Simple Guide To Buying New Compressed Air Systems

The compressed air systems are essential machines for many industries, and they are used for a variety of applications. These systems compress and convert air into kinetic energy by using electric motors or engines. Versatile and flexible, the compressed air systems are used for many different purposes, from powering pneumatic tools to filling tires. Therefore, they vary greatly in terms of size and power capacity. You can find small portable compressing systems (ideal for DIY vehicle enthusiasts), and systems with over 350 horsepower suitable for industrial applications. Before buying new compressed air systems, you must know few factors that can affect the compressor performance. Check the following guide when buying a new compressing air system:

Types Of Compressed Air Systems

Generally, the air compressor systems can be classified in two major categories: stationary and portable. The stationary air compressed systems are designed for operations in industrial facilities, garages or shops. They have a greater horsepower than the portable models, so they are capable to provide longer periods of continuous operation. Also, the stationary new compressed air systems have a vertical design that doesn’t take too much floor space. The portable air compressors have smaller horsepower and smaller storage tanks, but they are designed with wheels that allow the operators to move them easily and with little effort.

Efficiency-Boosting Features

When on the market for new compressed air systems, you should know that different compressors come with different features. A basic understanding of the main features can help you choose a model that will simplify your operation and will provide you years of service. Here are some of the most efficient features:

  • Belt-drive System: Compared to the popular direct-drive system, this one provide a quieter operation;
  • Oil-free Pump: It doesn’t allow oil to be mixed with the compressed air, and also reduces the maintenance;
  • Multiple Couplers: The new compressed air systems with multiple couplers allow the operators to handle a variety of tasks without the need to connect and disconnect tools for every single operation;

The most important thing when buying a new compressor or upgrading the old one, is to make sure it has enough capacity to power the most demanding pneumatic tools in your garage, shop or industrial facility. Also, take the psi rating into account when choosing a compressed air system for your application. Single-stage compressors compress air in a single stroke, while the two-stage models compress air in two strokes and have a higher psi rating (around 170 psi). The benefit of a higher psi rating is the greater air storage you can get.