Cute and Practical: A Simple Guide to Baby Gift Sets

A new baby is arriving in your world and you want to welcome it with a nice gift? Choosing presents is usually tricky, and when it comes to picking the right one for a newborn it can be overwhelming. There are so many products out there, so how do you find the right one?

Hopefully, we can help you pick out the perfect newborn baby gift set from the many options available in this simple guide and you can join the village it takes to raise a tiny human being.

Where to Start?

You can start by asking yourself if you want to buy something practical that will get a lot of use and make the parents’ life a bit easier or a sentimental keepsake that will remain nice memory years from now.

If you have a close relationship with the mother, you can ask her what she needs, as getting all the essentials in those first months is rather expensive. This way, your gift doesn’t just end up forgotten in the cupboard, but you will be helping the new parents not over-stretch their budget.

Another growing trend in Australia is baby gift sets registers, so before you get anything, check if there is one for this particular occasion. It is a good solution for friends and family who don’t know where to start and a sure way to buy something they really need or want.

Clothing Is Always a Welcome Gift


It’s easy to get lost in the adorably cute outfits, but keep in mind, they grow fast and that means they outgrow their clothes in a matter of weeks. So, consider buying clothes in different sizes instead of just one size. What really matters is that they are comfortable, soft and easy to use.

Little ones’ skin is very sensitive and delicate, hence clothes made from organic cotton or bamboo are usually the best choice. It will keep them cooler in hot weather, it is gentle to the skin and washes well.

Changing newborns can be a bit intimidating for new parents at the beginning, therefore choose clothes that can easily be put on and taken off, such as onesies, zip suits, and rompers. Depending on the season, they might also need a cap and of course, a few pairs of those tiny socks. A newborn baby gift set of a few different pieces of clothing that you can put together can be a great choice.

Bath Supplies for Bubble Time


Bath time is an important part of the daily routines for a newborn. And to make this as nice as possible, a newborn baby gift set with bath products can do the trick. A collection of mild soap, shampoo and oil made of organic ingredients that are suitable for their delicate skin can make the perfect present.

You can also add some linen hooded towels and washcloths with cute designs as well as a brush and comb. Babies need grooming and pampering.

Bathtubs and bath chairs will make bathing much easier and they are designed to fit a little one to age one, so that’s a product that will certainly get a lot of use. They keep the infant safe and comfortable during the bathing, which can be very enjoyable for some or not so pleasant for others.

A couple of bath toys that float and engage the little ones as they get a bit older can make bath time more fun and pleasant.

Sleeping Bags to Help Baby Drift Off to the Land of Dreams


Babies need their sleep, a lot of it, especially in the first few months. And it’s essential to keep them safe and comfortable in their cots or cribs. Experts don’t recommend using pillows and duvets for safety reasons, and blankets are better if they are wearable and designed for swaddling. Babies love to be swaddled, it calms them down and makes falling asleep easier and faster.

Swaddle bags and sleeping bags give that cocoon feeling, and they are the best choice to keep the young ones warm and cosy. Good sleep means a healthy and happy infant, and a happy mum too.

Soothing and Playtime Goodies


Although newborns are too young to play with toys, they can still be distracted and entertained by some. Rattles and musical toys may be soothing, so you might want to throw in a few in your baby hamper gift set. It will come useful when they become fussy and cranky.

Another very useful thing for calming down a crying baby can be a bouncer or rocker. There is just something about those bouncers and swings that make them calm down.

Once they are a bit older, playmats and chewable toys, like teethers can come in handy. Remember, babies learn through play, that’s how they discover the world, so it’s more than just a toy, it’s a learning tool. Choose safe and organic materials, and nothing has tiny parts because they tend to end up in their mouth a lot of the time.

Personalised Gifts for a Special Touch


This is another good way to go when choosing presents. A personalised item is among the top gifts you can get. Many things can be personalised, from blankets, burp cloths, memory books, and wooden toys to t-shirts and bathrobes, or something for their room. Having their name stitched or printed on some of these products makes a very nice keepsake item.

Gift Cards If Everything Else Fails


Gift cards are the best option when you don’t have the slightest idea what the infant or the parents need. Most shops nowadays have this option, and they even offer collections and ideas appropriate to the season or upcoming holidays.
This makes your job easier, especially if you are busy, and at the same allows the parents to purchase the items they didn’t get but desperately need.

Final Thoughts

Any of the suggestions mentioned here can be a good choice, as long you keep in mind how safe-to-use and age-appropriate they are. Whether you buy something that can be used from day one, or you opt for a gift that might be kept for years to come, it will be appreciated by parents and caregivers. Anything that makes life with a newborn easier and less stressful will be welcomed.