A Simple Guide to 4×4 Exhaust Parts and Accessories

4x4 Accessories

The best way to add to the power and torque of your 4×4’s engine is to make a few easy, long-lasting improvements in the exhaust department. This in turn will result in a performance boost, improved sound and looks. If you want a new growl and an increased fuel efficiency, there’s probably a 4×4 part or 4×4 accessories on the market that will help you achieve your goals.

The more efficiently you can make your engine flow with the use of intake and exhaust upgrades, the more power you can get out of your engine. Factory systems usually feature a smaller diameter piping, bends and baffles, all of which can limit exhaust flow. So increasing the diameter of your exhaust and reducing obstructions is an efficient and easy way to create power. Whether you’re looking for headers, an exhaust system, a muffler, or just want to change a few 4×4 accessories on your pickup (like the air filter or flange), you have to consider the materials which your current exhaust system is built from, so that the parts or accessories you purchase match it.

Why is this important? Well you know what they say: “A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest ring”, and the logic applies to exhaust systems as well. There are 3 types of steel that exhausts are made from – aluminised, T409 and T304 stainless steel.

Aluminised steel is a very commonly used material in both OEM and aftermarket exhaust parts and accessories. Aluminised steel is coated in an aluminum silicon alloy that allows it to be more resistant to corrosion and work perfectly well in high heat. With these features, it’s a great option for exhaust systems and is the cheapest option out of all available materials.

T304 stainless steel is another popular and common option among aftermarket exhaust manufacturers. It’s a very corrosion resistant material and non-hardening when put under heat, which makes it an ideal choice for exhaust systems. Even in the harshest of conditions, it maintains its finish and is a good choice for all climates.

And the T409 stainless steel is stabilized by titanium and is even more resistant to corrosion than the T304. As such, the main application for T409 steel is automotive exhaust systems, which makes it the ideal choice for every vehicle, if the budget allows.

The general rule applies, the more money you will spend, the better quality you will get. And purchasing parts and accessories from a reputable vendor is always advisable, as that way you can rest assured that the products you purchased are of top quality and will last you a long time.