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A Simple Guide On Hiring Interior Design Services

If you thought owning your dream home is the biggest challenge you will face in your life investment and design-wise, what with all the property inspections and documentation, wait ‘till you have to remodel or decorate it from scratch. And don’t even get me started on building it from the ground up! Getting a clean slate is exciting only until you figure out you don’t know much about design or decorating, and you don’t have as much of a defined taste as you previously thought.

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Wood Heating 101: A Simple Guide to Choosing the Ideal Fireplace for You

Wood heaters are a great way to keep you warm in winter while surrounded by a rich, heart-warming natural energy source unlike any other. Aside from its charm, as the cost of electricity and gas rises, woodfire has become a more cost-effective option and a great source of sustainable, renewable energy. Since buying a wood heater is a significant investment, to help you in the process, we created a basic guide to hopefully transform your home into a warm, comfortable living space in the winter.

Wood Heaters’ Style 

Your style preferences matter greatly when choosing the right heater for your home. Since wood burning fires are often centrepieces of living spaces, you might want to purchase one that complements your home décor. Indoor wood heaters typically come in modern mainstream, traditional simplicity, rustic charm and sleek style. However, to help you enjoy your outdoor space even in winter, external wood burning fires can now be free-standing and inbuilt. 

Inbuilt Wood Heaters 

Wood burners with built-in heaters are a modern, energy-efficient alternative to an open brick fireplace. Instead of the heat being channelled through the chimney, this heater allows you to enjoy a warm room. If your home already has a brick fireplace, you can easily upgrade it with this modern type of wood burner. 

On the other hand, if you want the look of a built-in fireplace but don’t have one, a zero clearance heater is a good option. With a zero clearance box, you can quickly transform any blank wall with minimal structural impact, allowing you to build within a combustible wall or framework. This allows you to position your heater as the focal point of your room while still maximising heat distribution and airflow.

Free-standing Wood Heaters 

freestanding wood burner
source: pinterest.com

A free-standing wood heater is ideal if you don’t already have a fireplace. In terms of design, free-standing wood heaters have come a long way from the classic old-fashioned wood stoves. You can opt between modern, sleek, rustic, or traditional free-standing heaters to create a cosy focal point for your living space with very little structural work involved in the installation. 

Popular Wood Heaters’ Types 

It’s critical to determine your home’s size, space, and layout before deciding on a wood heater. For instance, If your home is well insulated, or if you plan to use other types of heating appliances in addition to a wood heater, a powerful heater may not be necessary.

Convection Wood Heaters 

The convection type of wood burner features an air cavity placed between the firebox and the outer skin. The air in the cavity heats up, expands, and rises as the wood burns. The heater’s convection outer casing then draws in more air from the bottom, forcing the warmed air out of the top.

A good convection heater that burns cleanly can produce over three cubic metres of heated air per minute. As a result, convection heaters are ideal for a wide range of room sizes and homes with standard ceiling heights.

Radiant Heaters 

Radiant wood heaters, unlike convection heaters, expose all sides of the firebox. This allows the heater to emit heat at a consistent rate. Radiant heaters are ideal for heating homes with high ceilings and large open spaces, such as extended living areas or open-plan homes.

Wood Pellet Heaters 

If you want to enjoy the warm, soft heat of a wood fire without the hassles of splitting and stacking wood, wood pellet heaters are a great option. It produces a constant heat output without peaks and troughs, making it ideal for small to medium-sized rooms. Pellets, rather than firewood, are an energy-efficient, clean, convenient, and environmentally friendly option. Pellets made from dense recycled sawdust are burned in this heater.

Catalytic Wood Heater 

catalyst wood heater
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Catalytic wood burners that use a catalytic combustor to reduce emissions had a bad rep when they first came out in the 1980s. These early, shoddy wood-burning stoves were difficult to start and used catalytic combustors that fouled and failed after only a few seasons. 

