Man using Underground Pipe Cable Locator

A Simple Guide to the Different Underground Cable and Pipe Locating Methods

Underground utility location is a crucial process in a wide range of industries. It’s typically done by applying a signal to the pipe or cable using a transmitter, and then reading the return signal with a receiver. The signal is applied using three modes – inductive clamp, inductive and conductive mode. Let’s explain these modes:

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Keep in Step with the Times: Guide to Popular Wall Clock Designs

Clocks are a permanent fixture in home design since they are sure to draw attention wherever they are put. They are what we use to keep track of our busy schedules, both at home and on the go. Our natural desire to keep track of time has led us to develop the habit of scanning a room for a clock. There have also been scientific studies that show guests remember these practical house items the most once they leave a home.

That said, besides helping us keep track of time, clocks are a terrific solution for the vast empty walls that we see so often in contemporary homes. If you prefer the minimalism of the contemporary style, a slim wall clock can be added without deviating from the basic design guidelines that say wall ornaments are a no. But even if you’re a maximalist, a clock can also be used to bring all the individual parts together in dramatic rooms with plenty of photos, mirrors, or wall art.

Whatever your preference and interior style is, there’s a clock out there for every room. Here’s a quick guide to the most popular clock designs and the interior styles they’re most suitable for.

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3 Types of Test Instruments By Aer Tech

Testo: The Importance of Having the Right Test Equipment for Every Contractor

Every contractor knows that the key to success is having the right tools. And when it comes to testing equipment, there’s no room for compromise. Without the proper tools, you can’t ensure the quality of your work – which can lead to unhappy clients and costly re-dos.

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A Simple Guide to Metal Detector Coils

In all honesty, the gold rush didn’t end in the 19th century. Some people might think it did but that’s only because they don’t exactly keep tabs on what’s going on. The fact of the matter is that there are lots of people out there that more than willing to keep this trend going. Why wouldn’t you anyway? It can be difficult to shake off the prospect of gold and precious metals that’s looming over your head. Once you start, it’s difficult to stop.

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Ultimate Guide to POS system: Improve Operations and Boost Profitability

Keeping a business afloat is a real feat, I’ll give you that. There’s plenty of planning and organising going around all while constantly trying to meet the needs of your customers. Not to mention all the mental engagement required to figure out how to set up and manage your funds. It’s safe to say that keeping your finances in check can be tricky. In any case, business owners have their work cut out for them as they try to juggle so many pieces of the puzzle at the same time.

But, and there’s a but, all of those things can be made much easier with the right equipment. Think about it this way, why should you do all of the work by yourself when you can have electronic devices keeping tabs on everything for you? It’s not surprising in the slightest that people turn to these resources to support their corporate ventures. Perhaps the single most important piece of hardware your business needs is a point of sale system. If you’re not entirely sure how to go about this concept yet, don’t fret, I’ve got you covered.

What’s a Point of Sale System?

You know when you put all of your goods at the check-out in the store and the shop assistant presses a few buttons to give you the total sum you’re expected to pay? Well, that’s exactly what a point of sale system is. Most people think that it’s just a modernised version of a cash register but it’s so much more than that. In simple terms, it’s an incredibly advanced blend of electronic devices that are specifically designed to help retailers and service shops accept transactions from their customers. So basically, it’s the heart and soul of your business which is why people pay so much attention to it.

Point of Sale System
Source: venture-lab.org/

What Point of Sale Hardware Do You Need?

It’s important to note that not all POS equipment is the same. Depending on what type of business you’re running, you’ll need to shop for appropriate hardware that will cater to your needs. Once you figure out where your priorities lay, it’ll be much easier to set up your payment station. With that said, there are a few items that are most commonly found in every POS system and I’ll be breaking down each one for you.

Barcode Scanner

This is the key item in your POS hardware because it helps cashiers easily identify the product in question. A simple scan of the label is enough to ring up all kinds of information – product information, price and stock availability. As a result, you’ll be able to manage your resources more efficiently and drastically speed up the check-out process. This means that you’ll be able to sell more goods in a fraction of the time.

How can you benefit from barcode scanners? While they’re generally not a new concept since they’ve been around for quite a while, there’ve undergone a few major tweaks in recent years. Normally, when you think of barcode scanners, your mind immediately goes to a small device that’s connected directly to the cash register. But what happens when you need to scan larger items that can’t be transported easily? Are you supposed to bring them in every time you’re about to make a sale? Sounds like too much of a nuisance. This is why compact cordless barcode scanners have truly revolutionised the market.

Essentially, they’re connected to the sales software through a secure Bluetooth connection. This, in turn, allows you to scan products that aren’t easily accessible. You no longer have to carry each item to your point of sale station to scan the label – all you have to do is walk to where it’s stored, use your cordless barcode scanner to get all the information you need and go about your day as usual.

Barcode Scanner
Source: trinityis.com

You probably wouldn’t be able to notice a difference in terms of design between cordless barcode scanners and regular models but you’ll notice how they’ll help you grow your business. It’s all about working smarter, not harder.

Cash Register

A cash register is the core of your point of sale system. It’s supposed to help you calculate and process orders to provide the best service possible to your clients. Cash drawers are normally found in smaller businesses that take part in smaller transactions. Most of them have a modern and practical design that doesn’t take up too much space on the counter. This makes them incredibly easy to navigate.

Cash Register
Source: fitsmallbusiness.com

Credit Card Terminal

Seeing as credit or debit cards are the preferred payment option for many people these days, you should have a terminal installed to cater to their needs. This becomes even more important if you consider the fact that experts believe that by 2025 all transactions will be cashless. You definitely wouldn’t want to stay behind on trends because that can be a deterrent for potential customers.

Credit Card Terminal
Source: usbne.com

Receipt Printer

Once the transaction has been completed, you’re required to give your client a record of their payment. To do this, you’ll have to install a printer that will generate a relevant receipt for both sides of the transaction. This will make accounting much easier for you and it’ll serve as reassurance for customers that aren’t satisfied with the purchased item.


Beginner’s Guide to Data Connections

So you’ve just splurged a few grand on that 85-inch 8K TV that will be the centrepiece of your home theatre room. But how do you connect it to media hubs, TV boxes, speakers or amps? There are different types of TV leads and cables that connect to different types of gear. You’ll also need a cable feeding broadband from your NBN line and into the router, and these too come in a range of varieties.

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personal emergency beacon

A Simple Guide to Choosing Your Personal Locator Beacon

We could all benefit from spending more time in nature. The chaos of our daily lives can easily make us want a digital break. As enjoyable camping and hiking can be, you need to plan your trip ahead and make sure you stay safe at all times. How far you take your outdoor adventure depends on you knowing your abilities and limits.

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recessed led lighting

A Simple Guide to Using Recessed Lighting in Your Home

A recessed light is any type of light fixture that is installed into a hollow opening of a ceiling, floor, wall cabinet or other horizontal interior feature. This type of lighting is popular with many homeowners as its sleek finish gives the space a modern vibe. In addition, recessed lights can be used in a variety of ways from ambient lighting to task and accent lighting.

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underground pipe cable locator

A Simple Guide to Buying Underground Pipe and Cable Locators

Underground cable and pipe locators are safety tools used for pinpointing the exact location of underground services before excavation work is performed. They allow workers to safely dig and do their job, preventing them from doing costly damage and injuring themselves. Underground pipe and cable locators are comprised of two parts – transmitters and receivers. Read More →

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