A Simple Guide to Helix Piercing: How to Choose the Right Jewellery

There are various distinct types of ear piercings available from the earlobe up. A helix piercing, also referred to as a cartilage piercing, is one of the most popular kinds. You can easily customise this piercing, often done on the top ear, with various locations and jewellery designs. Whether it’s a slight touch or a dramatic statement, helix earrings are always placed towards the top of the ear, offering a simple method to change your style (look up the ears of Lily Allen, Cardi B, and Miley Cyrus, and you’ll see what I mean). Here’s all the information you need if you’re thinking of getting a helix.

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Step Up Your Skate Game: A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Skate Shoes

Just like you need a high-quality tennis racquet for a more enjoyable tennis match, or a specific type of clothing for a cycling adventure, the right skate footwear adds style and elevates your experience on the board. But with an array of options lining the shelves, how do you pick the one that’s right for your skating prowess? 
If you’re a fan of cool, comfy kicks, check out these skate shoes from top brands like Adidas, Vans, New Balance, etc. From their classics to the latest fashionable designs, there’s a range of options that’ll make any skater’s heart race. They have excellent grip, comfortable padding, and the durability to keep up with your moves. Get ready to dive into the world of design, performance, and passion as I share with you a few tips on how to choose the perfect shoes for your skateboarding adventures.

person riding a skateboard with skateboard shoes on

Traction and Grip

Look for skate shoes that provide the grip you need to stick those ollies, kickflips, and grinds. The last thing you want is a shoe that makes you slip and lose your balance mid-trick. The grip usually comes from the sole’s material and pattern. You want a design that has a grippy rubber outsole that grabs onto your skateboard like Velcro. The pattern matters too – a good sole pattern can mean the difference between sticking that trick and wiping out. On the other hand, traction prevents your foot from shifting inside the shoe, giving you that stable feeling you need to perform your best. 

Why Do Skate Shoes Have Thick Soles?

The reason why you should look for footwear with chunky soles is because they’re like your cushion against the impacts and shocks that come with skateboarding. This sport involves a lot of jumping, landing, and constant foot movements – and that takes a toll on your feet and legs. Thick soles act as a buffer. They absorb the shock of landings and minimise the strain on your body. They’re like built-in shock absorbers that let you ride for longer and with more comfort. 
But it’s not just about protection; it’s about performance too. Those thick soles give you stability, especially when you’re balancing on your board during tricks. They provide that solid platform that lets you have better control over your movements and manoeuvres. They often have a special rubber compound and a unique tread pattern that grips onto your board like nobody’s business. It’s like the traction you need to stick to those tricks and stay in control. 

shot of skater wearing chuck taylors

Support and Cushioning

Skateboarding is tough on your feet – the constant impacts, jumps, and landings can put stress on your joints and muscles. This is where support and cushioning come into play. Quality skate shoes in Australia are like your personal bodyguards, providing that extra layer of protection against the pounding you’re putting your feet through. They prevent discomfort and even help prevent injuries. Imagine if you’re landing a trick and your kicks feel like they’re made of cardboard – ouch! Good cushioning helps absorb the impact, sparing your feet from unnecessary pain. 

skater with vans shoes riding his skateboard


Those jumps, tricks, and intense sessions can make your feet feel like they’re in a battle against the heat. Breathable skateboard shoes are your secret weapon in that battle. They allow air to flow in and out, preventing moisture buildup and that uncomfortable, sticky feeling. They help reduce the chances of odours and bacterial growth. Your feet stay fresher, and your kicks get a lot more pleasant to be around. 
Now, how can you tell if a shoe is breathable? Look for materials like mesh panels or lightweight fabrics that allow air to pass through. These little details can make a big difference in keeping your feet feeling cool and dry. 

skater mid air with vans shoes


This sport is all about fluid movements – twists, turns, flips – and your skate footwear needs to keep up. When you’re trying to nail a trick, but your kicks feel stiff and unyielding, it’s like trying to dance in sneakers made of bricks. Flexible shoes allow your feet to bend and twist as you need them to, giving you that extra bit of freedom for those tricks and manoeuvres. And it’s not just about performance; it’s about comfort too. These sneakers adapt to your feet and minimise that awkward breaking-in period. It’s like slipping into shoes that are ready to be your partner in crime from day one. 
When you’re checking out shoes, give them a little flex test. Bend the sole, twist them a bit – you’ll get a sense of how well they move. Look for ones made from materials that are naturally flexible, like suede or canvas. 

