Simple Guide to Pinot Noir Wine Characteristics


Pinot Noir is one of the most popular red wine varieties, as it is a synonym for refinement and elegance. The red wine Pinot Noir provides an exotic bouquet and a mouth-filling texture and it comes in many different flavours and aromas (there are red fruit wines, oaked wines and complex red wines).

Pinot Noir is grown in cooler climates and the most famous (and original) region is Burgundy, France where Pinot Noir is the only grape variety allowed to be produced.

Flavours & Aromas:

  • Red Fruit Wines: Cherry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Currant;
  • Oaked Wines: Oak, Cedar, Spice, Vanilla, Pepper;
  • Complex Wines: Coffee, Chocolate, Earth, Tobacco, Herb;

The red wine Pinot Noir is produced in three different styles:

  • Fresh Fruit Wines – for easy drinking;
  • Intense Fruit Wines – with great fruit flavours and ripe tannins;
  • Elegant Wines – from medium to full-bodied wines with fruit flavours, complexity and refined tannins.

When it comes to matching red wine Pinot Noir with foods, it all depends on the style of the wine. The fresh fruity Pinot Noirs are ideal with light cheeses and various aperitifs. Intense fruit reds with ripe tannins go well with game dishes, while elegant Pinot Noir wines can provide a delicious endeavor when consumed with veal, pork or salmon. The red wine Pinot Noir is regarded as the most seductive and sensual wine, featuring exotic, perfumed, spicy, inviting and fresh fruity aromas.

The origin of Pinot Noir is Burgundy’s Cote d’Or. That’s where the Pinot Noir grape has been cultivated for a thousands of years, but today, it is grown and recognized for its quality all over the world. The most successful winemakers in Australia and America try to match the quality of the one produced in the Burgundy region. For example, Carneros, California features a cool-climate and is perfect for Pinot Noir grape. Same is true for the Russian River Valley. In Australia, Yarra Valley, Macedon Ranges, Adelade Hills and Geelong are all famous Pinot Noir wine growing regions and have earned a world-wide recognition for the quality.

The red wine Pinot Noir is experiencing a golden age, although the grape is known for its difficulty. The Pinot Noir grape is ripens late, is prone to rot, has a thin skin and can easily get damaged by improper or rough handling either in the vineyard or winery. Being such a difficult grape to grow, why do wine-growers and wine-makers continue producing Pinot Noirs? Simple/ It is one of the best grape varieties.