A Simple Guide to Getting Foxtel Services

Multi Room Foxtel

Due to the fact that streaming services have been on a steady rise and have become the new go-to source of entertainment for most Australians – cable TV has been on a steady decline. However, prominent entertainment providers, such as Foxtel, have slowly started to adapt and now offer various streaming packages, as well as their normal cable TV package. But Foxtel, like most other cable TV providers, provides a single box – meaning, you can watch cable TV in one room only, unless you sign up for a multi-room package.

However, if you want to watch Foxtel TV from different rooms, there is a solution. There are many TV and antenna service companies that can get you multi room Foxtel services, legally. Their technicians can distribute the signal from a single box to multi room Foxtel TVs by using Foxtel approved cables and you can get clear reception in every room.

You may ask yourself: Why would I go through all that struggle just for cable TV? Well, cable TV is arguably the most stable form of entertainment you can get these days. A storm may cut out satellite TV and your internet, and you’d be left with nothing to watch, whereas cable TV will only go out if the box itself or the cables are damaged. Moreover, cable TV companies offer pretty neat packages that can also include options such as phone and internet services.

But if you’ve decided that cable TV isn’t for you, it doesn’t mean that you still have to ditch Foxtel. As briefly aforementioned, they now offer streaming services in the form of Foxtel Now. Foxtel Now supports Android, PC, iOs, consoles as well as smart TV. They have an application dedicated for each device, and you can register up to 5 devices to your plan and use two of them at the same time. Foxtel claims that most of the content is HD, and that they’ll eventually add the rest that isn’t.

But streaming TV has its shortcomings as well. For example, it only has 720p resolution which may not appeal to videophiles. However, on-demand movies and shows can be streamed at 1080p, which is some consolation. The Foxtel Now basic package costs $10, but depending on your viewing habits, you may end up paying more. The movie pack is $20 a month, the kids, lifestyle and docos package are $10 each, the sports package is $29 a month, and the pop and drama are $15 a month. All of this may end up costing you up to $104 a month, but then again you probably won’t go for all the packages at once.