skater with nike air jordans doing a trick with his skateboard


Lastly, skateboard shoes come in all sorts of designs, colours, and patterns, and range from bold graphics to clean, minimalist looks. Whether you’re into vibrant colours that scream “check me out” or more understated tones that whisper sophistication, you have many options. The stitching, the logo placement, and the materials also contribute to the overall look. It’s like your canvas to show the world a glimpse of your personality. 
When you’re rocking shoes that resonate with your style, you’ll feel more confident and in your element. You’ll have an extra boost of swag as you cruise around. So, as you hunt for the perfect sneakers, don’t ignore the aesthetics. Get ready to shred with kicks that perform like champs and make you feel like one stylish skater.

Sleep Tight: A Simple Guide to Children’s Mattresses

Parenting is a tough gig. From the moment your precious bundle of joy arrives, you are thrown into a world of sleepless nights, nappy changes, and endless laundry. And just when you thought you had it all figured out, it’s time to upgrade your child’s mattress.

It’s a daunting task, but fear not! In this simple guide to children’s mattresses, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to ensure your little one gets a good night’s sleep.

We all know that a well-rested child is a happy child, and a happy child means a happy parent. So, whether you’re furnishing a new kids’ bedroom or just curious about what to look for when upgrading, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let’s dive in.

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teenage fashion

A Simple Style Guide for Teenage Girls

Being a teen can be a confusing time. The teenage years are all about exploring and discovering your own identity while your body is rapidly changing. That said, picking clothes can be an especially sensitive subject. It also doesn’t help that you are bombarded with messages on social media about what you should wear and how you should look like.

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kids playing

A Simple Guide to Dressing Your Kids in Summer

The upcoming summer months are a time for vacations, fun, and festivities. Naturally, getting your kids ready for summer is a lot of fun. Your child will look adorable if you choose the right fabrics, layers and stylish combinations for boys and girls alike.

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A Guide to Nike Dunks: Where Versatility Meets Style

The Story Behind the Shoe

The Dunk has its roots in the early 1980s when collegiate basketball started to gain immense popularity. Nike’s most recent docuseries, The Story of Dunk, claims that the 1985 NCAA Final Four gave the company the inspiration for the Dunk. That year, Nike sponsored each of the four college teams vying for the NCAA Championship, which was a huge accomplishment given how new Nike was to the basketball industry.

The shoes themselves did not match the enthusiasm and charm of their surrounding surroundings, a stadium full of supporters dressed head to toe in their school colours and displaying their school love, even if the Swoosh insignia was prominent on the biggest platform in college basketball.

Nike created a design with striking colours to capture this excitement and make it suitable for both people in the crowd and team uniforms on the court. At that time, the designs Nike came up with included the Legend, the Terminator, and the Air Jordan 1—three of their most liked basketball shoes at the time.

This was one of the first basketball shoes to colour block, with panels of the upper saturated with logo colours to symbolise a particular school, in contrast to the predominantly white and straightforward basketball shoes of the 1970s and early 1980s. Nike almost named their newest school-spirited basketball shoe the College Color High, but instead, they chose to name it after the most exciting shot in basketball: the Dunk.

The Nike Skateboard Dunks vs. The Classic Nike Dunks

red-white Nike SB dunks

The Nike Dunks shoes and SB Dunks appear to be the same from a distance. Both of them have the standard panelled Dunk upper, perforated vamps, and grooved outsole. However, if you look closely, you will notice that SB Dunks were created especially for skateboarders. Therefore the name: Nike SB (Nike Skateboarding).

Now let’s talk about the differences. First, SB Dunks include a padded tongue and elastic straps on the lateral and medial sides that extend to the arch. This stops the tongue from becoming misaligned and uncomfortable while skating and also enables users to loosen their laces for added style without worrying about their shoes coming undone in the middle of a flip.

The majority of Non-SB Dunks have nylon tongues that are not cushioned. Except for a few Nike Dunk Pro B versions from the early 2000s that had mesh tongues that were somewhat packed, Dunks have had nylon tongues from their introduction in 1985. The Zoom Air unit in the heel and the bouncy Poron foam in the forefoot give SB Dunks’ insoles greater cushioning.

These design features increase the model’s comfort and responsiveness to decrease any impact when skating. Additionally, the top of the SB Dunk insole is made of terry cloth to reduce the amount of moisture brought on by sweat. Typical normal Dunks shoes have a simple foam insole, which is fine for everyday usage but less responsive than SBs.

