A Simple Guide to the Most Needed Accessories For Hiking

It’s no lie that many people strive to have the perfect figure and a number on the scale that they won’t be embarrassed to say out loud. And while many are turning into couch potatoes constantly complaining about being overweight and do nothing in particular about it, there are other people who find the time to hike.

Hiking offers many benefits – breathing in fresh air, a better overall health condition, lowered risk of cardiovascular disease, it helps prevent diabetes, increases your energy levels, and the list goes on. It is common knowledge that people who enjoy hiking on a regular basis are less stressed and much happier. So, if you want to give hiking a chance, make sure to have at least the basic accessories for hiking to make the most out of your experience.

Repair kit and tools
Carrying multitools or a knife will definitely make your hiking trip easier. These accessories for hiking are very handy when it comes to first aid, food preparation, gear repair or other cases. Even the most basic model of a knife for hiking comes with a can opener, a foldout blade, one or two flathead screwdrivers and a pair of scissors. You may also need a repair kit in case you are planning to use a self-inflating mattress.

Emergency shelter
You can never know what to expect and what could happen when hiking. You may find yourself in a situation that you’re forced to stay overnight in the woods. In case you get injured, are lost and cannot make it home, it would be best to have somewhere to shelter for the night. It can be chilly even in summer, so carrying an ultralight tarp, an emergency blanket or a camping tent is a good idea.

hiking-and-camping gear

There are no signs in the woods so knowing in which direction you’re headed is more than important in order to not get lost. Today there are much more advanced technologies than compasses and maps, but having these with you is a must. However, no matter what type of navigation you decide to use, make sure you know how to operate with it.

You will definitely need something to illuminate your way. Head torches are a great choice for a light source in the backcountry as they keep your hands free. They are lightweight and small and their batteries have a long life span. The more advanced models of flashlights come with a strobe mode which is a very great option in case of an emergency. Remember to always carry an extra battery pack with you in case the old ones run out.