Simple Guide to Preparing for a Trip Through Australia’s Outback

The wilderness is part of Australia, and Australians, it’s who we are, our own unique identity. There’s nothing that speaks ordinary when it comes to this part of our country, the vast uninhabited dry part, and that’s why we cherish it so much.

The way it offers an unforgettable off-road experience goes to show why tourists want their share of it, but knowing it’s the Outback after all, with its harsh charm, you have to be well prepared to make the trip through it hassle-free. Just because it’s known as the dry region of Australia doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include the western duster jacket in your essentials, even if you travel light.

The period from May to September is when temperatures drop (sometimes even below zero!) and you wouldn’t want the cold entering your bones end your once-in-a-lifetime experience. The western duster jacket is a full length jacket that provides full body protection, as it keeps the cold out and the warm in, so the elements can’t ruin you trip.

Don’t forget it’s iconic too, and wearing one you’d feel like part of the western films! Piling up on pants is a must too, but if you want to be space-savvy with your bags, don’t leave without packing up zip-off pants. Though it’s winter, you’d wear shorts during the day.

You can’t go wrong by counting on the ever-trendy polo shirts, both long and short sleeved, and when you have them, knowing they go with everything, for every occasion, you wouldn’t have to think of packing other shirts. Think of protecting your head, hands, and eyes too, so bring winter hats, gloves, and sunglasses (quality ones!).

As the terrain is rough, boots should be your basic footwear, but if you plan on doing a lot of walking, a pair of sneakers comes in handy too. If you’re a person who’s always cold, you can’t overlook the importance of socks also, and what’s essential to note is it’s always best to carry two pairs of every piece of clothing so you can hand wash and change.

Off-road can mean in the middle of nowhere, and when it comes to toiletries you can’t be too economical. A sunscreen and a repellent are your best friends, as is the basic medical kit, medications you know you might need or use regularly, and baby wipes, lots and lots of baby wipes.

When you can’t enjoy the luxury of taking a shower, baby wipes are going to save you, and they’re great with removing all the red dust on you, same as they are great as an alternative for washing hands, and cleaning the table.

It’s needless to say you’re going to make use of headlamps the most in terms of lighting because their design allows your hands to be free, and you shouldn’t be reminded to bring more camera battery spares.