Simple Guide to Barossa Wines

The Barossa Valley is a famous wine region in South Australia, situated 60 km northeast of Adelaide. With amazing landscapes and wineries that produce some of the most popular wines not only in Australia but worldwide, the Barossa Valley is one of the most visited touristic destinations all over Australia.

The Barossa Valley has cool climate over the summer and rainy winters. This climate is perfect for red wine production, specially Shiraz and Cabernet. These Barossa wines are considered as some of the best red wines that can be found all over the world.

All Barossa wines are described as excellent food-pairing, complex, diverse and soft. Here is a list that highlights some of the best Barossa wines that stand out on the market:

2010 Spinifex Lola – The Spinifex Lola is a blend of five different grape varieties. It is a dry white wine that offers fruity grapefruit texture and subtle savory complexity.

2010 Dutschke Cab Mac Shiraz – Fruity and floral, this red wine has soft tannins without diminishing the colour or concentration. It pairs perfectly with spicy meals and light meat with spicy flavors. A fragrant and unwooded Shiraz that offers a taste of strawberries and cherries.

2009 Spinifex Papillon – Combining elegance, floral delicacy, red fruits and finely tannins, this light-bodied red wine is one of the most popular Barossa wines. Made from different grape varieties, like cinsault, grenache and mataro, the Spinifex Papillon goes well with all kinds of food.

2006 Irvine Merlot Cabernet Frank – It provides a blend of rounded red fruits. This is a bright wine with low acidity and dried herb complexity.

2005 Teusner MC Sparkling Shiraz – Considered as one of the finest Barossa sparkling wines, the Teusner MC Sparkling Shiraz offers flavors of black fruits, mixed spice and dark oak combined with soft tannins.

The wide variety of Barossa wines is another example of how rich and beautiful this region really is. Recently, the Barossa winemakers have successfully introduced new varieties on the market. Viognier is one of the newest wines from this region. It is described as aromatic wine variety that is tasty and rewarding to drink. Other new varieties include Tempranillo, Zinfandel and Marsanne.

Visit your local store, or go online to find out what this precious wine region has to offer.