting: Key to Generating New Business Opportunities

Every manager in the business world dreams of a large client list; whether it’s in law firms, trading, or even a computer company where employees barely have a face-to-face contact with potential clients – the struggle for more of them is real. Just look at the fuss that happened in the latest Suits episodes when Pearson Specter Litt lost all their clients, the development of the plot was one of two ways: either find new clients or file for bankruptcy. And choosing the easier way and digging your own grave is never an option. Which is why Donna was up for some serious appointment setting activity – the way the money is found and locked in your business.

You get my point – the more clients you have, the more money on your account at the beginning of the month. But to get to more clients, you need to convince them to be your clients first. Moreover, you first need to find them and convince them to give you a chance to talk. You know how it goes in the business world – time is money and no one has it in abundance, so you need to make a very convincing call to make an appointment. Read More →

Superannuation Investment Property

Superannuation Investment Property Guide: Borrowing & Restrictions on Investments

When it comes to a superannuation investment property, there are a lot of rules and regulations that you must follow. First, you will need to hire professionals to help you set up a bare trust structure with a corporate trustee to be able to invest in a superannuation investment property. From that point on those who are involved in the self managed super fund can invest in commercial or residential property. It is important to note that neither the trustees or related parties are allowed to live in the property or use it occasionally. It must be used as an investment to benefit the super fund.

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SMSF Guide For The Self-Employed

Setting up a self managed super fund (SMSF) is one of the most popular ways of saving money for the retirement. The distinction between this fund and the traditional way of saving money for retirement is the fact that you can use the assets you invest in this fund to receive income. One of the main advantages of setting SMSF is the control you have over the assets you invest. But, just like every other fund, there are certain rules that must be followed. For example, SMSF cannot have more than 5 members. Also, every member is at the same time a trustee of the fund as well. The fund is run for one purpose only – to benefit members and provide retirement income. Read More →

Invest In Houses For Sale

Simple Guide On How To Invest In Houses For Sale In America

Over the recent years, a large number of Australians have decided to invest in houses for sale in America. As a result of the global financial crisis that happened in 2007, the US real estate market has become very attractive destination for many investors from all around the world, including Australia.

Are you looking to buy a house in America? Don’t be surprised of the big number of houses for sale in America. The process of buying a home might be really exciting, but it is a long and exhausting process which requires a lot of time and patience. To find the perfect house for sale in America, read this simple guide to learn how to invest in houses for sale in America. Read More →

Self managed super fund

Simple Guide To Get The Knack Of SMSF

Self managed super fund is ideal for people who want to take things into their hands. Greater control means greater power over your money. Since you are your own director/trustee, you choose exactly where to invest your superannuation money, which fees to pay, or what insurance to take. With smsf, you have greater flexibility to mix various investments in order to match your needs. And what matters most, you can reduce tax through effective Smsf strategies. Read More →

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