Simple Guide For Safe Forklift Attachment Operation

The forklift attachments are very important tools, because they allow the forklifts to be used for different tasks at the workplace. Many contractors and operators of forklifts think that the forklift attachments are required only for handling unique tasks or specific objects. They are wrong, because the forklift attachments are making the forklifts suitable machines for a variety of jobs.

There are various types of forklift attachments on the market, from standard attachments which are used on a daily basis, to very weird and unconventional forklift tools designed for unique purposes. Although they bring many benefits for the forklift operators, there are important safety considerations that must be known. The operators need to be well-trained and experienced of operating normal forklifts, but they also must be trained how to use different forklift attachments. Here is a simple guide for safe operation with forklift attachments:

  • A standard forklift features forks for moving loads vertically from one point to another on the job site, but the forklift is capable to do much more. With wide range of attachments, the forklifts are capable of doing multiple tasks. Using the right forklift attachment for the right job ensures safety and efficient results.
  • The forklift attachments bring many benefits for the operators: decreased man power, less labor, less fuel consumption, decreased possibility of damaging stock, decreased operating hours and less time for moving loads. But all these benefits mean nothing if the forklift is not operated properly.
  • When using a forklift attachment, the operators must be aware that the load capacity will be reduced and the center of gravity modified, making the forklift very unstable. The forklift attachments add weight in front of the support pivots, but any trained operator will know how to deal with this.
  • When operating a forklift with an attachment, the operators need to drive the forklift at very slow speed and to make the turns slowly.
  • Before fitting a forklift attachment, the operators must be properly trained for proper and safe usage of forklift attachments. This way, the forklift attachments can be easily installed and changed.
  • Before using a forklift attachment on a forklift, the operators need to ensure that the attachment is in good condition and it has enough capacity for the application.
  • The most important safety aspect when using different forklift attachments is to know the forklift capabilities before the operation starts. Every attachment requires a specific training, so is is strongly recommended to never use an attachment without a training.

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