Features vs. Price: Guide on How to Choose a Laser Measuring Device

Laser Measuring Device

Forget the time when you needed to stretch out a tape from one point to another in order to read the distance between the two. Not only was this method extremely unreliable, but it also took a lot of effort and assistance from other people holding the tape. But as technology advanced to make our lives easier, so did the humble measuring tape started to become replaced by something more sophisticated – the laser measuring device.

And today, there’s no construction worker, contractor, surveyor, architect or any other person whose job depends on correct measurements that doesn’t rely on the accuracy of this device. However, not all laser measures are created equal and can differ according to the range of their beam and other additional features. Since different people have different measuring needs, here are some factors to consider when choosing a laser measuring device.

Range of Beam

Every laser measuring device has a limited distance it can reach that’s determined by the range of its beam. Basic models can measure distances of up to 20 meters and can be used to speed up jobs that one could use a tape measurer for. With one of these laser measurers, you can calculate the dimensions of a whole apartment or small business premises in a matter of minutes, opposed to the hours it can take you using a measuring tape. Since it’s limited by its scope, this kind of device is maintly used for jobs around the house.

On the other hand, there are mid-range to higher end models which have beams powerful enough to handle large projects. Most mid-range laser measurer can come with a range of beam between 30 and 90 meters which makes them suitable for use around large lots, warehouses, houses with high ceilings or agricultural fields.

However, if you are a construction contractor, road engineer or any kind of professional that deals with a wide acreage, you will appreciate the range of higher end models that can measure lengths of up to 300 meters.

Additional Features that Matter

If you work outdoors, a laser measurer that includes a point finder can make the laser’s point visible in bright sunlight. Without this feature, the point can only be seen at a distance no longer than 9 m and anyone working at a construction site or on a road knows that this simply doesn’t cut it.

Large memory storage capacity is a must-have feature for all contractors and other complex jobs, since it allows you to store and group large amounts of different measurements. But even if you are not a professional, the memory option will save you from having to write measurements down. Concerning the screen, you don’t need a high resolution since you’re only going to be reading numbers of of it. However, what you do need is a back-lit display that will make the readings easy to see when working in bright conditions.

Your Budget

Let’s not kid ourselves, price does play an important role when purchasing a laser measuring device. If you are a DIYer that doesn’t have the budget for costly measurer designs, nor do you need a powerful long distance beam, you can easily find a basic model for around 90 dollars. However, the best bet for a professional will be to buy a high-end model that can handle every type of job and last for many years before needing replacement. Most high-end measures are rather pricey costing around 400-500 dollars, so make sure you do your homework about this investment.