Guide to Australian Finest Whisky: Give These Bold Spirits a Whirl

When it comes to the world’s best beverages, none has received a more resounding reception than his majesty Whisky. Now you might think of the king Scotch whisky, but this spirit is produced in various guises all over the world. Japanese whisky, Irish whiskey, and American Whiskeys are all noteworthy in both quality and abundance.

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riesling australian wine

The Ultimate Guide to Australian Riesling Wine

Riesling wine is a white wine with a distinctive floral aroma and high acidity. Riesling is a type of grape variety that originates from Rhine, Germany, although now it’s spread all around the world. In Australia, it was first planted in 1838 and has ever since dominated the wine market. Read More →

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Food Businesses: Simple Guide on Marketing Strategies

Starting out in the food industry sector can be challenging for two reasons: it’s very competitive and it’s costly. Still, it doesn’t mean you can’t try and make of it a story of success especially in the positive climate we have in Australia for small businesses.

Be prepared to do a lot of planning beforehand, knowing where to carefully place your investments without excluding marketing from them. The problem with many businesses, particularly small ones, is they underestimate the importance of a good marketing strategy and you could gain a wider customer base if you include it in your planning. Read More →

A Simple Guide to Food on a Stick: A Growing Trend in Foodservice

Greek souvlaki, Turkish kebabs, Japanese yakitori, Indonesian sate, Peruvian anticuchos – what do all these traditional dishes have in common? Skewers, of course. It seems as though every culture has it’s own version of food threaded on a stick and roasted over a flame. Although food on a stick has been around since man invented fire and is nothing new, it has only recently soared in popularity worldwide. So, from street-food joints to fancy 5-star restaurants – most businesses in the food serving industry have food on a stick as a regular part of their menus. Read More →


Guide to Choosing Cheap Wine

According to the latest surveys, most people can’t really distinguish between the cheap and slightly more expensive wines. While there is a huge difference between the cheapest and the most expensive wine (in terms of grape quality, vintage and age), there is very little or NONE if you compare a 20-dollar bottle of wine with a 40-dollar one. Both wines not only taste and smell the same, but are made from the same grapes of the same quality. The difference in price is not a reflection of quality, it basically represents the name of the winemaker or vineyard. Therefore, finding an inexpensive wine that will knock you down with exceptional flavour and aroma, is possible.

Make the Internet Your New BFF

There’s no doubt that Chardonnay is the most sought-after type of wine, and it usually is the most overpriced one. Does this mean you should give up the buttery flavour infused with fruit and spice? Of course not. You can get cheap wine online without sacrificing on quality, texture and aroma. And remember, cheap does not mean low quality. Online retailers have lower operational costs and are thus able to offer lower prices for their products and often have ‘flash’ and deal-of-the-day sales. These can save you up to 15% and more.

Cheap Wine Online

Also, when you buy in bulk, you can save anywhere between 15 and 30 percent. And remember, low price does not mean low quality; it is the way for online wine shops to get more customers (satisfied customers that is). So, go for it. I mean why would you pay 30-plus dollars for a single bottle of 42 Degrees South Chardonnay when you can get it for less than $20 online. Right?!

Look for Varietals Unknown to You

Look in places where others don’t, which means you need to be more adventurous and look for great values in lesser-known regions or varietals. Wines are changing (depending on the quality of the year), plus, there are new brands coming out every year. This means there are many new varietals that offer superior quality, but are less-known to the public because they just haven’t reached the top yet.

Take Advantage of Live-Chat

Wine shopping online can be at times overwhelming; you might get stuck between the prices and the tons of different wine varietals and brands. So, take advantage of live chat; it will put you back in the control seat. Customer service team members are wine geeks and can help you make the right choice – you get your questions answered, plus there’s no nagging.Technology Is Awesome

Technology always comes in handy, even when choosing the right wine. There are lots of free apps that let you find little-known labels and view reviews and ratings form people who have tried the wine.

Cabernet Merlot

Here’s Your Ultimate Guide to Cabernet Merlot Wine

The combination of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot is an example of how a perfect relationship should look and feel like. This pair consists of two wine varietals which complement each other, while creating a blend in which the best taste features of both wines are accentuated. Moreover, this combination is the base for some of the best French wines. When true wine enthusiasts want to treat themselves with a glass of red wine that satisfies all the taste buds, they choose Cabernet Merlot. Read More →

Chardonnay vs. Sauvignon Blanc: Wine Guide to Different Flavour Profiles

Trying to find the perfect white wine is difficult because there are so many different varieties to choose from. Understanding what makes a white wine, the difference in the tastes and aromas can help you narrow down which ones you will like and which ones you will not. For example, both Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc perform beautifully but these are different styles of dry white wine. The differences between them, however, are great so comparing them side by side will hopefully help you find which one you prefer.

Knowing where your wine originates from and where they make the wine of greater quality is important. Chardonnay originates from Burgundy, France and is usually produced with Pinot Noir grape. There are 491,000 acres of Chardonnay grapes worldwide. So, when looking to choose a bottle, the location of where the wine was made is important. If price is not an issue, look for North Coast California, Oregon, Cotes de Beaune (France), Jura (France) and New Zealand. If you want to save some cash but still want a decent Chardonnay, look for Spain, Chile, Italy, Australia and Languedoc (France).

Sauvignon Blanc hails from Bordeaux and Loire in France and usually grows along Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. There are 272,000 acres of Sauvignon Blanc grapes worldwide. A more expensive bottle of Sauvignon Blanc will usually have been grown in New Zealand, California, Washington and Loire Valley (France), but you can certainly find a great quality Sauvignon Blanc lower in price. Look for bottles produced in Chile, Italy or Pays d’Oc (France). Read More →


Simple Guide To Tasmanian Riesling

Recently, Australian wines have become increasingly popular on the international market thanks to country’s great wine region climate and perfect soil. From the many exquisite Australian wines like Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, etc., today we have decided to share with you some more information about the beautiful, easy-drinking Tasmanian Riesling wine. Read More →


Simple Guide to Rose Wines

Unlike red and white wines, Rose wines are not made of specific grape variety. They are made exclusively from red grapes (always), and not from white grape variety, nor are a result of the blend of red and white grapes. They take some of the colour of the red grapes they are made of, but not enough to be classified as red wines, hence why the colour is an interesting feature of Rose wines. In fact, Rose wines differ primarily in colour. The darker the colour of the Rose, the more full-bodied the wine is, with bolder flavours.

Back in the 90’s, drinking Rose wine was considered a joke by wine lovers and connoisseurs. Rose gained a very bad reputation because of the mass-production of the California’s white Zinfandel, which was super sweet. Trying to convince people that drinking Rose wine was cool, seemed like an impossible task. Today however, drinking Rose wine has become trendy. There is a growing number of producers of Rose wine with winemakers from California and France dominating the market, however, some great Rose wines from New Zealand and Australia have topped the wine lists. Read More →

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