A Simple Guide To A Bible Translation From The XVII Century

When Queen Elizabeth died in the early XVII century, the throne became easily attainable for King James VI of Scotland since she was childless. Once the inauguration ceremony ended, the King was named King James I of England. Although England and Scotland were at war at the time, many people saw the coming of a new foreign King as an opportunity for the religious reform they had all been waiting for. And they weren’t wrong. Namely, King James agreed that a new translation of the Bible was of a paramount importance for his people and their faith.

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Simple Guide To Timothy Keller’s Bestsellers

Timothy Keller is a widely known author of numerous Christian books that became bestsellers in a very short period of time. Born in Pennsylvania, Timothy became the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in 1989, thanks to his rich educational background in theology. Under his leadership, the church’s congregation increased its membership from 50 to 5000 members. Besides being a spiritual leader, Timothy Keller is also renowned for his clear and very reasoned approach to Christianity. This approach is easily visible in some of Timothy Keller’s bestsellers. Read More →

Simple Guide To Best Joyce Meyer’s Books

With an internationally popular TV show, “Enjoy Everyday Life” and more than eighty books and devotionals, Joyce Meyer is one of the most influential Christian figures today. She brings common sense and tough love to her scriptural educations, and advises people on how to make the relationship with God stronger by reevaluating words and emotions. If you cannot follow her on TV, get Joyce Mayer’s books. Get the ones that have made her No.1 New York Times bestselling voice in the community of Christians and the most influential evangelist.

Battlefield Of The Mind – One of Joyce’s bestselling books, Battlefield Of The Mind addresses negative thoughts, like “feelings of condemnation”, depression and doubt, and shows how these negative feelings can make interfere in your relationship with God. Joyce also point out how to overcome the negative thoughts with trust and self-love. Joyce attributes fear and doubt to the devil, who “starts by attacking person’s mind with a smartly designed pattern of little painful thoughts” and lays out “weapons of the World” made to help readers take apart negative thinking patterns. Read More →

Simple Guide To The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible is the book that shapes the culture, and is also reflected in politics, from health care reforms to environmental policies. The Bible is a peculiar book and is quite hard to get straight information about it. If you have the nagging feeling that you should know something more about The Holy Bible there are some basic things that will catapult you to a new high level of biblical literacy. Read More →

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