RC Hobby: A Simple Guide to Shopping for Rock Crawlers

RC Rock Crawler

Getting in the RC hobby is an exciting journey, what with the different kinds of vehicles there are to buy and try out. And, as much as this can be considered a benefit, this vast array of options can be problematic for novices. Every category of vehicles has a range of designs and models, and the rock crawlers are no exception. 

Unlike other types, like say the RC trucks and RC cars, these provide an entirely different kind of fun and adventure thanks to their capability to go over tricky terrains like rocks, steep trails, as well as all sorts of obstacles you can put them through both indoors and outdoors. If you want to boost your hobby and experience with more adrenaline, investing in some sturdy RC rock crawler for sale is a no-brainer decision. 

This is especially true when you invite the whole family in on the fun, and organise your own competitions to see who gets to conquer the obstacles and terrains the best and the fastest without tumbling over. What makes a good RC rock crawler? Well, this depends on the individual basically, the likes and wants out of this vehicle, so to make it easier for you to choose your ideal one, we’ve come up with this simple guide of factors. 

Plan Out Your Budget

RC Car
source: hobbiesdirect.com.au

The budget plays a crucial role in the shopping and the hobby altogether. The more expensive options offer more power, quality, durability, and of course, a longer lifespan, but for a beginner who’s just getting into the RC world, a cheaper one would be more than enough as it’s beginner-friendly and not that challenging to control. 

More so if you’re one of those who aren’t yet determined to make the hobby a full part of your life. So, decide on how often and how long you’d like to play with the vehicle, then you can do some research on the available options, and the price they come in. 

Choose the Size

Same as the other types of RC vehicles, the RC rock crawler for sale can be found in various designs, colours, and even sizes. It all comes down to what it is you’re into, whether it’s something bigger and more robust to tackle every outdoor terrain you put it through, or something smaller fit for indoor obstacles. The popular ones are the 1/10 and 1/8 scales, although it’s also possible to find the bigger 1/5, and the smaller 1/16. 

Decide on the Speed

Let’s first get one thing clear – the crawlers aren’t the go-to choice if you’re planning on using a lot of speed and doing more racing kind of fun. As mentioned before, and as you might guess by their name, these are vehicles designed for obstacle conquering. Even so, there are RC rock crawlers that are faster than others, like the newer models that can go as fast as 100 Mph. If you’re not that much into speed, an older and cheaper model that goes up to 70 Mph would do.

Pick Out the Motor

Rock Crawler Motor
source: hobbiesdirect.com.au

The motor is another crucial factor that you should look into when shopping. It’s a component that has a say in the vehicle’s robustness and durability, as well as performance. Basically, there are two options you can pick from: the brushed, and the brushless. The brushed tends to be on the more affordable side, but this comes at the expense of a shorter lifespan than the brushless counterpart. 

The brushless, on the other hand, has more power and torque output, and as such can go at higher speeds. If money isn’t an issue, and you want to make the most of speed, then you should consider buying a brushless crawler. Those who aren’t shying away from DIY work, and skill enhancement, could purchase a brushed motor model and then do the work themselves, replacing it with a brushless over time.

While we’re at DIY projects, this is yet another distinction that you should have in mind: RTR or building kits. The RTR, short for ready to run, are rock crawler RC models that are all set up and you can ride right away after the purchase, as opposed to the building kits that you get to assemble. In case you want to evolve more with your skills, getting involved in DIY work is the way to go, but as a beginner who’s more into the fun part out of this hobby, the RTR would do.

Select the Crawler Type

There’s something for everyone when it comes to crawler designs – those who are after challenges, competitions, and speed. As such, you can choose from trail rigs, technical crawlers, and rock racers. Out of these, the rigs are the ones to choose from if you’re after a vehicle that’s got your back with challenging obstacles. The technical crawlers are great for uneven terrain, whereas the rock racers are the choices to opt for if you’re after more speed when overcoming obstacles.