Simple Guide To Timothy Keller’s Bestsellers


Timothy Keller is a widely known author of numerous Christian books that became bestsellers in a very short period of time. Born in Pennsylvania, Timothy became the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in 1989, thanks to his rich educational background in theology. Under his leadership, the church’s congregation increased its membership from 50 to 5000 members. Besides being a spiritual leader, Timothy Keller is also renowned for his clear and very reasoned approach to Christianity. This approach is easily visible in some of Timothy Keller’s bestsellers.

  • Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God”


This is a book on prayer. Timothy Keller believes that using prayer as a main tool in the process of growth, we can experience real, deep changes in our character and behavior. According to him, there are three types of prayers: the reflective prayer, which expands self-knowledge; the meditative prayer, which makes beliefs and changes closer to the heart, and communal prayer which renews our human relationships.

  • The Prodigal God”

Using the story of the prodigal son, Timothy Keller tries to explain the story of Jesus, the one he believes is the least understood. It is the story of love, grace, hope and salvation. The Prodigal God is a short yet very powerful book; an invitation to all to get to meet, understand and accept the never ending love of God.

  • Reason for God: The Belief In An Age Of Skepticism”


The 21st century is the era of atheism and non-believers. With science questioning the validity of religion in general, it is harder and harder for people like Timothy Keller to break accusations of the kind. In “Reason for God: the belief in an age of skepticism”, Keller tackles some of the accusations like: Christianity’s claim to be the exclusive religion; why God that is considered to be a good God, allows suffering; how the Church should take responsibility for injustice; and is science really disproving religious beliefs. Written for both believers and non-believers, this book has been named Book of The Year for 2008 by World Magazine, earning the must-read label.

Timothy Keller’s books are a real gold mine of Christian topics. If you are a young professional who strugges in the urban environment to keep track with everything and maintain your religious beliefs at the same time, read some of Keller’s books; it will be refreshing for your Christian faith.