Simple Guide to Buying a Motor Grader

One machine that is heavily used in the construction sector is the motor grader. Also known as road grader, blade or maintainer, the motor grader is actually a vehicle that has a long metal blade which is positioned between the front and rear wheels. The blade is used for grading flat surfaces. In general, the motor graders are used for creating smooth and flat surface after using bulldozers and scrapers.

The graders come in a variety of forms and sizes, and they can be found on every major construction site all over Australia. With so many graders on the market, buying the right model for your job requires attention and careful comparison. Buying a motor grader can be a complicated task because many factors need to be considered. While most graders that can be found on the market come with similar configuration and specifications, you will need to find reliable and reputable suppliers or grader manufacturers that offer machines with unique features at reasonable prices.


If you are on the market for a motor grader, consider the following things for easy and simplified buying process:

Define The Purpose Of Using The Motor Grader. Different motor graders are used for similar but different grading tasks. In order to buy the right machine for your job, you need to determine for what purpose you are going to use the grader. Generally, the graders are used for construction work, forestry, public works (like snow cleaning and dirt removal), industrial usage, and for mining applications.

Engine Power. Another thing that you need to determine before buying a specific grader model is the engine power. The power of the engine will tell you for what applications the grader can be used, and how much it will cost you. Most graders that can be found on the market today are equipped with engines that provide horsepower ranging from 100-200 horsepower.

New Or Second-Hand. If your budget allows you, look for a brand new motor grader on the market. There are new models which are equipped with innovative technologies for enhanced performance and productivity. But if you like to save some money, buying a second-hand motor grader is the best thing you can do. Many suppliers of heavy-duty machines sell their old graders for affordable prices. So, finding a used grader in good working condition for good price is very possible.

Manufacturer. You need to look for a grader designed and produced by well-known, reliable and reputable manufacturer. Some of the most popular grader manufacturers include: Case Corporation, John Deere, Komatsu, Caterpillar, Terex, Grove, Volvo Construction Equipment, New Holland, Mitsubishi, Galion, Champion Motor Graders, Veekmas etc.

Price. Undoubtedly, this is the most important factor to consider when buying a grader. On the market you will find out that some manufacturers and models are cheaper than others. The price for the small graders starts from $15 000, while the larger and more advanced motor graders can cost more than $100 000.

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