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A Simple Guide to Maintaining and Caring for Your Hot Tub

Investing in a hot tub is the first step you can do in order to invest in a better you. It’s the first step to a journey that will be filled with lifelong satisfaction and relaxation. And to get the best out of it, one should take into account some of the most basic tips to make the right choice. Now, regardless of what type, size, and model of a hot tub you choose, in order for it to work properly, one should maintain and care for it regularly. Buyers should take this as a main condition before buying the hot tub, as there will be no use of having one that will fail to work shortly after the purchase.

According to manufacturers, maintaining and caring for a hot tub is easy, it only takes for buyers to create a regular schedule and follow up some of the basic steps. This would be enough to keep any type of hot tub in tip-top condition. Except for reading and following the manufacturer’s instructions, there are three main steps that need to be followed for having a clean and perfectly running hot tub.

Let the Water Circulate

The water in the hot tub must be clean and free of contaminants and the easiest way to achieve this is by letting it circulate and pass through the hot tub’s cartridge filters. The first thing one should know is that there are two types of hot tubs – those that have an automatic circulation schedule and those that doesn’t. Those hot tubs that have an automatic circulation schedule allow the water to circulate for about 15 – 20 minutes so the water could pass through the filters. On the other hand, those hot tubs that don’t have an automatic water circulation, the owner should turn the circulation mode on for about 15 – 20 minutes twice a day to make sure that the water is refreshed and clean.

Rub and Scrub the Hot Tub

This might be one of the most important steps towards having an exceptionally clean hot tub. No matter how regularly the water is set to circulate, if the hot tub itself is not clean, this can pose a danger. Both indoor and outdoor hot tubs are prone to developing scum. According to manufacturers, outdoor hot tubs are more prone to contamination because of outer debris like wind-blown trash, leaves, etc. For this purpose, a regular (weekly) clean with a sponge and a special hot tub cleaning solution will keep it sparkling clean. You should make sure you scrub everywhere inside the hot tub, especially around the shell, jets and seats. If out of cleaning product, white vinegar can be as helpful as well.

Clean the Filters

Since the filters are constantly working, they need a good clean up from time to time to work properly. In order to be cleaned thoroughly, filters need to be rinsed, sprayed with a special filter cleaner and soaked in a chemical cleaner for deeper cleaning. After this procedure, they need to be rinsed thoroughly.

While there are some issues that one can fix it on his/her own, there are some problems that require a professional hot tub service. Spa hot tub professionals are qualified to handle a range of problems that users can’t handle themselves. When using a professional hot tub service, one can be sure that the hot tub will be checked for any leaks, cracks and clogged jets. If not inspected and treated on time, this can lead to hot tub failure. Although regular cleaning is essential, hot tubs do also need professional cleaning for better sanitation, desertification, and polishing. Now, except for this, there are some other issues, that require expert hot tub service.

  • Repeated Power Losses and Shutdowns – If one needs to reset the power quite often so the hot tub could work properly, professional help is more than needed. Although such repeated shutdowns might occur due to GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter), sometimes this can happen because of disconnected safety switches. Whatever the reasons, a professional check-up is essential in such situations.
  • The Hots Tub Stops Heating – The main things that keeps the water safe operating temperature in hot tubs in check are the internal thermostats. However, if they start to shut down repeatedly, this means that the thermostat is not working properly.
  • Problems with the Water – In case the water level drops or if there is a water leak into the cabinet and near the electrical systems and relays, professional services are more than needed in such situations. According to professionals, this is an extremely serious but repairable problem that requires a professional approach.
  • Frequent Controls Shut Downs and Remote Problems – Although this could be related to some kind of a battery problem, sometimes the the solution may require change of components in the remote itself and the control panel. Whatever the problem, these issues require the attention of a professional spa technician.
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