A Simple Guide to Buying the Proper Welding Cable


Both beginners and experts in welding ought to be aware about the key features that impact the choice of a proper welding cable. Depending on the type of job you are using it for, size is crucial for avoiding overheating and many other hazardous situations. To furthermore illustrate this, one might say that electricity is very similar to the flow of water through a hose – the bigger the diameter of the hose, the more water it can carry. For instance, a home-owner uses a smaller hose to water their garden, while the fire department uses a much larger one to fight fires.

The current is measured in amps, and as you increase the current you need to increase the diameter of your cable. This is done for the purpose of being sure it can handle the extra amps. Another important thing to mention regarding size is that the wider the cable, the more copper wires it has inside and this results in improving the conductivity and decreasing the possibility of overheating and fire hazards.

Another thing you need to consider before you buy welding cable for your welder is the length of your welding circuit. What that means is that you need to know the length of the path that the electricity will be traveling through when you are doing your welding. This also includes everything used within your welding process as well. You also need to be aware of the maximum amperage your welding machine is able to produce (the highest level of current that can be conducted). Once you have this information, you can pick out your cable size with more confidence.


In order to extend the lifespan of your cable, you need to take some small precaution measures like making sure it’s not exposed to any hazards. The most common types of damage that usually occur when it comes to cables can be avoided easily just by making sure you are not twisting or creating unnecessary tension and keep the wire from being crushed or pressed-on during working. Also, you are going to have to make repairs when needed and this includes inspecting the cable for any damage on a regular basis.

If you take these simple precautions into consideration when you buy welding cable, you will drastically increase its longevity and reduce the risk of fire overheating. This will ensure you are getting the most out of your cable in the long-run.