A Simple Guide to the Best Kids’ Swimming Accessories

Two kids in the swimming pool

Now that summer has arrived, it’s time to stock up on everything you need for water-based fun.

Kids adore being in the water, whether at the beach, a local pool, or a sprinkler in the backyard. Jumping in the water doesn’t require much effort, but having the right swimming gear can make swimming more enjoyable. Some accessories are vital for your child’s safety, while others are necessary for play and fun.

We’ve compiled a list of essential learn-to-swim equipment for children of different ages to ensure you have everything you need.

What to Pack When Swimming with Kids?

Besides a swimming costume, swimming nappies (if your kid isn’t potty trained yet) and sunscreen when swimming outdoors, you need to pack the right kids swimming accessories to keep your child safe and help them learn to swim. Here’s a list of the most crucial ones.


two kids wearing goggles in the water
source: kidspot.com.au

A good pair of swim goggles is one of the essential items of swimming gear for beginners, especially young children. Whether you’re going to swim classes at a chlorinated pool or swimming at the beach, goggles are a necessary swimming accessory that protects little eyes and makes them more comfortable.

There are a few critical features to look for when choosing the best swim goggles for your child:

  • Comfort – Most swim goggles feature silicone straps and gaskets, which are comfortable for wear at any age. Avoid those that include a harsh plastic gasket that will irritate the orbital socket. The silicone gasket serves another purpose: it gently penetrates a child’s skin to create suction and prevent any water from penetrating the lens.
  • Adjustable – Kids grow up quickly, and goggles with movable nose parts allow for growth with your child. Additionally, quick-and-easy sizing alterations are made possible by head straps that are simple to modify (either on the back or side of the goggles).
  • Optical or not? – There are some possibilities if your youngster needs prescription swim goggles. Although the range is much fewer than adult swim goggles, there are some chic options.

Swim Wests

mom putting a child life jacket on her kid
source: nbcnews.com

The traditional life vest is among the kids swimming accessories that is most obvious and never goes out of style. A swim vest keeps your budding swimmer buoyant without the need to hold onto anything, making it an arms-free flotation gear. Additionally, they force wearers to float on their backs, which keeps them afloat in case they become exhausted.

How safe the vest will be for your child should be your primary concern, which entails purchasing a swim vest from a company with a track record of producing reliable swim gear.

Additionally, you want a garment that your child cannot escape from when submerged, so look for things like, say, a strap that goes around the body.

Finally, just like when dressing your kid in summer, you want a vest that fits your child correctly and isn’t too big or little because if it doesn’t, it will fall off or make your child uncomfortable enough that they will try to pry themselves free.

Swim Rings and Armbands

a girl wearing swim ring and armbands
source: cottonon.com

Children will love being in the water with a swim ring. Look for swim rings contoured for extra comfort and feature a dual air chamber with safety valves to keep little swimmers afloat and designs that kids love, like their favourite superheroes or princesses.

Armbands are inflatable rubber bands wrapped over the arm. They are also known as water wings or floaties. Water wings, which come in a wide range of vibrant patterns and designs, are a suitable transition to more autonomous swimming.


A boy wit Kickboard with a woman in the swimming pool
source: si.com

Your little swimmer will eventually advance to using a kickboard as they become more at ease in the water. Kickboards made of sturdy EVA foam help teach body position and stroke mechanics and enhance kicking strength and endurance. You can choose the ideal kickboard for your child depending on where they’re in their swimming or swim development. They’re great for pretending to be a surfer while standing in the water.

Swimming Caps

professional young swimmer in blue cap ready to swim in pool
source: istockphoto.com

Swim caps shield your child’s hair from the damaging chemicals in the pool or the salt from the sea, preventing hair from turning into a full-blown Cousin It, covering their swim goggles, and obstructing their field of vision. Nobody likes to swim blind, so this is a safety precaution. It also helps your child see other swimmers, the walls, and objects.

Swimming caps keep your child visible, whether you’re at the neighbourhood pool or your preferred bar. A swim cap in a vibrant colour keeps your kid safe in the water, yet it cannot take the place of swimming proficiency and appropriate supervision.

Wearing a swimming cap keeps hair out of the water, which often is the main yuck factor when swimming. It also helps keep the goggle straps in place, preventing your goggles from slipping off children’s heads.

Toys and Inflatables

Nothing is better than providing your children with a few outdoor toys so they may play joyfully in the sand or the backyard wading pool. My kids always considered it a must-do activity, and we always travelled with a bag of beach toys. You don’t need much more than a simple kids’ beach set to dig, build sandcastles, or gather water.

In the water, it’s fun to play with beachballs, rings, surf mats, and blow-up animals. However, remember that they aren’t swimming aids, and you should only use them under close adult supervision.