Height Adjusting Desk: With More Motion to Better Health

Height Adjusting Desk

Maybe you’re not sitting in your desk the entire time while at work, or maybe you do. Whichever it is, you’ll agree with me that sitting for long hours is simply not good from all kinds of aspects. It’s boring, it’s hard and numbing and it’s bad for your health in terms of stiffed legs, cellulite formation, muscle deterioration and other similar negativities. That being said, is your job really that worth it to put your health at risk? Yup, I don’t think so either. However, modern technology and some really smart and inventive people have found a way for people to avoid compromising on their health: a height adjustable desk.


As mentioned, there are health problems that could arise from sitting in one position for long hours. It’s been scientifically proven that sitting all day, even in ergonomic chairs, can make overall health to decline. The risk of heart disease for people who sit the entire day is three times higher than for those who sit a lot less. Also, there’s a lot more pressure on the intervertebral discs of the lower back when we sit than when we stand. And finally, alternating between standing and sitting while being able to do your job, allows for frequent and regular moving, which reduces the occurrence of the possible risk factors.

A height adjusting desk is the type of desk that allows for easy height management. There’s a mechanism that allows all kind of people to be able to perform computer and paper work as they find it most convenient – alternating between sitting and standing. A desk that offers a height adjustment feature is very appropriate for use for a variety of people – older, disabled, obese and others. Besides heigh adjustment, the most important and most lucrative feature of this desk, allows the body to use its most “neutral posture”, which is the position when the body is at its strongest state and is most efficient.

The benefits

Alternating between sitting and standing is not just recommended, it’s relaxing and offers long-term benefits from more than one aspect. People who practice this type of sitting at work generally feel more energized, don’t get tired so easily and have lower chances for risk of injuries. That being said, there will be less fatigued people absent from work which means you won’t have to suffer work force loses. Consequently, the productivity of your workers will be a lot higher, as they won’t feel like they’re chained to the chair constantly thinking how will they move their legs back home afterwards.

And finally, getting a height adjusting desk is kind of being a good and reasonable boss; you want to get the best from your workers, and in order to have it, you should give them the best possible working conditions they can ask for. Therefore, no excuses are acceptable.