Appointment Setting: Key to Generating New Business Opportunities

Every manager in the business world dreams of a large client list; whether it’s in law firms, trading, or even a computer company where employees barely have a face-to-face contact with potential clients – the struggle for more of them is real. Just look at the fuss that happened in the latest Suits episodes when Pearson Specter Litt lost all their clients, the development of the plot was one of two ways: either find new clients or file for bankruptcy. And choosing the easier way and digging your own grave is never an option. Which is why Donna was up for some serious appointment setting activity – the way the money is found and locked in your business.

You get my point – the more clients you have, the more money on your account at the beginning of the month. But to get to more clients, you need to convince them to be your clients first. Moreover, you first need to find them and convince them to give you a chance to talk. You know how it goes in the business world – time is money and no one has it in abundance, so you need to make a very convincing call to make an appointment.

That being clear, I’ll get straight to a very appealing solution to a problem you most likely have – hiring appointment setting services. To be honest, only very, very large corporations have that kind of trained personnel in their sales departments; smaller companies simply can’t afford it, which is why another type of profile probably does that job. However, they are most likely not specialized for it, which means their success rate is very low. So, in order to avoid making so much pointless calls and wasting time, think about the benefits of outsourcing this kind of service.


These people have the training for exactly that: appointment setting
As simple as it may sound, appointment setting is everything but easy. You probably think it’s all about picking up the phone and asking politely if your sales team can come, lets say tomorrow morning for a short presentation of your services and goods? That may work if you want to go to your friend’s house and tell him/her all about the vacation you spent in Bali, but in the business world – that’s far from reality. Nobody wants to hear about your products or services – unless it’s beneficial for them. I know: of course it’s beneficial, but your potential clients can’t and won’t know that unless they’re hooked on knowing that it is. Accent on hooked here. Can your personnel hook all potential clients on the phone?

Efficient time-saving
Because appointment setting will be done by specialized personnel who’s trained to do their job with success, your people won’t have to waste their precious time to do something that they’re not trained to do. That means, they’ll be able to finish their job on time and be even more productive as they’ll be more concentrated. On the other hand, the professionals you hire will secure you a number of appointments for you to show to. That means: start preparing your presentations!

A word of caution
The most important thing you need to remember when you consider hiring this type of service is that you need to look for proven professionals. Look for success records, check employees if you can because every time an employee picks up the phone and opens his mouth about your business, your company’s reputation is on the line. You don’t want what you’ve been building with sweat and tears to be ruined by a single phone call from an outsider, right?