A Simple Guide to the Benefits of Using Natural Self-Tanning Cream

Self-confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. Really, how can you expect for anyone else to see how great you are if you don’t acknowledge it yourself? It has been proven times and times again that we feel good when we look good. You have surely noticed that on those days when you neglect yourself, you feel kind of down and it is noticeable and reflected in your mood, look, and behaviour. On the other hand, when you invest a little time to make the best of what you got, you feel better about yourself and people around you comment that you look amazing. And it’s not the look itself mostly, although I’m not saying that there aren’t products that can make a great difference, but there’s also a lot in the routine of taking care of yourself as well. That’s what contributes to that glow from within. One of the products that can complement your look, give you freshness and a special glow throughout all year is the natural self-tanning cream. Here are some of the benefits of this little miracle worker. Read More →

Bee Pollen Granules: Simple Guide On Their Value

While talking about being healthy, eating power foods, nourishing our organism and taking care of our overall health, many times we end up concluding that eating healthy can become so addictive to a point you no longer need to sustain yourself from eating junk food. You will simply have no desire to put it in your system. Yes, if you have managed to succeed that, congratulations. One of the reasons why this usually happens is simply because healthy food actually includes so many good stuff that taste really good and make you feel more energized. And what better combination than that? It is very simple, the things that nature offers cannot be bad for people. Therefore, the focus of this article is on one amazing power food: bee pollen. Read More →

Simple Guide to Manuka Honey

Probably the most interesting thing about Manuka honey, that catches the attention of the wide global public, is the fact that this honey is a product made exclusively in Australia. Not because Australians are the only ones that know how, or have the technology to do it, but because the plant, the Manuka bush is native to Australia. So, Manuka honey in Australia is practically considered a local treasure. The fact that it is extremely healthy, only adds to its immense popularity. See what all the hype is about.

Healing Power

Manuka Honey in Australia has been used since the 19th century, when researchers first discovered that it has antibacterial qualities. The honey was actually used since ancient times to treat multiple conditions, but never bacterial infections, which happened to be its greatest quality. Manuka honey offers protection against many bacterial infections by stimulating the production of cells that can repair the damaged tissue. In addition to this, Manuka honey has anti-inflammatory properties, so if applied properly, it can quickly reduce pain and inflammation. Of course, not all Manuka honey is the same; depending on the type of plant, and the time of harvest, some Manuka honey can be 100 times more potent than other types of Manuka honey in Australia.

The Secret Ingredient Of Manuka Honey?

There really isn’t a secret ingredient; there’s just a combination of the right amount of different ingredients needed to create such a powerful food. The basic component is the same as in all types of honey, hydrogen peroxide, which gives it antibiotic properties. Next, there is the methylglyoxal, a compound which is also present in most types of honey, but in very small quantities. In Manuka honey, this substance comes as a result of the conversion of another substance, the dihydroxyacetone, found in large quantities in the nectar of flowers of the Manuka bush. Since MG (methylglyoxal) in Manuka honey is present in far larger amounts than in other types of honey, it is believed that it’s responsible for the huge antibacterial power this honey has.

How Can You Know Which Manuka Honey Is The Most Powerful?

Manuka honey in Australia has its rating system for easy determination of how potent the honey is. It’s based on the concentration mainly of MG, but on other components as well. So, according to this rating system, in order for the honey to be considered therapeutic, it needs to have a rating of at least 10 UMF. At this level, or higher, the Manuka honey is considered to be “UMF Manuka Honey” or “Active Manuka Honey”.

Simple Guide To Natural Supplements

Natural supplements are real energy boosters. No matter if you are a professional bodybuilder, a fitness fanatic, or not into exercising at all, boosting your energy levels and improving your overall health with 100% natural ingredients is always good. Of course, choose your natural supplements wisely.

There are too many fancy bottles of health boosters and energy supplements with attractive images and catchy slogans, but are all as powerful as they claim they are? Make sure you buy your supplements from a well-known and reputable seller only, the one that stands behind the quality and authenticity of offered products. Read More →

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