However, these issues are eliminated in modern catalytic heaters. The majority of catalytic wood heaters on the market today are significantly cleaner and more efficient than their non-catalytic counterparts, and catalytic combustors can last for ten years or longer.

Smart Heaters 

Some new wood heaters come with smart features that make them easier to start, control your burn remotely, and even protect your family from chimney fires. Purchasing wood burning fires with these latest features allows us to do a little less work and have a lot more peace of mind as you grow older. Although smart heaters are often more expensive, they are usually well worth the extra money.

How to Find the Right Wood Heater Size 

Many first-time buyers have the instinct to buy the largest heater available. Many heaters for sale have large fireboxes, ranging from 3 to 5 cubic feet, and consequently high heat outputs. However, with modern insulation and the supplemental heat that most houses now have, these are usually unnecessary. 

Wood burners are space heaters that are best used to heat a single room in your house. For instance, when heating a space of 1,500 square feet, a wood stove with a firebox of 1.5 to 2 cubic feet and a maximum heat output of 50,000 BTU/hr is recommended. Moreover, you’ll want a wood stove with a firebox between 2 and 2.5 cubic feet and maximum heat output of around 70,000 BTU/hr if you’re heating a larger space, up to 2,500 square feet.

Installation Requirements 

The installation process is the next important consideration after you’ve decided on the ideal heater. Wood heaters must be installed following Australian Standard AS/NZS 2918, manufacturer’s instructions, and local building codes. Even if some aspects of installation appear simple, such as installing an insert heater in an existing fireplace, it is strongly recommended to hire a qualified professional to get the job done! 

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan

We may not realise it, but lighting has a significant impact on our interior design and mood. It has the power to create and change the atmosphere even more than the furniture and some accessories. Good lighting can make you feel relaxed, comfortable and cozy at home.

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Sheets Buying Guide: Make Your Bed a Place of Comfort and Relaxation That Speaks to Your Dreams

Getting adequate sleep is an important part of our physical and psychological health. When it comes to achieving a good night’s sleep, experts highlight the importance of creating a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom by banishing electronics and investing in comfortable bedroom furniture like quality mattress to set a solid foundation for R&R.

One factor that is often NOT mentioned, but that can also impact slumber, is the type of bedsheets. The right ones can feel like a cloud, transforming your bed into the ultimate oasis. The wrong sheets, on the other hand, can result in an agonizing sweaty snooze or truly uncomfortable night.

Getting your bedsheets right means investing in high-quality brands and fabrics that won’t start pilling or feel rough after a few cycles in the washer and dryer. While there is no secret formula for the best set of sheets, understanding the difference between the materials and thread count can help you figure out what’s right for you.

Thread Count

comfortable nice bed
source: nytimes.com

I’ll start talking about thread count because it has become a popular indicator in the search for the softest, most sleep-inducing bed line. Thread count refers to the number of strands of fabric (thread) per square centimetre of fabric. It is calculated by counting the number of horizontal and vertical threads that make up the weave of the fabric. Is higher thread count better, you may ask? Not exactly – the quality of the actual thread should be the main point of consideration, not just how many of them there are.

The quality of the threads is defined by what they are made from and what type of threads they are. For example, a 1000tc sheet made from high quality, extra-long-staple fibre, with the right weave will be a luxurious five-star hotel quality sheet. A 100% cotton sheet with a 1000 thread count is a great option to consider.

The breathable characteristics of cotton give the bedding a light feel and a luxurious softness, allowing it to bring comfort, warmth, and elegance to any sleep environment. Aside from its abilities to deliver the perfect feel against the body, organic sheet that’s got 1000 thread count is available in a range of colours to match any motif. Due to the higher thread count, these sheets don’t wrinkle much, though you may still want to do some minor ironing to enjoy that crisp, desirable softness.

