Trucks: Road Freight Transport in Australia: Industry Market Statistics

Over the past two decades, the Australian road freight transport industry has been showing a continuous growth. It has become a vital part of Australia’s economy and the single most important sector of the transportation industry. The road freight transport of non-bulk goods within the states and across Australia, compared to rail, air and water freight sectors, dominates the Australian market by providing convenience, reliability and competitive prices for owners of both big and small businesses.

The road freight sector counts around 43,000 businesses, employs over 193,000 people and generates $52-plus billion in revenue, according to the last year’s report. In percentage, that’s over 80% of the total revenue of the transportation industry. The continuous growth of this industry sector is expected to continue in the next 5 years, only more aggressively. New and innovative technologies, safer and cost-efficient trucks and commercial vehicles are indicating some big changes in the industry. Therefore, it is believed that the number of both new and used work trucks for sale will increase, while the road freight rates will decrease.

In the last decade, the road freight sector has seen tight competition, due to the increased number of small road transport businesses. Practically, every truck driver with a valid licensed can offer road transport services, which has a major impact on the big road transport businesses and their service costs. Also, this provides more employment opportunities and increased demand for new and used work trucks. If you are involved in the trucking business, you must be up-to-date with the latest industry market statistics. For the most accurate and updated overview of road freight transport in Australia, read our blog posts.

Simple Guide To Buying Pickup Trucks

The first thing that any experienced person will tell you regarding buying pick-up trucks is to put the realistic evaluation of your concrete needs on top of your to-do list. Unless you’re planning to engage in carrying multi-ton loads, your needs probably don’t require a heavy-duty pickup truck. In that case, it is better to opt for something lighter, such as compact pickup or a minivan. Renting also enters the equation if you don’t plan to use the intended pick-up truck regularly. Read More →

Busses for sale

Simple Guide: What To Consider When Buying Used Buses

When it comes to buying buses, what is your preferred option: new or used buses? While most potential buyers will immediately think that buying new buses is more beneficial, buying used buses makes much more sense. Whether you are extending your fleet or are just starting a new business, your main priority is to keep your cargo or passengers safe.

To make a successful purchase of used buses, you first need to find a reliable seller. The online seller focused on helping buyers to determine their needs is a reliable one. One clear indicator is to check if the website has a section for frequently asked questions. But why would you buy a used bus instead of a new model? Let’s explore this a bit, shall we. Read More →

Simple Guide For Buying Boats

If you are a novice to boating, you need to carefully revise all your options before you buy one. Primarily, because a boat is not a cheap investment. The more effort you put into the buying process, the better the outcome. Thus, make sure you carefully ‘investigate’ all reputable marine equipment Australia sites and online marketplaces that offer different types of boats for sale and other marine-related equipment. If you have no previous boating experience, read our tips below to ease you decision making.  Read More →

Simple Guide For Cleaning Your Livestock Trailer

Livestock trailers are durable, fuel-efficient vehicles used for all kinds of hauls. Whether you plan to haul local or across the country, get a customizable and durable livestock trailer. What makes this commercial vehicle so popular is its heavy-duty, all-aluminum construction and rust-resistant body.

If properly cleaned and maintained, a livestock trailer will serve you for years. In order to do that, you must follow manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. All livestock trailers for sale come with owner’s manual where maintenance and cleaning tips are specified, including recommended cleaning solutions. Read More →

Truck Engine Buying Guide

The engine is the most important part of any vehicle. In fact, vehicles without engines are basically big tin cans, unable to go anywhere. Truck engines are designed to allow trucks to travel over long distances and to resist heavy abuse on a daily basis without compromising the capacity. However, engines can still break down and require major, costly repairs or replacement, whether because of a malfunction or misuse.

If your engine breaks down, there is not much to do but to start looking for a new truck engine. Buying a new truck engine can be quite expensive, depending on many factors. Whether you are looking for used or new truck engines for sale, here is your simple buying guide that can help you focus on the most important aspects. Read More →

Light Commercial Vehicles AU

Light Commercial Vehicles Buying Guide

Light commercial vehicles are essential part of any fleet and almost every construction company. Heavy-duty trucks and trailers are indeed more powerful, but for transportation of goods or passengers of smaller weight or to a closer location, using a light commercial vehicle is far more cost-efficient. Any vehicle that does not exceed the weight-limit of 3.5 tonnes belongs to the light commercial vehicles class. More compact, smaller and more cost-efficient for carrying lighter goods, the light commercial vehicles are simply perfect for any transportation-related business.

If you are in need of a utility vehicle, you can choose from vans, pick-up trucks, three-wheeled vehicles and many other light commercial vehicles. Regardless of the type it is very important to choose a reputable brand, such as Iveco, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Citroen, Fiat, Volkswagen or Peugeot. There are many light commercial vehicle brands, but not all stand for reliability and quality. Don’t make a quick decision based on a low price or attractive aesthetics, since there are many brands offering inexpensive but low-quality light commercial vehicles. Research brands on the Internet, read customer reviews and experiences and look for warranty. Read More →

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