Last but not least, Nike SB Dunks made after 2010 have a modest modification to the sole to enhance board grip and pivoting actions. The outsole’s concentric curved pattern has a higher frequency of grooves, which increases flexibility. Instead of the typical Nike Dunks, which have soles mostly comprised of EVA, the midsole is injected with Phylon foam for added cushioning.

How to Wear Low Nike Dunks

low nike dunks

Just in the last couple of years, there has been a tonne of new Nike Dunk releases. Although it can be confusing to decide which pair to buy, there are a few fundamental aspects to get right. You should choose clothing that goes with the sneakers you’re wearing, regardless of what kind of sneaker they are. You’ll want to make sure that your outfits, colours, and aesthetics are in harmony with one another depending on what colourway you’re wearing or even what mood you’re in.

The majority of Nike Dunks are on the hefty side of footwear. In light of this, you should steer clear of anything that is very fitting because it will draw attention to the overall bulkiness of the shape. Slim jeans and Nike Dunks? Most likely not a wise move. Of course, wearing Nike Dunks with jeans is possible; just make sure they aren’t too tight.

Nike Dunk Low Outfit Suggestions for Women

It’s important to wear colours that truly bring the Nike Dunk Low “Syracuse” out because it’s on the brighter end of the colour spectrum. The brilliant colours of the sneakers contrast nicely with a soft orange cardigan for example, which strikes a wonderful balance between the two. A tactile aspect and a relaxed and casual vibe are also added to the outfit by the slightly baggy denim jeans. Gold accessories complete the look and put the finishing touches on this stylish Nike Dunk ensemble.

Nike Dunk Low Outfit for Men

The Nike Dunk Low “Kentucky” was one of the first pairs to go back in style in 2020. A loose-fitting sweater and washed sweatpants give this outfit an almost new grungy vibe. We all agree that a vintage band T-shirt completes the comfortable yet well-thought-through outfit. The “Kentucky” Dunks’ vivid blue upper brings it all together and completes a fantastic fashionable look.

How to Style the Nike Dunk High

styling high nike dunks

The Nike Dunk Low and Nike Dunk High vary considerably from one another, as you would have imagined. And their names are truly where the clue lies. The shift in style strategy is nevertheless something to pay attention to. High-top shoes, as you are surely aware, call for a little extra attention when choosing your matching pieces.

Once you have the fundamentals down, planning an outfit for a Nike Dunk High is simple. Similar to the Nike Dunk Low, you want to wear something more casual but still make a statement with smart graduation of bold colours or full-on grey and black outfit for example. For the Nike Dunk High, cargos, sweatpants, or baggy jeans with a fitted top are the ideal coordinating wardrobe choices.

women's dance costumes

Your Simple Guide to Choosing the Perfect Costume for Your Dance

Sparkles and glitter, tulle tutus, tights and themed matching dresses are synonyms for dance. And if you’ve ever been to a dance performance, you know how exciting it gets once dancers in beautiful costumes step on the stage. Whether you’re a dancer, a dancing child’s mum or a choreographer, you know that the choice of dance costumes can make or break a choreography. Why are dance performance costumes essential? And how can you choose the perfect one for your dance?

The Importance of Dance Costumes

They Bring the Choreography to Life

ballet girl's dance performance

When creating a choreography, choreographers have a vision in mind. Dancers work very hard to bring that vision to life. They sometimes practise for months to memorise the routine to perfectly execute it. Wearing the proper dance costumes allows dancers to complete their look, highlighting each of their moves. They help tell the story of the dance’s theme and make the whole performance more flowing and elaborate.

They Help Create the First Impression

The audience is one of the main reasons why choreographers create performances that dancers put up on stage. You need to get your audience’s attention when you step on the stage. You need to convince them your performance is worthy of all their focus and attention, so they can stick and see what the performer can offer.

Dance costumes speak for the dancers and their performance even before they start to speak for themselves, creating an immense first impression. When the crowd sees dancers in carefully designed costumes, they get attracted at first sight. They immediately fall for them and are eager to see what’s next.

Once all curtains are down and all you can hear is howling and applause, you know that every effort was worth it. Costumes are essential to creating a masterpiece so beautiful that the world needs to see it. It pays to know that it’s essential to look your best once you’re up on stage. All effort you make to choose the perfect costume never goes unappreciated by the audience.

They Enhance Performance

Dancers train hard to develop the perfect technique to pull off the ideal act on stage. Although this is vital for a good performance, wearing costumes helps them enhance their staging in other significant ways.

