Simple Guide To Finishing Services

You may feel skeptic when it comes to outsourcing finishing services to a 3PL provider, but since standing out from your competitors is crucial for your success, professional help is essential. No matter how strange it sounds, hiring a third-party logistic finishing services provider will ensure your mail outs are perfectly packed and delivered on time. You will also have the chance to choose your own print, design and unique hand finishing services in order to make your promotional material more appealing to current and potential clientele.


Using a reliable, experienced and professional 3PL provider will provide your business with trustworthy logistic advantage and maximizes profitability through combined resource and knowledge. 3PL providers offer various kind of services for your business such as:

  • Product assembly and packing
  • Show bag failing
  • Shrink, flow and plastic wrapping
  • Paper drilling
  • Gluing and Latex gluing
  • Folding, Collating, Boxing
  • Fault Correction
  • Hamper packing
  • Heat sealing
  • Bagging

A reputable 3PL provider knows just how important finishing and hand finishing services are for your business. So, if you consider using finishing services from a third-party logistic provider, these are the advantages you will benefit from:

  • Marketing managers know the importance of finishing services when it comes to creating successful marketing campaign and getting the attention of potential customers. You may think that delivering your promotional pieces to the targeted audience is enough, but it is not. Your mail outs must be well protected from potential damages during transport in order to be useful. Here’s where packaging services come in handy.
  • Shrink and plastic wrapping are cost-effective solutions to packaging your brochures, magazines or simple products. These finishing services will protect your mail outs from external factors like moisture, heat, dirt.
  • Another benefit of hiring 3PL hand finishing services provider is safety, which is very important if your business is associated with food products. You probably know just how important it is to deliver safe products to your costumers. In this case, plastic wrapping is a must.
  • Aside from protection, with finishing services, specifically plastic and shrink wrapping, your target audience will be able to quickly notice the promotional material without having to waste time to open the packaging. This is good because your customers have a chance to give your promotional material a priority and read your message. This will contribute to successful marketing campaign and help place your new product on the market.


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