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Making a Splash: How to Choose the Right Shower Base for Your Bathroom

Nothing beats a good shower after a long day at work. When it comes to remodelling your stand-alone shower, one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make is the type of base or tray you will get. Even though it is often pre-made and ready to install on the subfloor, meaning you do not need to put in a sloped mortar bed and tiles, there are some additional considerations you should take into account when purchasing.

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bathroom vanity

Wall-Hung vs. Free-Standing Bathroom Vanities

Besides the fixtures and accessories, furniture is also a key element in determining the overall look and style of the bathroom. By choosing the right pieces of furniture, you won’t only elevate your bathroom’s appearance, but also make it more comfortable and functional. And when it comes to furniture pieces for the bathroom, a vanity is definitely a must-have. Read More →

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Bath Towels

Self-care routines needn’t be complicated. Simply having a good quality bath towel is one easy way to pamper yourself – after all, you do need to bathe in order to stay clean and maintain your personal hygiene. Bath linens, including bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths are as much fashion accessories as they are a necessity in every household.

From the comforting warmth of a fluffy bath towel to the subtle artistic touch of a well-placed hand towel, bath linens can enhance the overall look and feel of your bathroom. Although it seems insignificant, the warm and cosy feeling of a clean bath towel lends an ambience of contentment and comfort to the beginning and end of each day.

Having a pleasant, luxurious bathing experience largely depends on the towel which you use after taking the warm shower. You could get an uncomfortable experience if you use the wrong one. So you should have the right idea about your bath towel. Given the wide range of colourful and soft towels, you might be a bit confused when choosing the right one. This towel buying guide will help you pick the best bath towels for you to pamper yourself at home.

How to Choose Bath Towels

set of bath towels

Though it can be a bit confusing, finding the right bath towel sets is not as difficult as you think – after all, it all comes down to your personal preference. Some people like super-soft, ultra-absorbent cotton towels, while others prefer quick-drying, lighter fabric towels.

When towel shopping, the feel and absorbency are very important considerations. The primary function of a towel is to soak in any moisture content so it has to be absorbent. But what usually catches your eye is the colour and the style of the towel. Let’s take a closer look at these towel buying considerations that will help you make your choice better and faster.


The primary function of a towel is to soak in any moisture content so it has to be absorbent. When choosing a bath towel look for a nice deep pile created with thin yarns. There is a standard of measurement for fabric called GSM or grams per square meter that will help you understand whether your towel has a deep pile and thin yarn. GSM shows the fabric weight – the higher the number, the more material has gone into each square of fabric. Generally, a GSM higher than 500 is a good indicator of a quality towel.

Thicker, heavier towels are usually more absorbent than thinner, lighter towels. Whether it’s Egyptian, Pima, Combed, or Carded, cotton towels are typically ultra-absorbent. Towels made with rayon are even better at absorbing water than cotton. Keep in mind that the more absorbent the towel, the more time it takes to dry when laundering.


More often than not, towels feel softer in the store than they do after a few washes. All that hard water and friction along with the regular exposure to oil and soil can wear the fabric down. Towels made with rayon and Pima or Egyptian cotton are very soft as their yarn is smooth and silky and less prone to fuzzies. Towels need a little tender loving care now and then, in order to keep them feeling their best. Actually, the secret to super-soft towels is to wash them properly, avoiding overdosing with detergent as it can leave towels stiff.


When it comes to style, there is a wide range of soft and fluffy bath towel sets coming in eye-catching designs and a rainbow array of colors that you can choose from to complement your bathroom decor. A fresh set of simple white or towels in soft neutral colours is a timeless choice, adding a sophisticated and stunning deep look to your bathroom.

Types of Bath Towels

blue pima cotton bath towels

You will definitely want a luxury bath towel set that is soft, absorbent, quick-drying, and shrink-resistant, but a lot would depend on the type of fabric. The material type is the most important feature of a bath towel. Most bath towels are made of cotton, and there are different types of cotton towels that vary in their softness, absorbency, durability, and colourfastness.

Here are some of the most common bath towel fabrics:

Organic Cotton Bath Towels

Of all the raw materials that are used to make towels, cotton is the most preferable choice. As a natural product, organic cotton is free of chemicals, untouched by unnatural fertilizers or pesticides. Unlike synthetic fibres, organic cotton bath towels are super absorbent, durable, and breathable. They are extremely soft and comfortable for use as the cotton doesn’t irritate your skin. In addition, cotton bath towels come in different colours other than white which gives them a fine finish.

Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

Egyptian cotton bath towels are one of the most popular types of bath towels. Made of the highest quality cotton, Egyptian cotton bath towels are extremely durable and can have a very long lifespan if properly cared for. The fibres used for this particular bath towel are extra-long and highly absorbent. Hence, their exquisiteness combined with pretty colours makes them a popular choice among many people.

Pima Cotton Bath Towels

Pima cotton is the American cousin of Egyptian cotton. As an extra-long staple length fibre, Pima cotton is perfect for creating luxurious and durable towel sets that ensure excellent quality and colourfastness wash after wash. Like their Egyptian relative, Pima cotton bath towels are known for being strong and very absorbent.

Turkish Cotton Bath Towels

Made with extra-long cotton fibres, Turkish bath towels are similar to Egyptian cotton towels. These thick and luxurious towels are known for being soft, fluffy, and strong. Turkish bath towels can endure a lot of wear and tear, which gives them a long life span. Though they may not be as absorbent as Egyptian cotton, Turkish towels are still absorbent and ideal for soaking moisture, especially in warm, humid climates.

Bamboo Bath Towels

Bamboo bath towels are another popular towel option due to their eco-friendliness. Bamboo bath towels can be made by using 100% bamboo, but more often than not towel manufacturers use a blend of bamboo and cotton. A bamboo-cotton blend is known for being fluffy and flexible. It’s also super absorbent, odor-resistant, and durable. In addition, the bamboo plant is naturally anti-bacterial, owing to its growth in a pest-free environment. Infused with vibrant colour shades bamboo towels surely look very appealing,

Microfiber Bath Towels

As a fairly new type, microfiber bath towels have gained much attention in the last few decades. Made from polyester and polyamide fibres in an 80 to 20 ratio, these towels are compact and lightweight which makes them ideal for backpackers and hikers, or for use on the beach. Microfiber towels also have a good absorbency power and are good at grabbing dust, dirt, and oil very easily.

Simple Guide to Choosing the Best Beach Towel for Perfect Days at the Beach

Nothing says summer like colourful beach towels spread over white sand. Generously sized beach towels are a must for relaxed and fun times at the beach or by the pool. As one of the essential items you bring along on a beach day, choosing the right beach towel is important and here are a few things you can find useful for buying your next one.

Find the Right Size

Your beach towel needs to cover your body and be long enough for you to lie on. At the same time, it’s not supposed to trail along the ground when wrapped around you.

Choose Quality Material

Buying an organic beach towel means investing in a better beach experience as it will feel comfortable, dry quickly and last long. Bamboo towels are one of the latest trends among beachgoers, meeting our modern-day life needs.

pink bamboo fiber towel in the bathroom


Bamboo Beach Towels & the Benefits They Offer

This type is getting quite popular on the market lately. Many manufacturers are using bamboo material mainly because of the following features that help create high quality beach towels.

Superior Absorbency – Your beach towel serves multiple purposes. You use it to dry off after coming out of the water and as a layer between you and the sand. To get out the most of your sunbathing experience, you need a towel made of quick-drying material and an organic beach towel is the best choice you can make. Bamboo fabric, made of natural bamboo fiber, is four times more absorbent than cotton and speeds up the drying process of your towel. You can hang it up to dry and it’ll be ready for another use in a short period of time.

Softness – Bamboo fabric is used for making fluffy towels that feel ultra soft to the skin. Not only that they feel soft to the touch when they’re new, but they also feel soft and smooth no matter how many times you wash or dry them.

Lightweight – Bamboo towels are thick enough to be soft against your skin, but also light enough to be easily packed for your trip to the beach. A perfect beach towel has an ideal weight of around 600 GSM (grams per square meter).

Vibrant – Bamboo fabric is known for accepting natural and organic dyes very well. Therefore, the palette of beach towels to choose from is vast and all of them offer guaranteed vibrancy.

girl laying on a bamboo beach towel


Comfort – Wrapping yourself in a bamboo beach towel is easy and pleasant, as well as laying it towel for hours. The properties of the bamboo fabric make superior feeling material that is comfortable to the body when spreading your towel on white sands or relaxing on a poolside lounge chair.

