Simple Guide To Best Joyce Meyer’s Books

With an internationally popular TV show, “Enjoy Everyday Life” and more than eighty books and devotionals, Joyce Meyer is one of the most influential Christian figures today. She brings common sense and tough love to her scriptural educations, and advises people on how to make the relationship with God stronger by reevaluating words and emotions. If you cannot follow her on TV, get Joyce Mayer’s books. Get the ones that have made her No.1 New York Times bestselling voice in the community of Christians and the most influential evangelist.

Battlefield Of The Mind – One of Joyce’s bestselling books, Battlefield Of The Mind addresses negative thoughts, like “feelings of condemnation”, depression and doubt, and shows how these negative feelings can make interfere in your relationship with God. Joyce also point out how to overcome the negative thoughts with trust and self-love. Joyce attributes fear and doubt to the devil, who “starts by attacking person’s mind with a smartly designed pattern of little painful thoughts” and lays out “weapons of the World” made to help readers take apart negative thinking patterns.

If you suffer from confusion, worry, depression, doubt, condemnation or anger, you are in fact experiencing an attack on your mind. In this powerful Battlefield Of The Mind book, Joyce guides her readers through a self-appraisal by sharing the tragedies, victories and trials of her ministry, marriage and family. She teaches how to deal with so many bad thoughts we all have every day and how to focus your mind in the direction God has intended.

Living Beyond Your Feelings – Much of Joyce Meyer’s teaching is based on the idea that unstable emotions can break person’s trust not only in God, but also in their self and in people that care for them. This book is a great introduction to this theme, which Joyce elaborates more in her other books. In Living Beyond Your Feelings, Meyer uses most recent psychological research as well as the the insights from the Bible to provide her readers with a tool to help them better manage their reactions to the feelings that can wreck chaotic situations in our lives.

Change Your Words, Change Your Life – Words are the basic focus of Joyce and in this book she assess the way the language we use tarnishes or reinforces our sense of self and our relationship with God. Meyer instructs to use and displaying the presence of God through words and abandon hurtful and negative language. She wants her readers to learn the “power of words and make commitment to use them in a godly way”. Otherwise “we have yet to see what damage will be caused…”.

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