It’s important that you understand that if you have poor-quality materials and manufacturing, a high thread count like the 1000tc sheet still won’t make much of a difference. However, if you have quality material, then a low thread count doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a quality product. A great example of this is linen. Linen sheets often have low thread counts because their fibres are substantially larger, which means a lower thread count per square centimetres.


blue and white bed sheets
source: nytimes.com

Which bedsheet material is the best? Chances are you know the difference between textured linens, crisp cotton sheets and cosy flannels, but can you tell what sets one apart from the other?


cotton bed sheets
source: silkandsnow.com

Different types of 1000tc sheet cotton bedding are available and they are generally distinguished by the length of cotton fibres, which determines quality. Long-staple cotton produces a stronger, smoother yarn that results in a softer sheet with less pilling and more durability. Different types of cotton include Pima and Supima cotton featuring extra-long staples and Egyptian cotton, which is handpicked to yield extra-fine yarn.

The weaving method determines whether the sheets are crisp or ultra-soft. Percale cotton uses the standard “one-over-one-under” weave method that gives it a lightweight, matte finish that feels almost crinkly. Sateen cotton uses the three-over-one-under” weave method, which gives it a delicate and more luxurious texture than Percale. Jersey cotton has a small and tight single-knit composition that makes it ultra-soft and stretchy.


Linen is a versatile fabric. It has the ability to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, maintaining breathable composition. Derived from a flax plant, linen fibres are thicker than cotton, have a subtle texture and a soft finish. The moisture-wicking properties of linen make it cooler than cotton.


Flannel sheets are the favourite option during cold weather. They can be crafted from wool, cotton or synthetics and can come either in plain or twill weave. They can also be napped or raised, which is a brushing technique that gives a slightly textured and velvet-like feel.


On the synthetic side, you’ll find microfibre, which is typically sourced from polyester or other comparable materials. Featuring extremely fine fibres, microfibre is affordable and warm, but not very breathable. There are also those 1000 count thread sheets that are a blend of polyester with organic cotton for extra strength and softness.

When shopping for your sheets keep in mind that just because a product is labelled organic, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is sustainable or chemical-free. Also, ultra-white sheets can be bleached white coloured bedding and may not be organic due to the dyes used. Sheet sets featuring GOTS certification means they are really organic, free of harmful chemicals, include certain sustainability and pollution standards and fair worker protection and practices.

Light and airy living dining combo with Scandinavian decor elements

Home Décor Guide: Inspiring Ideas to Jazz Up Your Home

Your home is due for a design update but not sure how to decorate it? Whether you want to give it a sophisticated edge with a charming industrial style or you want to keep things pretty and flexible with subtle bohemian home decor, there are lots of decorating ideas you can use to put together a look that blends your vision, personality, and style. And while some people have a natural eye for design, others find home décor a daunting task. Well, it’s not hard to feel overwhelmed, given the options available in the stores, and the many decisions that need to be made.

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Simple Guide to Buying Bathroom Tapware: Update the Space Where You Wash Up

It’s oftentimes said that the bathroom is the smallest yet ironically, the largest home investment you’ll ever make. And the fact that we’re willing to put so much attention to detail and effort in such a small space speaks volumes about the importance of the role that bathrooms play in all our lives. Starting from morning skincare and makeup routines and all the way to late-night pampering before bed, we definitely put it to good use on a daily basis.

But make no mistake, organising your bathroom can be a really tricky thing to pull off. It’s not just about putting together a random shower, sink and mirror, it’s about getting those things to work together in perfect harmony to create the final product. While those big pieces make a huge difference when it comes to presentation, it’s actually the smaller details that make the whole thing shine. With that said, it’s time to turn our attention to perhaps the most important detail of all – the kind of tapware you top off your sink with. 

What Types of Tapware Styles Are There?

Quite expectedly, we all have different tastes and therefore not all bathrooms are the same. This means that there’s an endless number of ways you can personalise your bathroom to reflect your preferences. Beauty lies in diversity, don’t you think?

