Simple Guide to Toy Storage That Will Keep Your Kids’ Room Organised

kids room with box toy storage space

Children are the purest thing in the world, but aside from joy and excitement, they also bring clutter. Whether we like it or not, everything multiplies when having children, especially clothes and toys. Well to be honest, toys seem to be the ‘scariest’ of them all since they can be found literally everywhere around your house, not just in your child’s room. Despite the fact ditching broken ones and donating overgrown toys can somehow make your home breathe a little bit, still you’ll need to come up with a smart plan to declutter your child’s room.

There’s nothing better than walking in a clean room, and aside from staying away from the biggest fear parents have, which is stepping on a toy, too many things on the floor can become a safety issue as well. Young children are quite curious and they love putting every small thing and toy in their mouth, which is why you should keep everything clean, especially the child’s room in order to avoid choking hazards.

While your job is to throw out every broken toy in the room, the job of your children should be picking up their own toys and placing them in the designated boxes for toys to keep things neat and organised. That way, you won’t only keep your child safe, but you’ll also teach him about the essence of becoming a responsible young person.

Smart and Easy Ways to Store Toys

Storing things under his bed surely is the easiest way to organise a part of the room. While some of the kids’ beds can be simple, others can come with special storage drawers and even shelves where children can store their toys and other personal belongings. But aside from this useful storage solution, nowadays, you can take advantage of many other things that can help your child keep his room clean and tidy all the time, while also adding to the room’s style.

Storage Bench

Bench storage in kids room

Ideal to be placed in any part of the room, be it in front of the bed, under a window, or next to the door, a storage bench is quite a versatile toy box. Coming in numerous styles, looks, colours, shapes and materials, a toy storage box of this kind can provide you with ample space that you can use for storing many other things than just toys.

Even though choosing a smaller one, these boxes for toys with plenty of room can help store other things like books, blankets and even shoes. If planning to use it for creating a reading nook for your little one, you can also choose a bench that comes with a padded seat for extra comfort.

Stackable Open Storage

Stackable Open Storage in Kids Room

While a lot of parents use plastic vegetable racks for organising playthings, nowadays, there are cuter and way safer toybox storage options to use made entirely from wood or a combination of wood and fabric. Being easily accessible, these open storage racks are perfect for being stacked from all of the sides, while allowing for stacking up toys on top of each other. They’re perfect for storing building blocks, plus toys, or anything that your child plays with on a daily basis.


Bookcase in kids room

Aside from storing books, bookcases are also quite practical and convenient for storing some other things like playthings, pencils, and plush toys. Aside from the regular types of bookcases, you can opt for one that has a bottom storage compartment which is ideal for storing bulkier things.

Today’s bookcases are available in numerous styles and looks, so you can easily choose one that’ll add style and drama to your child’s room. The size and shape you choose are completely up to you and the room’s free space. Make sure to take into account the age of your child, since he should be able to reach the bookcase and organise it by himself.

Storage Table

Gril is sitting at Storage table in kids room

When tight on space, or when simply having more toys, you can always think smart and choose a table with storage space. You can use this place for storing all kinds of things than just playthings, while using its top as a real table where your kid can draw, paint, write or simply play. These tables can come in different types, styles, materials, and sizes in order to meet different needs.

Generally speaking, all of the aforementioned boxes are mainly made from wood since it’s the most durable and long-lasting material. Unlike plastic, wood is a sustainable and renewable resource that grows quickly and doesn’t pollute the environment. On the contrary, wood is a natural material that can biodegrade, so even if there comes a time when you should throw away wooden storage solutions, you can rest assured they won’t damage the environment.

Not to mention, there are lots of conscious manufacturers who are devoted to designing appealing and safe-to-use toys. Aside from being well-shaped and with few or no sharp edges, they’re also dyed with natural dye which is safe for everyone. Even if you choose wooden toys for your child, you can know that the toy won’t leach any chemicals and toxins even if your child puts it in the mouth.