A Simple Guide to Shopping for Wine Packs

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Visiting a friend’s house, and don’t know what to bring? A standard gift like a bottle of wine will always be an amazing option that looks high-end and well thought of. But, what happens when you’ve already bought this kind of gift for them before? Or you don’t know what exactly their palate prefers out of a world of wines?

A tasting pack is just the solution! Think of it as the kind of present that provides them with the opportunity to go on a wine-tasting event without actually having to go anywhere but the comfort of their own home! The best of it all is when you choose to buy wine in bulk, most of the specialised stores offer curated wine packs at huge discounts, so you’d be able to truly surprise the giftee without spending a fortune.

Some go to great lengths to also offer free freight on some of the wine selections for delivery all over the country. Another amazing thing about choosing this sort of present is coming across a variety of wines to pick from. Whether it’s the best of the best Australia can offer, some of the award-winning reds, whites, rose, or mixed packs of each, something sour, something fruity, or something bubbly, there’s the ideal for everyone’s taste.

Choose the Number of Bottles

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This is the first step towards narrowing down the options, as there are packs of 12 and 6 that have plenty of tasting for the giftee. Knowing a little about the person you’re buying for would assist you, as the wine lover may not drink up as much or as often as a wine fanatic would. Their wine cellars probably differ too, so, when in doubt, my suggestion would be to go for a 6 pack as it still has a variety and it’s not that big of a bulk.

Decide on the Price

Just because you can find wine packages at great prices doesn’t mean they’re all equally great deals for you. Hence the importance to set a limit before you hit the stores, as it would give you an idea whether you’re up for splurging a little bit on some truly exceptional high-end wines, or something more common would do.

There are amazing packs for under $100 just as there are the exceptional $200, $300, and $400 selections. With this in mind, how well you know the person and how much you hold them near and dear can be defining factors you should consult.

Consider the Occasion

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Is it a mere visit? Is it a birthday party? Is it an elegant dinner party? Is it a more formal occasion? The answer to these questions would shed light on the kind of wines you should be looking for.

Simple occasions call for simple, easy-drinking wines, whereas occasions that are the reason for a special celebration call for something of higher quality from some of Australia’s finest wine regions, could be Barossa, Yarra Valley, McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills, Coonawarra, Geelong, Langhorne Creek, or Tasmania.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a present that will last through the years and also symbolise your relationship, something like a personalised label or vintage bottle could be more appropriate. Consider the wine style, level of maturity and the label as a way to express your feelings with something so special.

What Is Their Preference?

If you know them well, you probably already have a general idea of what they prefer in terms of wine and the regions. Perhaps they also wouldn’t mind some foreign classics either. This simplifies your search for an appropriate beverage significantly. If you don’t know them well, doing a little snooping around might provide some answers, however, if this isn’t your style, then one suggestion would be to consider choosing a basic pack consisting of bottles of reds, whites, rose, and sparkling.

It’s important to pick cases that are varied, so you get light and heavy wines alike. This way they’re sure to find their favourite in the box, and if wine truly is their favourite cup of tea, they’re sure to enjoy the rest with their favourite food pairings. Some shops might also offer you the chance to customise your own pack, allowing you to have a say in selecting the bottles, which could be of help if you’re after a unique and more personalised gift.

When shopping online, you have the chance to read information about each and every wine the store offers, so you can decide properly based on the ingredients, notes, flavours, and tastes of each of the bottles. And lastly, the alcohol content is another property that could help you make a better choice, especially if you know what the recipient is after. And if not, try mixing it on your own, getting a bit of each. There are plenty of good high and low-alcohol packs to choose from.