After you’ve made your decision regarding this issue, you’ll have to match the style of your tap to the overall look and feel of your bathroom. Essentially, there are three main tapware styles that can be found in homes these days and we’ll be diving into each one in just a bit.


If you’re the type of person that appreciates tradition and you’d like to take the more conventional route, then you’re absolutely in luck here. What better way to pay homage to the past than by including sophisticated traditional tapware in your bathroom? Of course, these types of taps have undergone certain changes throughout the years and you can definitely see a bit of modern influence in their appearance but they’ve no doubt managed to stay true to their roots and live up to the hype.

traditional tapware
source: reece.com

Since we’re living in a world where ornate accessories and detailing are constantly celebrated, going for something that oozes timeless sophistication and elegance is truly a breath of fresh air. But even so, antique taps are still available in a range of different colours and finishes so you’re more than likely to find a suitable match. You don’t have to stick to the regular yellowish-gold style if you find that too sparkly for your taste. Instead, you can opt for a simple black or white ensemble that’s definitely going to upgrade your space unlike anything else.

We think it’s safe to say that there’s hardly anyone who could pass up on the opportunity to witness the striking contrast between the modern-day tiles and conventionally-styled taps. Sure enough, it’s the perfect combination of past and present trends that’s bound to be a sure-fire hit. However, it’s worth noting that traditional tapware usually has two separate taps, one for hot and one for cold water. While most people may not find this troubling, it can be a nuisance for those of you that aren’t used to such arrangements.


This design can be a little difficult to get right due to its fickle nature. In other words, trends change on a daily basis so being up-to-date with everything isn’t as easy as it seems. What’s ‘contemporary’ and relevant in the present changes constantly which is why it’s not always so straightforward.

These days, contemporary tapware is widely thought to consist of sleek designs with soft curves and edges. For example, gooseneck taps are all the rage right now, with people willing to get their hands on them left and right.


You know the saying, less is more? That’s what minimalist tapware designs are all about. You’ll want to look for simple, monochromatic shapes that aren’t too chunky or eye-catching. Sometimes though, you might run into a few accent colours here and there but even those are kept on the down-low as much as possible. Think about it this way, if your bathroom is already cluttered, to begin with, why would you want to over-embellish the space?

Key Considerations When Buying Tapware

source: realestate.com

Since we’re all familiar with the different styles at our disposal, it’s time to take a peek at a few factors that could easily help you decide which one to get.


By and large, the most common type of tapware material is chrome, due to its durability and resistance to corrosion. Plus, seeing as it so popular, you can easily match it with all the other items in your bathroom.

Another possible contender is copper tapware which is just as long-lasting and stylish. Unfortunately, it’s a little on the expensive side so if you don’t want to spend a fortune, we suggest you look elsewhere.

Water Pressure

You should be aware of the fact that water pressure varies among Aussie homes. This difference plays a significant role when it comes to selecting your tapware. Generally speaking, most households have standard to low water pressure but it’s advisable to check in with a professional just to be sure. This is because some taps require higher levels of water pressure in order to serve their purpose. 


Simple Guide to Choosing an Awesome Rug That Matches Your Floor Type

When it comes to home decor, there is an infinite range of decorative elements that you can use to improve your space. Floor rugs are one of them. Aside from helping tie a room together, a rug can also bring an incomparable layer of interest and intrigue to the room decor. However, finding the perfect rug comes with some challenges.

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Wall Art Guide: Punch Up a Room With the Colours of the Sun

If you are someone like me, you probably enjoy changing the look of your room often. I usually love to do this as every new season arrives. Of course, this doesn’t mean also changing the bigger pieces of furniture, like your sofa, but playing with details that bring the vibe of the season to your home. Read More →

Luxury Mattress and Pillow Protectors Buying Guide

Good night rest is crucial for your general health, but also for the energy you’ll have throughout the day. Choosing the right mattress plays a big role in this, but sometimes even the best and most expensive mattresses can fail. In that case, you don’t have to get a new one. You can simply choose to buy a mattress protector.