Skin Friendly – Besides comfort, the natural properties of the bamboo fabric make hypoallergenic products that don’t rub the skin and don’t cause irritation. One of the main reasons bamboo beach towels grow at such a speed rate is that they naturally possess antibacterial qualities. The process of turning bamboo tufts into fibre doesn’t affect the antibacterial properties which means that they remain and prevent bacteria and the undelightful odour of a damp towel spreading around.

Eco-Friendly – Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth, which means creating bamboo beach towels won’t have a negative impact on the environment. It uses 30% less water compared to other plants, absorbs greenhouse gases and doesn’t require any use of harmful pesticides or fertilizers to grow, which makes bamboo towels an eco-friendly solution, well-needed in our modern living world.

How to Take Care of Your Bamboo Beach Towel

Bamboo towels are very easy to care for, and if you do it properly you can make sure they will last longer. After shaking off all the sand, make sure to always check the manufacturer’s instructions on the care label first. It’s recommendable to machine wash them separately at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees, using a gentle cycle and a mild detergent. Use natural, soft washing liquids or powders and avoid any detergent with added whiteners or any fabric softeners as they can damage the bamboo fibres.

bamboo towels in the bathroom in front of the wash machine


The best way to dry your bamboo towels is to let them air dry or use the dryer on the lowest heat setting. Whatever your choice is, make sure they’re not overexposed to heat as it can make the bamboo fibres stiff. Another option is to let them air dry until about 80% and then put them in the dryer, on the lowest heat setting, for just a short time. The tumbling action will soften your bamboo beach towels and keep them in a good condition longer than other towels.

Beach towels can easily catch onto something and then a loop is pulled, which you may not notice at first until there is a long loose thread. It is a common issue in every towel and can be fixed easily by snipping off the loose thread(s) with a pair of scissors at the level of the pile. This way you’ll prevent further snugging and unraveling of the threads without damaging your favourite towel.

Once your beach towels are washed, dried and threads free, it’s time to store them properly. The best place for storing bamboo beach towels is a linen closet that is constantly cool and dry. Keeping your towels in the bathroom is not always a good idea as it is a humid area and moisture can cause mold growth on your towels if not secured properly.

hot tub

A Simple Guide to Maintaining and Caring for Your Hot Tub

Investing in a hot tub is the first step you can do in order to invest in a better you. It’s the first step to a journey that will be filled with lifelong satisfaction and relaxation. And to get the best out of it, one should take into account some of the most basic tips to make the right choice. Now, regardless of what type, size, and model of a hot tub you choose, in order for it to work properly, one should maintain and care for it regularly. Buyers should take this as a main condition before buying the hot tub, as there will be no use of having one that will fail to work shortly after the purchase.

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Wallpaper Central Coast NSW

Simple Guide to Personalising Your Bathroom

There are things in life we can’t have enough of, and pampering certainly is one of them. Since the typical lifestyle of modern men and women is one making them prone to stressful situations, making time for yourself to actually have some rest and relaxation is more than important. Our homes have a great impact on this, considering they are supposed to be the sanctuary where we recharge our energy which means it’s up to all of us to create oasis that evokes positiveness and makes us look forward to go back to after work. Wallpapers can largely be of help when wanting to spice things up in your home décor and personalise it, considering the vast amount of choices of wallpaper Central Coast NSW shops, and Australia round for that matter, have in store.

When we think of relaxation, we usually have the bedroom in mind, or in some instances the living room as well, but the bathroom also has a huge role in this. It’s time we all started thinking of this part of a home as one that’s not only made for utility, but relaxation as well. This is something wallpapers can help you with as they’re having a great comeback in interior. Bare monotonous walls are no longer in when you have the option of instilling colour with the help of playful prints and patterns. When it comes to unique types of wallpaper Central Coast NSW and Australia wide shops have plenty to offer. Read More →

Cubicle Shower

Simple Guide to Installing Corner Cubicle Showers

 Despite their appearance, the difference between a shower cabin and a bathtub is the time frame that stands between them; a bathtub is so middle ages, being the old times symbol of richness, while a shower cabin is the main element of modern, 21st century bathrooms. So if you still have an old bathtub in your bathroom, it’s time to think about changing it.

Choosing cubicle showers can be one extensive procedure; measuring the available space, the doors and their mechanism of closing, and choosing the right base; are you going to go with a quadrant, an offset quad or a corner entry? Once you choose the right fit for your bathroom, the next step is installing it. And here’s where you will probably opt for calling a professional to do it and end up paying a lot of money for something you can easily do yourself. Here’s what you should do.

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