Wearing the Right Costume Improves Confidence

The proper dance attire can completely change dancers’ posture and outlook. So, when they see themselves later and like how they look, they often feel better. This makes them feel more confident and assured of themselves. When dancers wear the right costume, they feel comfortable. It can boost their confidence, making them feel they can take on anything. This way, they’re more willing and confident to attempt new skills and steps, which has a great, positive impact on the way they perform.

Also, wearing matching costumes with others on stage puts everyone on the same page. This can help struggling artists that don’t want to stand out.

Wearing the Right Costume Increases Focus

Performers need to concentrate so they can learn and do their best. This is true both for those who are just starting to dance and those who have been dancing for years. Wearing inappropriate and uncomfortable clothes can be distracting for dancers. If your leotard is the wrong size or your hair falls on your face, it can be hard to concentrate and give your best. Kids and teenagers can find it hard to focus anyway, and clothing issues can just make it worse.

Wearing the Right Costume Allow Moving Properly

dancers making dance moves

Choosing the right costume for the dance enables the dancer to focus on their steps, not what they wear. When dancers don’t wear proper clothing, it can hinder their ability to perform the choreography and move properly. Dance costume choice can impact technique and precision, especially in partner or group acts.

They Create Cohesiveness on Stage

Dance costumes help all dancers look cohesive. This helps create a bond between the dancers in a group. Wearing the same type of clothes makes it easier to see the group as one instead of just a group of people. For dancers, cohesiveness means better visualisation of what the dance will look like.

How to Choose the Perfect Costume for Your Dance?

What makes a good dance costume? Although there are several things to look for, all experts agree on three things: a good costume should incorporate the concept, the right fit/fabric and a conversation with the dancer.

Consider the Type of Dance

types of dance

The costume choice always has to be based on the concept of the piece. This means there are different costume options for every type of dance. For example, ballet costumes should be simple enough not to distract from the movement. They should display the beauty of the dancer’s technique, fluidity and grace. That’s why the classic tutu and leotard are always the right option for ballet.

Styles like jazz, tap and hip hop require more elaborate costumes, similar to the movement style. They should be playful, bright and eye-catching. Such costumes complement the song and bring the entire dance to life. Similarly, cultural dances require cultural costumes. When it comes to themed dances, there is a wide variety to choose from, but you should always stick to the theme.

Choose the Right Fit and Fabric

A dance costume should allow the dancer to bend, move and breathe. Only that way the performer would feel comfortable and give their best. The choice of fabric shouldn’t overwhelm them. That can be an obstacle that takes away from the dancers’ movement. They work so hard in the studio, trying to perfect everything. Once their costume is on, it should elevate the dancer and help the character come alive. Don’t forget about dance shoes; they should complement the costume, offering comfort and protection.

Make Sure to Please Dancers

Finally, a good costume is the one the dancer likes. When the dancer likes their looks, costume, and make-up, they’ll feel confident and happy. That way, all they have to worry about is dancing, which is always a key to a successful performance.

swimwear with underwire bikini

Underwire Bikini Tops: A Popular Swimwear Choice!

There are many reasons why summer brings a great deal of excitement and warm sandy beaches, the pleasant sea breeze, the sound of the crashing waves, and the smell of the sea air are some of them. Just because we’re a step away from winter here in the Land Down Under doesn’t mean we can’t stop dreaming of the warm months ahead or prepare for them.

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levi jeans

Beyond the Timeless 501: A Simple Guide to Finding the Perfect Pair of Levi’s Jeans

You can’t possibly argue with the fact that jeans have become a much-adored clothing item in the world of fashion. If you take into account how changeable and fickle trends can be, casual jeans have truly managed to stand the test of time as they continue to slither their way into every dresser around the world. We’re definitely not complaining though since they’re appropriate for a variety of occasions. Whether you’re looking to spice up your casual outfit or inject the right dose of western vibe to your look, you’ll instinctively reach out to your favourite pair of jeans.

With that said, there’s a vast pool of cuts and styles you’ll come across while browsing through shops. Some might see this as an exciting challenge while others are overwhelmed with anxiety at the daunting prospect. Either way, finding the right pair of jeans is a form of art that not everyone has the privilege to master, which is why we’re here to stir you in the right direction. So lo and behold, we’re offering you our humble suggestion – trying out a few pairs of iconic Levi jeans to see how they suit your taste.

Jeans perfect pair
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