A Simple Guide to Choosing a Powerful LED Torch

powerful led torch

We people are visual beings, but we’re one of the least adaptable creatures when it comes to seeing in the dark. Furthermore, we can’t rely on our other senses as well as some animals can, but luckily, we are smart and have technology to help us fill out all these gaps. So long time ago, when some activities like camping or hiking were in question, they had to be done during daytime, or we had to rely on campfire for light. And while a campfire does provide sufficient light, sadly, it is not very portable, and this is where the importance of a powerful LED torch light comes into play.

Torch lights are a must have in many situations – you don’t have to be a camper or hiker to own one. You can find it useful even at home, in case of a power outage, or in cases when you drop the keys in your car. Simply put, it’s a great item that everyone should have. And unlike the old fashioned unreliable incandescent torch gloves, LED last much longer and are very durable. In the past, the flashlight was nothing more than a hindrance – it needed constant battery changes and a rather careful handling to protect the filament in the bulb.

The newer torches use LED technology, and when speaking about LED it’s not about the wats, it’s about the lumens. The higher amount of lumens, the brighter the torch. LED torch lights range from a few hundred lumens up to several thousand, therefore, choose one according to your needs.

If you need a high lighting output, a powerful LED torch light that can illuminate around 5000 will be sufficient enough to blind a person as an act of self-defense and light your path a dozen meters further away. Another thing to consider when buying a LED torch is the batteries, as they can be either rechargeable or non-rechargeable.

Both types of batteries have their pros and cons but neither one of them will break your bank. Consider how often you’re going to use the torch light to make the best decision when purchasing. If you plan on using it occasionally, you can go with the non-rechargeable ones as they’re cheaper and you won’t need to replace them very often. However, if you use the torch on frequent basis, besides the fact that they are the costlier investment initially (as you’ll also need a charger for them), rechargeable batteries are the better option.