The same goes for your pillows. Instead of spending more money on a new one, you can invest in luxury pillow protectors and turn even the most simple pillows into comfortable and supportive ones. Some mattresses and pillows have encased covers to protect the core layers from daily wear and tear, to keep them clean and to prevent allergens to get in contact with your body. Besides that, these covers add extra comfort and support. If you choose to get one, you will make a good investment. Here are several reasons why buying such protectors is a good idea.

Why Use a Mattress Protection

mattress protection on bed
source: emma-sleep.com

Just like your pillows need protectors or covers, a mattress cover, pad or protector is necessary for several things. First of all, it will keep the mattress from everyday use. It will prevent it from tearing and wearing off. If you or your child have the habit of eating or drinking in bed, you will protect the mattress from liquids and spills.

Another very important reason to use mattress protectors is for allergens like pet dander or dust mites. But, let’s not forget bed bugs. When your mattress is fully encased in a mattress protector, the bed bugs won’t have the chance to reach your body and cause you allergies. Finally, many people go for mattress protection because it adds more comfort.

More Comfortable Sleep

girl sleeping comfortably
source: lookwhatmomfound.com

Usually, mattress protectors are thin and have some padding or quilted protective sheet. On the other hand, mattress pads are a bit thicker, providing you with more comfort. The thickness of the mattress cover, pad or topper will depend mainly on your needs. The same goes for pillow covers. If you choose luxury pillow protectors, you will get the ultimate comfort, protection from allergies and your sleep will remain sweat-free since these protectors are specially made from breathable materials that allow air to circulate through the pillow (or mattress).

The Different Types of Fabrics

different types of fabrics for pillows
source: econsciousliving.com

Cotton With Latex or Wool

This is the best combination to get that lovely cooling sensation. Cotton combined with wool or latex provides the ultimate temperature balance, without causing you to overheat during the night. The cotton mattress or pillow protector is lightweight and machine washable, and when you add wool or latex to it, they will wick the moisture and regulate the temperature, so your sleep will be comfortable, dry and cool. These covers feel a bit firmer, but they are durable and water-resistant, so you will get the best of all worlds.

Memory Foam

If you’re looking for extra comfort, then memory foam is the best material for this. If you have a mattress that isn’t that old, but sort of started losing its comfort and you can’t afford a new one, then a memory foam cover can be a great option. These covers or toppers go on top of the mattress and work just like a regular mattress. The foam will take the shape of your body and will provide you with the highest support and comfort. People choose memory foam pillow covers for extra support and comfort in their neck, head and shoulders. However, make sure to get a cover that is a blend of memory foam and latex since memory foam only is known to create a hot sleeping surface.


These are ideal for customized comfort, so if you are looking to make a luxuriously soft bed, the featherbed filled with down will meet your expectations. These covers are lightweight and ideal for pressure relief. They can be cleaned simply by placing them outside and letting the fresh air and sun do their job. If you are prone to allergies, seek down-alternatives.

Suitable for All Ages

mattress protector for bed
source: peacelily.com.au

Mattress covers aren’t only meant for adults. Many pediatricians advise parents to get one for their baby’s crib. Babies’ backs are developing, so it’s important for the child to get the best support and comfort since the early days. Make sure to check with your doctor and ask the seller about suitable covers for child’s mattresses.

Protect Your Warranty

Even though manufacturers nowadays offer ten or fifteen years of warranty, they won’t cover every mattress damage. So, when you protect your mattress with a suitable cover, you’re protecting your warranty as well. None of us dreams of contacting the sellers and return the mattress and wait for them to repair it or send you a substitute. Since this is a thing you are supposed to use for a long time, be sure to protect it from all potential damages such as bed bugs, sagging, spilling of liquids, stains from sweat and so on.

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