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Keep Your Home and the Planet Clean with Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

We all want our homes clean and beautiful, both our own personal homes and our only home in this universe – the Earth. But while we are trying to clean the first one, we tend to forget about the second one, the one that gives us life. All the harmful chemicals and toxins in the cleaning products released into the environment do not magically disappear when we pour them down the drain. They are still here, in our water, soil, air, food…

So, let’s make better choices for ourselves and the planet, as consumers and as residents on our earth. Shifting to organic cleaners is a small step with a huge impact. As the offer of Australian eco friendly cleaning products is constantly increasing, it is becoming easier to find suitable replacements for every cleaning endeavour.

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Clothes line in garden.

A Guide to Clothesline: Where Convenience Meets Efficiency

Looking for energy-efficient ways to dry clothes? Look no further than the traditional and so hard to beat clothesline. It will save you money and energy plus the clothes smell great after drying in the fresh air!

Choosing the right line for drying clothes, however, can be overwhelming given the wide range of options available. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of all the important things to take into account when shopping for the ideal model your household needs.

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Bunch of rosses in different colour

A Simple Guide to the Meaning Behind Different Coloured Roses

Roses have been a symbol of love and affection for centuries. They are a timeless and classic way to express emotions and communicate feelings. While most people know that red roses signify love and passion, there are many other colours that have different meanings. In this simple guide, we will explore the messages behind different coloured roses and provide examples of when and how to give them as a gift.

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bathroom vanity

Wall-Hung vs. Free-Standing Bathroom Vanities

Besides the fixtures and accessories, furniture is also a key element in determining the overall look and style of the bathroom. By choosing the right pieces of furniture, you won’t only elevate your bathroom’s appearance, but also make it more comfortable and functional. And when it comes to furniture pieces for the bathroom, a vanity is definitely a must-have. Read More →

Woman vacuuming the carpet in the living room

Simple Guide to Vacuum Cleaners: Speed Your Way to a Clean Home

In the past, people used to spend hours cleaning their houses using traditional ways. Fortunately, today we have smarter and more effective tools that help us save time and also improve our life quality. Vacuums are one of these tools. These gadgets have evolved a lot through the years, becoming a must-have instrument for cleaning dirt and dust in every modern home. 

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Garden Shed Buying Guide: Where Practicality Meets Purpose

Garden Shed Buying Guide: Where Practicality Meets Purpose

While there are many ways you can liven up your outdoor space, having a garden shed in your yard allows you to keep things neat and organised all while having a space to call your own. Sheds can be used to store gardening equipment, car tools, or outdoor tables and chairs. You can put all the items that aren’t used frequently but are taking up too much space in your home.

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A Simple Guide to Choosing a Swimming Pool Heater

Uh, oh – pool season is over. You’d definitely splash around every day and all year long if it were up to you, right? Unfortunately, you only get to enjoy your above-ground pool for three months, leaving you with an empty ditch in the midst of your yard for the other nine. So, how can you extend pool season and get the benefits of your investment for far longer than you usually do?

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kitchen knives set

5 Kitchen Essentials That Will Make a World of Difference to Your Cooking Experience

We all know that using fresh, organic produce is key for cooking delicious healthy meals. But what else is necessary for preparing good food? Some would say culinary skills, but for me, having a kitchen stocked with the proper tools is the first step to a great meal. Investing in the right kitchen tools will make cooking much more enjoyable. After all, you need to get some cooking essentials for your kitchen so that you can improve your culinary skills. Here are the must-have kitchen tools that will take your cooking experience to the next level. 

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White Light Switch Cover

A Simple Guide to Light Switch Covers That Proves It’s All in the Details

Finally got around to remodelling your home? What a thrill! There’s always an unprecedented level of excitement that comes with adding new décor items and tailoring everything to your taste and preferences. Naturally, people tend to focus on the big picture, whether it’s the type of sofa to include in the living room or which home lighting fixtures to fit in the kitchen. So much to do, yet so little time to do it.

While all of those are certainly important decisions to make, you shouldn’t overlook the details either. Think about it this way, would you be able to finish the entire puzzle if you’re missing a few key pieces? Definitely not. Similarly, you’ll need to put the finishing touches on your home with some fine details.

Hear us out on our suggestion for perhaps the most crucial accessory that’s both functional and practical – sturdy light switch covers for added safety. More on this in just a bit.

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