A Simple Guide to Dressing Your Kids in Summer

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The upcoming summer months are a time for vacations, fun, and festivities. Naturally, getting your kids ready for summer is a lot of fun. Your child will look adorable if you choose the right fabrics, layers and stylish combinations for boys and girls alike.

Kids want to take full advantage of the summer’s sunshine, warmth, and playfulness – whereas you, as a parent, need to find the appropriate summer clothing to keep them safe and comfortable while they go about their daily activities.

What Fabric is Best for Summer Clothes?

Fabric is the first and most critical factor you should take into consideration. To help your little one beat the heat, you must pick kids’ summer clothing made of lightweight, soft and breathable fabrics. These are top fabrics for summer clothes.

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Merino Wool

Organic merino wool has the same characteristics as regular wool, only much softer with a silky touch, meaning it doesn’t itch. It’s breathable, odourless, and cosy warm all at the same time. Merino wool products are durable, sustainable, and easy to maintain.

All these qualities make merino wool the ideal fibre for use next to a child’s skin, including delicate baby skin, year-round. Fabric made of merino wool regulates temperature. Its tiny air pockets can help children’s bodies stay in their thermal comfort zones by creating a microclimate around them.

But, can merino wool be worn in summer? When necessary, merino wool allows your child’s body to release heat into the surrounding air to prevent overheating. So yes, merino wool is the ultimate fabric choice for summer.


Silk is another excellent summer fabric choice. It has a natural protein structure that facilitates ventilation and antibacterial properties. Frequently regarded as a climate fabric due to its capacity to control temperature, silk is suitable for all summer occasions and absorbs moisture, allowing your skin to breathe.

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Linen is a fabric made from flax fibres. This plant requires particular care while growing because its fibres aren’t elastic. It’s one of the oldest fabrics ever made.

The durability and breathability of linen make it a popular fabric in today’s world. It’s much sturdier, two to three times stronger than cotton, and a better heat conductor. For many parents, summer also means dirt and stains. While choosing breathable fabrics for your kids in the summer will help you avoid spots on clothes, durable ones will survive many washes.

So, don’t let dirt and stains ruin your summertime. Choose summer fabrics, such as linen, that are breathable, incredibly light and easy to clean.


Cotton is one of the most popular, naturally breathable fabrics. It’s currently one of the most rugged and widely used fabrics worldwide. It’s breathable because of the fabric’s minuscule hollow gaps, making it easier for them to absorb and evaporate sweat.

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Cotton fabrics keep the body cool by allowing air to pass through the fibres by wicking away sweat. Due to its porous structure, cotton absorbs not only one type of dye but also others. Cotton is a versatile material that works well for a range of applications. Other cotton varieties and weaves include flannel, muslin, terry cloth, sateen, gauze, velveteen, and sailcloth.

Tips for Dressing Your Kids in Summer

Dress Them in Loose-Fitting Clothing

When browsing through kids’ summer clothing, steer clear of figure-hugging and skin-tight styles. Loose-fitting clothing promotes freedom of movement and allows the skin to breathe. The last thing you want your child to feel is restricted or uncomfortable while wearing tight clothes. Help them feel comfortable and avoid overheating while playing outside.

Pick Colours That Are Refreshing and Light

Light and bright colours are the best summer choices because the summer days are sunny and breezy. The light colours also have the added benefit of preventing heat absorption and keeping the body cool. For kids’ summer dresses, floral prints, plain pastels, vivid yellows, and polka dots are all well-liked options. Avoid using black or very dark colours in children’s summer clothing because your kids will overheat very quickly!

Avoid Overdressing

Remember that the summer is a time for having fun, so don’t overdress your kids this season. Instead, encourage them to play in the sand, splash in the water, or just relax. Select a few airy, fashionable summer outfits for your child, but be ready for them to get dirty and wet, which is fine as long as your child is having fun in the sun.

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Don’t forget to pack a hat, as nobody likes getting sunburned, and a pair of sunglasses to keep the glare out of your child’s eyes. Avoid over-accessorising them with jewellery, hair bands, or hair clips, at least during the day when all those metal bracelets & hairclips can get hot!

Keep an Extra Layer on Hand

Young children struggle to regulate their body temperature. They need assistance for that from their parents. Kids’ summer clothing should have a few extra light layering options. If the baby is cold, you can add more layers. If the baby starts to sweat or gets hot, take a layer off and let them feel comfortable.

Select Comfortable Shoes

Summer clothing for children is only half of the equation of a comfortable summer look; don’t forget appropriate shoes. Sandals are a great footwear option because they don’t suffocate the foot and let air flow through. The best footwear for kids are crocs, gorgeous flip-flops, or brightly coloured loafers. Even flip-flops for swimming in the lake or pool on hot summer days!

Mix and Match

T-shirts are among the most comfortable and handy summer clothing options, and they are available in a wide range of fashionable styles, patterns, hues, and prints. For your child, you should pick t-shirts that go well with various bottoms and shoes, from plain to graphic. The key is to mix and match your child’s collection of t-shirts to make future combinations easier.