RC Rock Crawler

RC Hobby: A Simple Guide to Shopping for Rock Crawlers

Getting in the RC hobby is an exciting journey, what with the different kinds of vehicles there are to buy and try out. And, as much as this can be considered a benefit, this vast array of options can be problematic for novices. Every category of vehicles has a range of designs and models, and the rock crawlers are no exception. 

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Cute and Practical: A Simple Guide to Baby Gift Sets

A new baby is arriving in your world and you want to welcome it with a nice gift? Choosing presents is usually tricky, and when it comes to picking the right one for a newborn it can be overwhelming. There are so many products out there, so how do you find the right one?

Hopefully, we can help you pick out the perfect newborn baby gift set from the many options available in this simple guide and you can join the village it takes to raise a tiny human being.

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kids room with box toy storage space

Simple Guide to Toy Storage That Will Keep Your Kids’ Room Organised

Children are the purest thing in the world, but aside from joy and excitement, they also bring clutter. Whether we like it or not, everything multiplies when having children, especially clothes and toys. Well to be honest, toys seem to be the ‘scariest’ of them all since they can be found literally everywhere around your house, not just in your child’s room. Despite the fact ditching broken ones and donating overgrown toys can somehow make your home breathe a little bit, still you’ll need to come up with a smart plan to declutter your child’s room.

There’s nothing better than walking in a clean room, and aside from staying away from the biggest fear parents have, which is stepping on a toy, too many things on the floor can become a safety issue as well. Young children are quite curious and they love putting every small thing and toy in their mouth, which is why you should keep everything clean, especially the child’s room in order to avoid choking hazards.

While your job is to throw out every broken toy in the room, the job of your children should be picking up their own toys and placing them in the designated boxes for toys to keep things neat and organised. That way, you won’t only keep your child safe, but you’ll also teach him about the essence of becoming a responsible young person.

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Two kids in the swimming pool

A Simple Guide to the Best Kids’ Swimming Accessories

Now that summer has arrived, it’s time to stock up on everything you need for water-based fun.

Kids adore being in the water, whether at the beach, a local pool, or a sprinkler in the backyard. Jumping in the water doesn’t require much effort, but having the right swimming gear can make swimming more enjoyable. Some accessories are vital for your child’s safety, while others are necessary for play and fun.

We’ve compiled a list of essential learn-to-swim equipment for children of different ages to ensure you have everything you need.

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picture of kids on trikes

Three Wheels, Endless Fun: A Simple Guide to Kids’ Trikes

Learning to ride a bike can have many benefits. It can be a fun and enjoyable activity that helps to improve physical fitness and coordination. It can also help boost self-confidence and independence, as it allows kids to explore their surroundings and navigate the terrain on their own. Overall, learning to ride a bike can be a rewarding experience that offers both physical and mental benefits.

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superb quality outdoor toys for kids

What to Look for When Buying Outdoor Toys for Kids?

Parents should encourage their children to enjoy outside play from an early age by providing them with various toys and activities. Outdoor play is important for children’s overall health since it allows them to soak up the sun and get vitamin D. It also encourages children to be active and involved in exploring and having fun rather than passively watching or playing on screens. 

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Tamiya models car McLaren

A Simple Guide to Tamiya RC Vehicles and Models: What to Consider

Into performance cars and bikes, but can’t afford the real thing? How about a scaled-down model? This can bring some, and if not more of the kicks of ultra-expensive speed machines at a fraction of the cost. Plus, crashing is part of the fun.

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picture of a baby in front a baby activity centre in the living room

Parent’s Guide to Baby Play Centres: Learn by Having Fun

After a few months a baby is born, he/she starts to show a greater interest in playtime and this is when toy shopping becomes fun. But as a new parent, you might also feel unsure about what kind of toy to choose for your baby. A baby play centre is a great option to consider. By offering multiple opportunities to learn and enjoy, this toy is a hit among young children who are just starting to discover the world around them.

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baby playing with toys

First-Time Parents Guide: Tips for Choosing Baby Toys

Being first-time parents is a scary thought because we initially don’t think that we could take proper care of another human being. But with all the people around us, and honestly, the internet, there’s no information that we can’t find. Read More →

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