A Simple Guide to Power Tools: The Cordless Option

Cordless Drills

Let’s face it, the world of power tools is vast, which can be a problem for the family handyman, and every DIY enthusiast, to choose from. Basically, by now you’ve thought this through, and are aware that every level of DIY has a type (petrol powered, corded, cordless) of tool adequate for it. Such if the case with the cordless type of power tools.

The first reason people steer away from this type of power tools is because of the initial investment. Yes, a cordless power tool may be more expensive than the corded option, but if you’re going to make the most of this tool, using it frequently and not just from time to time, then it’s worth the go. It’s needless to state the obvious, with the cordless tools, you get more freedom with movement, not requiring any plugging in power. Great news is now, more than ever before, you have more chances of finding cheap power tools online, and choose from a more diverse array of brands.

Unlike years ago, when the cordless option was much less appealing, nowadays, thanks to the use of lithium-ion batteries they’re much more reliable, lightweight, and can save you more effort as they’re faster than the nickel cadmium based cordless tools. What’s specific about the lithium-ion based tools is even if they aren’t used for months, you can bet they wouldn’t lose the charge.

To make the most of the purchase, apart from going on the quest for cheap power tools online, try to buy a whole system, and not just the tool. This is advisable in terms of future planning on tool purchases, and cutting down on additional costs; for instance, in case you decide to later on buy bare tools, you can buy those from that platform, that fit the batteries and charger of your previously bought cordless power tool system.

If you want to save money further, make sure you buy the tool with two batteries – each battery has its lifespan, and you’d save more instead of buying a separate one later. Speaking of their lifespan, as soon as you get two batteries, it’s important to use both because these batteries degrade more when not used.

To prolong the lifespan, avoid the myth that you only need to charge when needed; have in mind not to completely discharge the battery, and charge it as soon as there’s a change in the performance. Likewise, don’t store them in places with extreme temperatures, but rather keep them at cool places, such as the basement.